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    posted a message on Need a staff member Well here i am

    Very creative copy and pasting apps :D

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    posted a message on DartCraft [Upcoming] [Minigames] [SG] [TheWalls] Need Moderators, Devs, and Builders!

    1. Minecraft Username: iEatYourMeatJr

    2. Age: 14

    3. Skype: sniperkid1413

    4. How did you find out about DartCraft? (If you were just surfing the forums that's ok XD) I found out by you posting on the forums.

    5. Why do you want to be staff on DartCraft? Right now I have no staff on any servers and I am looking to occupy some time doing something productive and helping other people out on servers to help advance. I know many things that can help this server succeed and push on such as commands, building, and knowing how to run community and staff members. This server looks perfect for me considering I like to pvp and raid hence factions. I can tell hacks from miles away and build what ever is needed for the time being until we get a legit build team/builders. I feel I can help out this server greatly because I am an active person in the minecraft community. I support ideas and can always keep things in a orderly manner while being fun to be around to players.

    6. Previous experience: My most memorable and highest peak in being staff was on a server called DreamRaids. It wasn't like I was a high ranking staff or anything but it had many players and a great owner who knew what to do when to do it and knew how to run it well. But he let his temper get the best of him and he raged quit and shut down the server and the website. It had professional builds by build teams peaked at 100 players or more and had around 50 daily. I was only a helper but the experience to have was a good one, for I know how to manage big groups of people at once. All my other experiences were on minor servers with 10+ players and decent amounts of donations. All shutdown by now.

    7. Anything else? Is the server open as of now? I saw that banner on your channel.

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    posted a message on Flamitic Hub would like some trust worthy people to be staff on our team. Postiions Builder,Jr Mod and Dev

    I have a friend who is 16 with a 47 low and a friend who is 14 with a 52 low and 50yd free is a 23

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    posted a message on Flamitic Hub would like some trust worthy people to be staff on our team. Postiions Builder,Jr Mod and Dev

    Name: Justin
    Ign: iEatYourMeatJr
    Age: 14
    Working Mic?: Yes

    What is your skype? (NEEDED)sniperkid1413

    About Yourself: I live on the east coast of the United States. I am a Freshmen and used to be top on the swim team(our team isn't that great). Now I swim, play on the computer, and do cross fit and other exercises to stay in shape. I am heavily experienced in the game of minecraft and have years dedicated to this game.
    What do you plan to accomplish working for this server? Some things I can accomplish very easily is, managing a team of builders or staff, builds, deadlines, player management, spawns, creativity etc. I am everything that you need to build the server from the ground up without being forgotten.
    What can you provide to the team?I can provide extensive knowledge about the game/plugins, builds, maturity, and help throughout the server. I have learned many builds, tactics, and styles to adapt to any server in any way. With the builds that can be brought to the server, this can very simply be a great server to be played on.
    Why do you want to join our team I haven't really been playing much since I migrated to a different game. Now I play this and I have came back and ready to get back into providing for other people. So I took the opportunity of this server to provide what I have to offer in my set of skills.
    Position: Moderator ( I am filling out everything to let you know my full opportunities )
    How do you go about planning your builds/actions on the sever? I am very creative and with creativity comes trial and error and with trial and error comes success. So I can build on the spot with various ideas to benefit the server. I can also lead a team if necessary.
    Have you ever led a build team Or Mod team I haven't led a build team but I have been a part of one, I have led moderators before as previous ranks include Owner, Co-owner, Admin, Head-Admin, etc.
    What type of build styles are you proficient with? I'm typically modern or medieval.
    Are you a relatively fast builder? I do build pretty fast but some builds can take days or even longer.

    What would you do if someone was asking for a rank over and over agian??

    1) I would say apply or rank not available for people who ask.

    2) Then give a second warming telling them to hush and they aren't getting it

    3) By this point they have been warned and will be issued a mute as punishment.
    How long have you been building Or moderating?I have been moderating for a little over 2 years and building over 1 year.
    Show us some of your builds or evidence that you were a mod.. I don't have any, like I said before I just came back and deleted my screenshots.

    Leave Questions blank if not for your position

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    posted a message on 2deep.net is hiring! | BUILDERS-MODERATORS-DEVELOPERS-LEADERS | TOWNY-FACTIONS-ADVENTURE | Dedicated Staff | Future Network
    What’s your username?: iEatYourMeatJr[/b]

    What's your skype username?: sniperkid1413[/b]

    Which time zone are you in?: EST (Eastern Standard Time)[/b]

    How old are you?: I am 14 years old.[/b]

    Which job are you applying for?: I am looking to become a Moderator.[/b]

    What qualifications do you have in this job?: I have values and qualities that would make you decide you to pick me that are, but limited to,
    ~Experienced- have worked with servers with 100+ players, I have a screen shot of me being helper and 100 players if needed as proof
    ~Silly sometimes for some fun with a sprinkle of maturity
    ~I don't abuse
    ~Experienced with hackers and plugins
    ~Also an excellent builder for the time being

    Do you have any past experience working in this job?: I do, like I said previously, I have worked with a server that peaked at 100 players and averaged 30-40 players. I been staff on that server for quite a while reaching almost a month. I have had other servers that peaked at 20-40 players for a few months as well, such as ComCraft. I been staff on that server for a little more than the whole summer. I also had smaller servers that I was staff for. Such as a server called NomNomCraft, we were in the beta of building everything, but the admins wanted to get rid of me for no reason what so ever, and that server hasn't been worked on since. To this day I'm not sure if it is still up. Another server that I was staff on was called VenomCraft, but this server was basically abandoned after an incident. What happened was the server reset again, but this wasn't your typical reset of a world or anything. This was from the server files being deleted. One of the devs got rid of ALL the server files. So the head-builder and me built a temporary hub spawn and we left, due to all people being inactive. The reason ComCraft shutdown because one of the owners resigned, he was a jerk but he did get players to stay. After he left staff all started leaving. I was an Admin there, so the staff that stands last was me, two moderators, and one owner, all gone. Now finally, this server, DreamRaids. This server was doing amazing. 40-60 players mid day maybe even more. We were getting donations everywhere, left and right. But this day, all staff, ALL STAFF, were so incredibly mad at the owner. The reason the server shutdown was........ The owner raged and quit Minecraft. Yep, I didn't believe it at first either, but the oldest Moderator and even the only Administrator said the same thing. These are just my most recent experiences and they all ended in a bad way. [/b]

    If so, can you provide us with a few examples?:[/b]
    ~ComCraft- All good and got donations but closed down eventually and no one wanted to join anymore.
    ~VenomCraft- Doing good as well with amazing builds, etc, but Developer deleted all server files.
    ~NomNomCraft- Administrators didn't want me and I'm not sure if it is up now a days.
    ~DreamRaids- One of my most valuable experiences but went down in a sad way, the owner raged.

    What makes you want to work with 2DEEP.net?: I try to look for post that are [/b]

    A. Professionally written
    B. Obvious that the owner wants to be things done
    C. Nice and a good sized community
    D. Commitment
    This post has all of the above and more. Now a days a good post like this is hard to come by, there maybe tons but they are either old or inactive. This is new, fresh, and ready for applications to roll in. I am willing to use all my skills towards this server in improving it and enhancing it in all the right ways possible. Not only through in-game or forums but through the most important of all, through the community.

    What else should we know about you?: I am excited to begin working with 2DEEP.net and now waiting for a reply to my application, have a nice day. Thanks![/b]
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    posted a message on Play.EnragedPvP.net New Pvp Server - Looking for staff - Admins, Builders, Moderator, Developers, Helpers.

    Name: Justin

    IGN: iEatYourMeatJr

    Age: 14

    Skype: sniperkid1413

    Experience: I first starting playing way back around 1.4 updates. I did what any new comer to the game did and played signle player for a little bit to get the jist of the game. When I played survival, I knew there was so much more. Back then I knew I could meet wonderful people on servers and the game can become more than a sandbox game. I starting learning commands a few months later in the 1.5 updates and began mastering in the 1.6 updates. When I first got the taste of being a staff member, it felt great. I won't even lie right now, when I started then, I staff hopped. A ton. I even meet the players today that were owners and I regret some of the things I did then. In 1.7 I took a little break but started on and off. Now here we are in 1.8. The last few servers I was staff on didn't last long. I first started off joining a server called NomNomCraft and I knew the owner from previous occurrences so I easily became staff and played a huge role on the server. Starting as builder, all the way to Head-Admin I earned /op and also became extremely trustworthy. Then his friends came on and instantly didn't like me, so I was demoted and forced to be a regular player despite all the work put in. Then came VenomCraft, that server had a great start. A seemingly perfect staff team, with good devs and main staff. But it all came crashing down, one of the devs corrupted all the files, and deleted everything so we started fro square one yet again. I resigned because I put tons more work, with little to no and we kept getting reset, eventually none would join and I just left. Then came a bunch of little servers that don't matter. Finally with ComCraft. I started out like anyone else looking to be someone on any server. I applied like everyone else, and did infact get the position. The owner did seem nice and we did get hundreds of dollars in donations within the first few weeks. It all came tumbling down yet again, all owners were inactive, one of the owners turned "evil" and left. Now I and a few others were left, I started as helper and got Admin, but really decided to quit and move on with hopefully, a dedicated, good, fair server that I can stay on, maybe even help in any way shape or form and actually go somewhere.

    Why you want to be a part of the server: As I previously stated, I am tired of being let down, tired of being disappointed by all of these little things. All I am asking for as a fellow player is to find somewhere, someplace to be, that I can actually have a state of mind and wake up thinking, I want to be on this server because it will go places. I had thought that for many servers and so far none has delivered. I am hoping this community can, for I have skills and knowledge, server ready and capable right now, for any task.

    How often can you spend time on the server: Usually I can be on daily, but I have started high school, and this is my freshman year so I am focusing on that, but I can push for daily time and some hours on weekends as well.

    What can you do for the server: Right now, I have knowledge, that is server ready, right now. I have a wide variety of skills things from building to plugins to dealing with people, such as keeping them happy and in a good state of mind. I am a non-biased person and fair for all. I push standards and rules. I keep people on and stead with a bit of a twist to keep things interesting within the rules and regulations.


    Have a nice day, and thank you for reading my long application, I put a lot of work into it :D

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    posted a message on -----Staff Needed Desperatly-----

    Name: Justin

    Age: 14

    Ign: iEatYourMeatJr

    Skype: sniperkid1413

    Experience: I have been staff on recently a few servers. The most recent was ComCraft and I was helper and moved my way up all the way up to op. The owners and I were really the only trustworthy people left, so I decided to leave. I also donated so many you can get some donations as well.

    Position: Head-Mod or Admin

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    posted a message on Welcome too Comcraft

    Hello, I am the Administrator of this server, and age isn't everything we may make acceptation depending on how you are, in the aspect of the server.

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    posted a message on ComCraft

    Holy, I am one of the newest staff members. Can I just say that, this wasn't a disappointment at all! Usually when you see servers this new you expect "noobs" as owners and staff and terrible building. But no, This is changed my expectations for newer servers and this server just raised the bar. MINI GAMES ARE COMING SOON!

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    posted a message on ★★★Recruiting Staff for ComCraft!★★★

    IGN: iEatYourMeatJr
    Age: I am 14 years young.
    In Game Name: iEatYourMeatJr
    Time Zone: EST (Eastern Standard Time)
    How often are you able to play?: Usually I can play from 1 to 7 hours and possibly more during the week. Who needs a life when you got Minecraft.
    Have you ever been staff on any other server?: I do have an extensive amount of education in being a staff rank on servers. The most recent staff servers I've been on

    VenomCraft: I still have IP to server. I left this server because one of the devs deleted all of the server files and we had to redo the server AGAIN. I wasn't mad at any of them, just kept getting continuous frustration.

    NomNomCraft: The first server with this name I was Co-Owner but I started at builder. Most of the Admins hated me and was friends with the owner. So they shutdown and restarted the server. So I obtained Moderator without them knowing because me and the owner was still chill together. But when they found out they instantly wanted me demoted even though I did more work then them, but I am completely over it.
    Have you ever been banned?: Without a doubt I have been banned. When I first started Minecraft, I was such a smartass to staff members and always tried to get them mad at me and get them demoted. Looking back at it now, it was pretty funny at the time, now I realize that I was actually causing harm to the server and them. After going along the years I have been banned because I talked back to staff, and made some valid points about their servers. Around one year ago I got into using hacks, I don't use them now because I only wanted to try them and see what they look like to actually ban hackers. Now I don't get banned at all because I just follow the rules. I know what it is like to be staff and I know the trouble they been through to make the server a reality.
    What is your field of knowledge?: What I know is mostly building and plugins. I took a little break, around 2-4 months, so I forgot how to actually code and never really got back into it. I do know most to all hacks and can identify them easily. I do have some education on managing staff and dealing with little or huge problems ranging from cursing to ddos threats.
    Why do you want to be staff on this server?: I want to be staff on this server because I don't want to be let down by anymore servers because of stupid problems. I see that this server does have some potential for me to put some of my time into this application and dedicate even more to the server. Also unlike other staff posts this is actually a professional post straight to the point, what you need, and what you have to offer.
    Date: 8/14/2015 11:30 AM
    Do you plan on donating to help the server blossom: They way it works for me is, I see and I think if the server will make it somewhere, and actually go far and grow. If I see it's young potential then indeed I will donate.

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    posted a message on PANDAEMIC NETWORK RECRUTING/ ADMINS/ MODS / AND BUILDERS. ( 60 positions )

    Administration Application





    Game name:



    I am 14 years old.

    Past experience in position:

    In my past years in Administration lasted a pretty long time. In my previous experiences I was always on the top of my game. On a server called NomNomCraft (Shutdown, Owner inactive) I wasn't always Head-Admin I started as a builder, built amazing things and gained trust quickly. I then went to Head-Builder, then finally Head-Admin. I was even trusted with OP. On another server called EdenUniverse, I achieved the highest rank besides Dev and Owner, SenorMod. I started as Mod, I did extra work, and played hours upon hours weekly.

    Why you should be admin:

    I think I deserve this position because I am dedicated to my work. I not only help players and act as a leader to get things done, I also help in building aspect. I also unlike some staff members am on daily and will never be corrupt. I do attend, meetings and interviews in necessary. I come on everyday waiting to accomplish more than yesterday.

    What you can do to help the server:

    I can help the server by being on daily. I can also help the server by leading other staff members towards the way to success and and exciting community. If needed like I said before I can help with the building aspect of the server.

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    posted a message on Need Builders, Mods, And Admin!

    Age (minimum: 12): I am 14
    Timezone (GMT, GMT-1, etc): GTM - 5 or EST
    What servers have you been Admin on before/experience/links: The most recent experiences I had in administration was on a server called Gameing Universe, I was accepted as builder/Mod, server isn't open, it got griefed. Another server was called EdenUniverse I accomplished SenorMod and the ip is play.mrgocanes.com. The last recent server was called NomNomCraft, no longer up the Ip was NomNomcraft.com or .net on that server I was Head Admin and Head Builder PLUS I was trusted with op.
    Availability (Average online time p/ day): Around 1-6 hours
    Why should you be accepted: I think I should be accepted because I would be a great addition to the server. I could help progress the server not just in building but also in game and on the forums as well, when and if we get one. As of now, for a temp I could build the spawn and anything else we need. I have a great variety of plugin knowledge as well. Some plugins I know very well are Essentials, World Edit, Voxel Sniper (iffy), and tons more including pex and group manager.
    Do you have Skype (yes or no): Yes
    Skype name: sniperkid1413

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    posted a message on SpiderCraft Looking For Staff!!! New server

    IGN: iEatYourMeatJr

    time zone: EST ( Eastern Standard Time )

    (does not matter)

    Age: 14

    Experience:Basically Co-Owned NomNomCraft, but head-admin, Builder on countless servers, SenorMod on Eden Universe, Mod on Gameing Universe, and more servers.

    what plugins are you good with: Group Manager, Pex, World edit, Essentials, Some voxel sniper, and many, many more.

    Ps: who ever is very good with

    group-manger will get a promotion. most likely

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    posted a message on DynaForge - Relaunch

    I could also help with building and staff, which ever you need most.

    I do indeed have teamspeak.

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