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    Hello everyone! As the title suggests, I'm looking to host a full team to go into the end and kill the dragon. I have the end portal frame located, secured (no silverfish), and 11 pearls placed with only one more to go.

    I have a diamond sword with looting III on it so I predict only one more night is required to get my last pearl. (I think it only took me an hour real time to find my first 11). Unfortunately, my resources are limited in terms of sharing for the fight, but I am currently farming skeletons for their arrows. I have more than enough wood and string to make everyone bows.

    in addition to the fight, I also have a range set up for the sniper duel trophy and a rail system set up for the On a rail trophy.

    If anyone is interested, please add me (PSN: Kabalis) with minecraft in the heading or message! first seven people to add me wins! I would like to do the battle no later than sunday 5 Jan. 2014 at around noon EST.

    See ya then!

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