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    posted a message on Brand new server! Looking for players
    Quote from LemonScentedΒ»

    Moderator Application

    Ign: Lemon__Scented
    Age: 13-14
    Name: I'm not fully comfortable with sharing that, K works.
    Time zone: (Eastern Standard Time Zone)
    Why do you want to apply? Overseeing things is something I like to do. I would love to be able to answer questions for players, make sure they don't break the rules, and more, to help make sure this server is successful.
    Why should you be chosen over anyone else? I am a mature individual with a sense of maintenance and organization. I can interact with players, showing them the ropes to keep them engaged if needed, and I handle situations as calmly and maturely as possible. I have been Moderator at two other smaller servers, sadly they didn't manage to get very far.
    What is your expertise? I am good at simply maintaining, as well as coming up with ideas for the builds around the server and such. I can help with simple buildings as well as make sure everything is going smoothly by testing minigames out.
    Anything else? Not much, besides I have a skype if you needed to access me, and any rank higher above this, if I earn it, I will happily take.

    Application denied

    +Followed format
    -Very short
    -Lack of detail
    -A bit too young to be managing much

    If you want to re-apply in 1-3 weeks I will look into it. You seem like a decent helper/builder but we don't think you're fit for moderator yet. It would also help if you join our discord so we are able to stay in contact.
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    posted a message on Brand new server! Looking for players

    Ign: Stealthwarlord

    Age: 14

    Name: Joe

    Time zone: GBT

    Why do you want to apply?: because I want to help it grow and become more popular and safe from hackers that is my main goal because I want to eliminate hackers/cheaters because of previous events and I wish to help this server safer from hackers

    Why should you be chosen over anyone else?: I am responsible, trustworthy. I am serious with my work but also have a sense of humour so I can take a joke and most of all I respect Owners and other higher ranks because I own a server myself, I am an admin on 2 other servers and I am a helper on another.

    What is your expertise?: I owned 2 servers, I'm a helper on a server called EnamelFire, I'm a mod on a server called KoalaCraft and I was a Admin on a server called AcroCraft but I left because they weren't active enough

    Anything else? N/A

    Application denied

    -Already staff on two other servers
    -lack of detail

    Don't apply on other servers if you're already a staff member on another.
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    posted a message on Brand new server! Looking for players
    Quote from dyltom12Β»


    Ign: dyltom12

    Age: 15

    Name: Dylan

    Time zone: GMT

    Why do you want to apply?

    You should, first of all, accept me over other players because I am active I do not just want staff then be active I am always active.
    Here are a few skills I am good at:
    I have this skill because I am fair, I never ever treat anyone better than anyone else, I will always be there to treat anyone, the same. I am also fair because I treat my friends same as other players, they will have the same consequences as other players, no matter how much of a friend they are to me.
    Let's say my friend is hacking and he says to not tell anyone else: If I was staff I would, first of all, punish him for a temp-ban him, and record him. If I was not staff I would record a video of him post it for a ban report. And also contact a member of staff.
    I am always caring no matter what, I am caring to the server because I do not hack, spam, scam or even advertise, I care to the server so much I would never think of doing something such like this. I will always be caring no matter how my applications go, I also care to the players I always help them and care for them, this means being with them to play (Playing with them) doing whatever for them I will be there for them, no matter what! That goes to staff too.

    Why should you be chosen over anyone else?

    You should accept me over other people because I will be active, I am not a staff hunter and I do not apply for anything. I apply so I can make this server, a better place/a warmer community to be in. I am also different because I make people laugh, I make them join back! Do they do that? Do they make this community a warmer and happy place? I can. I will! I will give my best, more than others. I will do this, and do whatever it takes. To become a staff member on this new server! But only you! Can make this happen, so, please! Let me become the best staff member ever. Let's do this! You should definitely accept me over anyone else because, I will be active, daily.

    Have you ever created a server before?

    BeastFactions - Owner - I help a lot of advertisement and handling with Staff Applications, I have also with this had a skill of Leadership as I OWNED my own server, and communicated well, to other players/staff.

    What is your expertise?

    My expertise is catching hackers/rule breakers! I have done a lot of this with past servers and always got my bans/punishments correct. I am also expertised on dealing with staff applications, ban reports and ban appeals. I am a multi worker and I will do anything the owner puts me on to do! So please let me work for you.

    How often can you be on?

    Monday: I can dedicate around 4-6 hours on Mondays as I have nothing really going on... I can notify if something has changed.

    Tuesday: I can dedicate 3-6 hours because my brother has football and unfortunately I have to go and support him

    Wednesday: I can dedicate 2 hours as my sister goes to Gymnastics and then we go out for dinner after so 2 hours will be available on that certain day.

    Thursday: 5+ Hours per day as I do not have anything going on in my schedule so Thursdays are a good day for playing/dedicating time to the server.

    Friday: I can dedicate a lot of time on Friday maybe not on some Fridays but most of days a lot of time! I might not be able to on Fridays because everyone normally goes out on a Friday.

    Saturday: I can dedicate 6 hours as I do nothing on a Saturday like I said, I will tell anyone when I something has turned up and ruined my schedule.

    Sunday: I can dedicate 1-3 hours as I always go to a football game on Sunday as I play football.

    I can always dedicate time to the forum every day of the week for around 4+ per day, to be honest.

    How will you help the community?

    I help out a lot, and I can defiantly do more than that:
    I can post daily on the forums
    I can help out with staff apps
    I can help out with Ban reports and Ban Appeals, as I used to be BanTeam on DinoCraft so I have had a lot of experience of dealing with rule breakers, a lot.
    I can do more than that too:
    I can help in game
    I can report rule breakers
    I will do anything to keep this server clean and a lovely cosy place for anyone who plays on this server!
    I will contribute my activeness by that word ' activeness ' this means I will always be active and dedicate my time of my life to this server, just like I am contributing my time to write this application.

    Have you ever been a Developer or Co-Owner before?

    1) PythonMC - Head-Developer - I helped a lot with fixing bugs and creating new plugins for the server! Very good job indeed! So I have had a role with Leadership in as I was HEAD-Developer.

    2) LifeMC - Co-Owner - I worked with staff applications and ban reports and ban appeals. I also worked with promotions and demotions to try to get the strongest and best staff team in the entire Minecraft Community.
    Can you help with funding the server?

    Maybe, I should be able too just depends on what kind of funding and where too.

    Anything else?

    Here are some scenario questions which are on my servers application:

    A patron informs you that a player is hacking. You hop into vanish and teleport to the alleged hacker. However, once you arrive you discover that it is nebulous whether or not they are hacking. What do you do?(*):

    I would record them anyways and create a Ban Report with the video included to see what the other staff team/public think about this particular hacker. I do not like hacking, it does not get you anywhere in life and in the game. It just makes everyone remind you as a cheater and a hacker so please do not hack on the server... Does not get you anywhere... Trust me!

    Someone is being offensive in a public forum. What do you do? (*):
    I would say please stop, as I am nice. If he does not I will report him to a higher-up staff member, likely to be Co-Owner+ and see their opinion on what to do to the disgusting person. I do not like offensive people, it is horrible to hurt a Human Beings feelings and on a happy forum which is full of joy... is out of order for me. So please take this into consideration and please do not do something like that.

    A new player joins and consecutively asks for ranks and items. What do you do?(*):
    I would say 'Please do not ask for stuff, work your way towards there' if he does carry on I would give him a warning and tell him to stop... now! As asking for stuff does not get you anywhere, it is called 'not being fair'. So that's what I personally would do. I would not ask for ranks/items, I am a fair player, fair of Minecraft and on it.



    Dylan. <3

    Application denied

    +Possibly active
    -Very repetitive
    -Not in format
    -Unorganized (Co-Owners must be organized and professional)
    -lack of detail

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    posted a message on Brand new server! Looking for players

    Ign: BattleSeagull
    Age: 15
    Name: Jimmy
    Time zone: GMT
    Why do you want to apply? I have been staff on many small servers helping people out, ive even owned a server before.
    Why should you be chosen over anyone else? I could be a big help, ive been a builder, dev, mod, helper and i've helped alot of servers get atleast 100 people per day.
    Have you ever created a server before? Yes i have, i'm experienced with plugins and other good stuff a server needs. i've also been co- owner on a server with 300 people on per day.
    What is your expertise? Like i said, i am good at, mod, dev, helper and builder ( in order best to worst).
    How often can you be on? i can be on at least 3-4 hrs per day.
    How will you help the community? I shall bring people online and sort out ranks like default, builder, owner, but i cant sort out buycraft unfortunately.
    Have you ever been a Developer or Co-Owner before? yes i have, on many servers.
    Can you help with funding the server? maybe, i cant really answer that question at the moment.
    Anything else?Thx for reading my app i could be a big help.

    I dont mind if it doesnt be accepted, i could also be the other options

    Application denied

    -Lack of detail
    -out of format

    -unable to configure plugins such as "buycraft" and possibly many others


    -provide proof of being Co-Owner on servers with 100+ players otherwise you could just be making it up

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    posted a message on Brand new server! Looking for players


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    posted a message on Brand new server! Looking for players

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    posted a message on Brand new server! Looking for players

    I'm sorry but you don't show that you have any experience in being a staff member (Admin, Moderator, etc...) and we can't accept someone with a hacked client.

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    posted a message on Brand new server! Looking for players

    As the title says, This is going to be a new server project.

    Starting from scratch, we will build up an epic place for the minecraft community to play! The plan is to have a hub server, with multiple minigames and a whole lot of features!

    This idea brings back a lot of original games, with a fun twist on each one! I will not release info here.

    This network of servers will undergo upgrades and updates each month, the staff will ensure smooth gameplay and a safe environment for the players.

    This will be fairly well funded, undergoing construction as the plan is finished and ready to be executed.

    Our discord is

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    posted a message on πŸ‘‘ Active, Mature, Proffessional & 16+ Staff Members, Join Now! πŸ‘‘ β˜…β€”β€”β‚Recruitment status: RANKS LEFT β‚β€”β€”β˜…

    What position are you applying for?
    Mod/Head Mod **Edit: I would prefer Admin since I have the most experience with this role. (:
    Age: 16
    Where are you from?
    San Diego, California

    What languages can you speak?

    IGN: Kadin77
    Discord: Kadin#6322

    Tell me something about yourself...
    I have been playing on and off since the 1.3.2 update in Minecraft and I absolutely love becoming staff on servers and helping out whoever is in need. I am currently located in Salt lake city, UT and I'm about to move back to California.

    Why do want to be staff on this server?
    I want to become a staff member so I can help everyone that needs it and try my best to keep the community balanced. I enjoy being staff on any server so that I can encourage the players to have an enjoyable experience on the server. (trying to keep it short because I don't want whoever is reading this to sit here for 30 minutes trying to get through all the text haha)

    Do you have any past experience?
    I do, I have been Admin, Mod, Helper, Dev, and Co-Owner on many different servers. Most commonly I choose to be an Admin because it allows me to help anyone, anywhere, in any way.

    Any experience with plugins? (admin,head-admin)
    Yes I do, I have experience with many plugins but I can't list all of them off the top of my head.

    Are you willing to be on for at least 3 hours a day?
    If I become Moderator or higher then I will dedicate myself to be on the server for more than 3 hours a day. Exceptions for not being on: If I am not home, moving to another house, going to family events.

    What can you do that other can’t?
    I believe that I can encourage others to be happier by providing them with a better playing experience. Unlike others I will find the best solution to a problem no matter what the problem and no matter how long it takes. (reasonably speaking)

    Anything else?
    I hope you decide to allow me into the server as a staff member so I can help anyone in need. Thanks for reading (:

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