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    Quote from Emerald99
    Wool is horrible for building any structure IMO.

    Not necessarily. Besides, wood isn't that great either, as it can easily burn down; just like wool.
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    Oh yes! I love the idea of the colored slabs/stairs; and I like the idea of colored wood blocks.
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    Quote from RADIOACTIV56
    How about ironwood? It would have like three times the blast resistance of the regular woods.

    Also, Ironwood shouldn't catch on fire as easily as the already existing woods in the game.
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    Couldn't you just build your house out of different colored wool instead?
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    Invasion of the Real World
    Image by WeedLion
    "What is thissss thing? Should I blow it up?" The creeper hissed.

    "No. Don't do anything stupid like that. We should go inside of the portal" The skeleton ordered.

    "Exscussse me, your the one having stupid ideas. Why go in it? It might be dangerousssss" The creeper argued.

    "Enough! Besides, who says the portal will work? Remember when we tried to go to the End portal?" Spider replied.

    "We should try to go inside" Zombie said.

    "See?!" The skeleton shouted at creeper, "Told you!"

    As the four mobs stepped into the portal, they were brought to Earth. The 4 mobs spawned right into a secret room in the Empire state building; that no human has discovered.

    "Where are we? Where we are, I want to causssse destruction" Creeper said.

    Chapter 1 (On earth) :
    "Christine, you need to eat lunch. You can play Minecraft later" Christine's mom ordered.

    "Ma! Something bizarre happened! I am on hard mode, and there are no spiders, skeletons, creepers, or zombies! In minecraft" Christine replied.

    "Whatever sweetie. Just come! You need to eat lunch!" Christine's mom replied.

    "OMG" Christine shouted.

    "What?" Christine's mom answered.

    "In real life, right now, I see a creeper. AHHHH" Christine screamed.

    The creeper expanded, and BOOOOOOOOOM! The house exploded, killing Christine and her family.

    "Nicely done!" Zombie said, with a impressed look on his face.

    "Yeah. That was great!" Spider agreed.

    "I could've done better. Besides, are you complete idiots or what?! The humans will find out about us, thanks to the
    Creepers destruction, and then they will kill us!" Skeleton argued.

    "Oh puh-leeze! We're too strong for them." Creeper disagreed.

    "Skeleton might be right" Zombie replied.

    "Skeleton IS right. In no time, those humans will discover us, and we will be dead." Spider agreed.

    "I wish that Enderman were here. He could teleport us back to the portal" Creeper said.

    "Spider is good at directions. Spider? Lead the way back to the portal" Skeleton stated.

    "Ummm.... I don't really remember where it is. Somewhere in a tall building?" Spider replied.

    "You idiot! This place has tall buildings almost EVERYWHERE" Skeleton shouted.

    "We'll never get home. We might as well kill everybody" Zombie said.
    Chapter 2:
    "I should have never came. You guys are fools" the Skeleton said.
    "Nobody wanted you to come! In fact, YOU were the one who said we ssshould come here in the firsst place!" the Creeper argued.
    "Well, what do we do? Arguing won't help" Zombie replied.
    "We have to make ourselves look different. We have to put human clothing, and we have to copy what they do" Skeleton stated.
    "It won't work! Exposing ourssselves will make them find out even quicker!" Creeper countered.
    "Well, at least we should leave this house" Spider replied.
    The four mobs dressed up as humans and went into a old abandoned building. The four mobs stood in that building. Suddenly, they saw another portal.
    "Letsssss go in!" Creeper said enthusiastically. The four mobs went in, and found themselves back in the undiscovered room of the empire state building.
    "We can go home!" Spider shouted.
    The four mobs went through another portal, but it would not work.
    "I guess destruction is our only choice" Skeleton said reluctantly.
    Chapter 3:
    Coming soon!
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