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    posted a message on Sheepify - All block models turn into sheep!

    Original Reddit Thread
    Sheep art is a silly style trending in the /r/minecraft subreddit where people build things out of sheep. Since you have the ability to dye their wool, you could basically herd them together and paint on them like a canvas. Other people disable their AI and gravity so they will stay put like a normal block, allowing for 3D sheep art.

    I went a step further and converted all blocks to look like sheep >:D

    Screenshots found here

    "sheep art? really?"

    Yeah it's a weird trend isn't it. But there's some pretty funny builds people done.

    For example, sheep-ception by Antvenom

    or 3D grass block

    or an apple

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    posted a message on [MODELS] Better Parkour Models

    Added 1.8 support! Good for servers and older maps.

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    posted a message on [MODELS] Better Parkour Models

    This was a personal tweak of mine that I used for quite a while when I practiced parkour. It modifies the block models to accurately represent the collision box of a block, rather than its hitbox. For example, a fence model and its hitbox is 1 block tall, however it's collision for entities is 1.5 blocks tall. This may throw off players doing parkour with fences, as what would be considered the solid floor is invisible, forcing players to aim slightly higher than what's represented to successfully land on one.

    List of blocks that been modified:


    Enchanting Table

    End Rod

    Fence Gate (Closed)



    Soul Sand

    Cobblestone Walls


    Planned Features

    1.8 Support
    Optional Ladder/Vine "Grab" Hitbox


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    posted a message on [9x] NineCubed - blocky and colorful pack featuring 3D block models

    Finally updated to 1.10!

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    posted a message on Flood it!

    I went and updated this to 1.10, it's now only 16x16x6 big, structure block friendly, colorblind friendly, and more optimized!

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    posted a message on SimplyDaggers

    Forum Banner

    As the name states, this mod adds a new weapon to the game - daggers.

    Some properties of the daggers include:

    A shorter attack range compared to a sword (2.5 block range vs 4 block range)
    Attacked mobs will have a shorter invulnerability cooldown. i.e users can attack significantly faster
    Less knockback
    Weaker than swords (but it's faster)
    Can be tipped with potions to "inject" targets.
    - Currently only negative potion effects are supported
    - Can only tip with potions without modifiers (no extended or amplified potions)
    - Effects last 2/3 of the original time
    Backstab bonus - will deal 2 more hearts of damage if the user is directly behind the target. The bow's "ding" sound would play if done sucessfully.
    Daggers can't block.


    Dagger Recipe: (Wood, cobblestone, gold ingots, and diamonds supported as well)
    Dagger Recipe

    Tipped Daggers:
    Tipped Dagger

    This is my first mod, so feedback is much appreciated!

    Modpack permissions:
    You can use this mod for your modpacks. :)


    Alternative link

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    posted a message on Lane Parkour
    Quote from XgermZ»

    tried to record this.... the mechanics that make this work are so fustrating. i literally couldnt get paste stage 2, because it wasnt registering where i was correctly, and kept reseting me to the start. (Played 1.9.4, all setting correct). I still recorded if ya wanna watch me rage!??!

    Really? If you're stuck at the last 2 jumps, a quick double-click always works for me. For all the jumps. you should swap as soon as you jump, do it too late and you'll teleport into the block.
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    posted a message on Lane Parkour

    Lane Parkour is a parkour map where each stage consists of parallel rooms, called lanes.
    There are barrier blocks between lanes, but players can teleport across lanes. This is key to navigating the stage.
    The objective is to reach the end of each level. There are 20 stages in total.
    Style of levels include normal parkour and puzzles. The lane mechanic may mess with the player's brain.

    I made this map a few months ago, but I wanted to add more content, but I lost interest on it so might as well release it.

    This map IS multiplayer compatible



    PlanetMinecraft Link

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    posted a message on Chubik - a minimalistic survival challenge *Updated to 1.9 *includes command module add-on
    Quote from Phluff_Binkins»

    I'm making a comment here. How about a texture/resource pack that focuses on Cubism as well? Like changing the textures to be that of colored cube that would represent what they are? Grass = green, lava = orange, obsidian = purple-ish, etc?

    Wouldn't that be a 1x1 resource pack? Unless you mean each texture is a Cubism image by itself, in that case sounds interesting, I might see how it works!
    Quote from p0rtalmazter»

    what font do you use i want to make add on packs for mods ..... if that's ok

    Helvetica Neue, although I plan on having alternate fonts
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    posted a message on Chubik - a minimalistic survival challenge *Updated to 1.9 *includes command module add-on

    Alright, updated to 1.9!

    - Added all missing terrain

    - Changed items to white

    - New add-on, ChubikEntities. Can be installed using only one command (and resource pack :P)

    - Now licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, now anyone is free to modify/add to this pack :)

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    posted a message on [Windows] AutoHotKey Command Aliases for Minecraft

    1.8 introduced a lot of powerful commands most nowadays admins/mapmakers use frequently. One thing, though, is that some common commands are often long or executed very often, and thus tedious to type.

    This is where my command aliases come in!

    Minecraft Command Aliases is an AutoHotKey script that, as the name suggests, create short aliases for common in-game commands.

    These work like any other command alias -- execute a command or a sequence of commands from a defined string. For example, typing ",courier,monospace">/heal is set to be equivalent to ",courier,monospace">/effect @p instant_health 1 3 using this script.

    This script also features a multi-clipboard for storing coordinates. This allows for auto-completing /fill or /clone commands. (like WorldEdit's //hpos)

    Full list of aliases:

    /aliases - opens this list
    /readme - opens the readme

    /hpos1 - set the first position of your selection
    /hpos2 - set the second position of your selection
    /expand - expand selection along one axis
    /expand - - contract selection along one axis
    /inset - skrink selection in all directions
    /outset - expand selection in all directions
    /shift - move selection across one axis
    /desel - deselect position

    Region Operations:
    /set [dataValue] [oldBlockHandling] [dataTag] - gives you a fill command based on your selection
    /clone [maskMode] [cloneMode] - gives you a clone command based on your selection
    /setwalls - set the walls of the selection
    /setfloor - fill the bottom of the selection
    /setceil - fill the top of the selection
    /outline - fill the edges of the selection

    /up - teleports you up
    /down - teleports you down
    /waypoint - create a waypoint
    /waypoint - delete waypoints
    /goto - teleport to a waypoint
    /goto - list waypoints
    /tpa - teleport to a player

    /killall - kill all nearby mobs
    /killtype - kill a certain entity
    /killname - kill entities with a certain name
    /killtag - kill entities with a certain tag
    /drain - drain nearby water
    /ldrain - drain nearby lava
    /removeabove - remove blocks above your head
    /removebelow - remove blocks below your feet
    /replacenear - replace all existing blocks nearby
    /removenear - remove blocks near you
    /void - delete the entire area
    /room - create a hollow box
    /snow - cover area with snow
    /thaw - remove snow
    /burn - cover area with fire
    /ex - extinguish fires
    /flood - floods your area and level with water
    /lflood - floods your area and level with lava
    /sourceall - changes all flowing water to source water
    /lsourceall - changes all flowing water to source water

    Gamerule presets:
    /nodrops - Disables all drop-related gamemodes
    /maprules - Use a set of common map gamerules

    Effect shortcuts:
    /eclear - clear all active effects
    /heal - heals your hp
    /full - heal your hunger
    /nohunger - toggle saturation
    /bright - toggle night vision
    /resistance - toggle resistance
    /speed - toggle speed
    /haste - toggle fast block breaking in survival

    Give shortcuts
    /cmd - get a command block
    /mcmd - get a minecart command block
    /barrier - get a barrier

    Gamemode shortcuts:
    /c - creative mode
    /s - survival mode
    /a - adventure mode
    /sp - spectator mode

    Difficulty shortcuts:
    /p - peaceful mode
    /e - easy mode
    /n - normal mode
    /h - hard mode

    Weather shortcuts:
    /sun - weather clear
    /rain - weather rain
    /storm - weather thunder

    Novelty shortcuts:
    /boom - boom!
    /boomboom - boomboom!!
    /catboom - summon an exploding cat!
    /meow - meow!
    /himeow - meow!
    /lomeow - meow!
    /burp - burp!

    Download (Windows + Source)

    Unfortunately, since this is an AutoHotKey script, it's only compatible with Windows. Sorry OSX/Linux users :(


    This script is licensed under WTFPL. Go ahead, do whatever you want with it :)

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    posted a message on Anvilanche! - Plays like reversed spleef!

    Ashdubh and iBallisticSquid played this map! :)

    Here's the vids if you want to check them out



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    posted a message on Anvilanche! - Plays like reversed spleef!

    What do you call an avalanche of anvils? An anvilanche!

    Anvilanche is a minigame that plays like a reversed Spleef; other than destroying blocks, you summon falling blocks. The objective is to squish your opponent(s) and be the last player standing! In Spleef, later in the game you would have to parkour across gaps, but in Anvilanche you'll also be hiking, trying to stay on top and wreak havoc to those below.

    Lobby Menu:

    Arena, set to small/square


    • Customizable arena size
    • Customizable arena shape
    • Optional double jump ability
    • Optional snowballs
    • A new, simple, fast paced minigame
    • Commented command blocks (for curious mapmakers, it's a bit messy :P)

    DOWNLOAD (Play on 1.9+!)

    Project on PMC

    Map on MinecraftMaps

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    posted a message on I can't place or destroy blocks on the realm?

    It could be your controls and mouse. Maybe your "place block" control isn't set to right click, or your mouse is broken

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    posted a message on [1.9] JustusFT's VMods Collection
    Quote from 1No_Name1»

    Why the spears, VMod have the "Power enchantment.level.-2" enchantment? This means, it doesn't deal damage.

    It still does, the negative value is supposed to make it a bit weaker.

    Apparently it's still does the default damage though

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