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Got into MineCraft when my brother introduced me to the game.

Author of MineBack a MineCraft automated backup utility! :)

My best wishes and thoughts go out to my older brother, and to anyone who has suffered loss of normal function due to brain damage.

It is not something I would EVER have imagined happening to someone healthy, and its frightening to know that it could happen to anyone who has fallen hard and received a blow to the head. Just because a person is able to stand, think and even function afterwards does not mean their is no danger! My advice to anyone who has had a fall after which they feel lethargic, sickly (or others note diminished reaction speed) is to go and get a scan to find out wether there is any damage. The earlier it is discovered the more options are available.


MineCraft! hehehe.

Programming, Gaming, Music, Crafts.

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