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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Spider Chase - Run for your life! (Now with 'Easy Mode'!)[V1.1]
    Spider Chase

    I've had this map finished, just sitting in my documents for over a month now, I guess it's way past time that I actually released it. So, here it is.

    Thanks for 100+ Downloads!

    The texture pack seen in these screenshots is A'therys Ascended, though the map was made using the default texture pack.

    About the map

    This is the map Spider Chase by me, Justinator3. It's basically a single player parkour map, but instead of jumps it's more running through obstacles, with a strict time limit. If you slow down or fail then you get eaten alive by spiders. There is no combat, not puzzles, just pure action.

    The map itself isn't very long, it shouldn't take more than half-an-hour to an hour to complete, depending on how good you are or if you wanted to try 'Iron Mode' (Note: Almost Impossible).

    There are plenty of checkpoints around the map, and you need to reach each one three times before it counts. It can be a little difficult at first, the learning curve is quite steep and mistakes are punished mercilessly, but through a little trial and error you should be able to figure out the best path through the map. You'll probably die a lot though, just warning you.

    I had the idea for this map in my head for a long time before trying to make it a reality, which was a lot harder than I had first anticipated. I first started this map as a sort of concept, just making a rough little minigame, but I liked it so much that I decided to make it into a full map, albeit a short one. Making a parkour course that both a player and a mob could traverse isn't easy, especially making it properly balanced. Hopefully though when I have time, I'll come back and extend the course a little.

    Feedback is very much appreciated!

    If Widget not displaying, download the map Here

    Alternative Download Links:
    Map for 1.4.6/1.4.7 (V1.1): Primary(adfly) Direct

    Old Links

    Map for 1.4.6/1.4.7: Primary (adfly) Direct

    "It's like temple run, but with spiders!"
    - Jennifer Lawrence

    "The best map you've never played!"
    - Ash Ketchum

    - Xbox 720 Magazine

    All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

    This map will NOT work in 1.5+ or in Multiplayer
    This is a SINGLE PLAYER map ONLY
    Rules are shown in the spawn room, but essentially all you have to do is not break blocks, the redstone will handle everything from difficulty to gamemode.

    Check out my other maps!
    Zeref's Secret: Part One
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    You should put this topic in 'Maps' not Map Discussion.
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    posted a message on epic 1.4.5 minecraft parkour map
    Wrong section.
    No description.
    No pics, no clicks.
    Read: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/278742-tutorialnew-to-the-maps-forum-check-this-out/
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    posted a message on Controlling Biomes
    MCEdit with Sethbling's filters:

    http://sethbling.com/downloads/mcedit-filters/setbiome/ (Tutorials is also at this link)
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    posted a message on [1.4.5][ADV] Zeref's Secret - Part One (V5.0)
    I've been working solo on a new adventure map for the past sort of week or so Over a month For the last few months now, and I need some people to play what I've made so far and give some feedback.


    After quite a bit of deliberation I decided to release the map, but I'd still really appreciate feedback. I'm not planning on just abandoning it so I'll keep improving it from what people think of the map.
    V5.0 sees the story completely change to be more 'Adventure-like'.

    I now have a story for the next parts all sketched out, so I'll hopefully start working on them properly after I get some feedback and finish this part properly.
    The map itself should take around about an hour to two hours to complete, roughly.

    New Thread

    The rules and hints are included within the map, but here they are anyway:


    - No breaking or placing blocks (apart from clay/torches) until told to
    - Don't play on peaceful
    - You can get a hint by using a disk on a jukebox
    - Chests with glass panes have items that you can't take (For decoration)
    - Only craft if the items are arranged in its recipe (And a sign tells you)
    - Gold Nuggets give you score
    - More things that are explained in the spawn area

    Old Screenshots:

    Thanks for the suggestions guys!


    - Completely changed the story, added new books and signs.
    - Forced adventure mode and made the first chapter automatically peaceful,
    - Added keepInventory and the option to turn it off
    - Added anvils, fixed some spawners, more little tweaks


    - Added command blocks
    - Added more Ender Chests
    - Rebalanced some areas
    - Added a minecart rail to temple checkpoint
    - Lots more little changes


    - Completed Act 2 Chapter 2
    - Completed Act 2 Chapter 3
    - Basically finished the entire level (too many things to list)


    - Added more screenshots
    - Added Spawners to the Secret path in the Ravine
    - Added Save room to the Mineshaft
    - Added Chapter 3 (Scavenger Hunt)
    - Added (Optional) Jumping Puzzle
    - Added 'Easy mode' for Mine 2.0
    - Added & Completed Act 2, Chapter 1
    - Added Act 2 Chapter 2


    - Signs added to the animal leader quest, giving hints/directions to the next animal. Also words!
    - Storage room changed so that almost all chests are locked, and are clearly locked.
    - Spread torches around multiple chests instead of one
    - Added more glass pane decorative chests
    - Added a new exit to the Mine
    - Added button to shop for Lever (Still have to Hoe!)
    - Removed Trap Hole (Mostly)
    - Added warning signs to the Percer/Creeper room
    - Other little things

    Future Changes

    - Change buildings to make them look nicer
    - Add Nuggets and loot chests to the Jungle
    - Finish last Challenge of Chapter 2
    - Chapter 3
    - Act 2 Chapter 1
    - Chapter 2
    - Chapter 3
    - Add Books instead of maps (Upgrade to 1.3.1)

    - Add Command Blocks (Now used in part 2 and 3)

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    posted a message on Making a map!
    It depends if you set it using MCEdit or NBT edit, or just by sleeping in a bed or something.
    If you do it the first two ways then yes, otherwise no.

    What you could do is have a 20x20 sort of room (no roof) where the spawn point is currently, that either contains loads of tripwires so as soon as you spawn it teleports you, or it has the rules and a button to teleport you.
    Remember, you can't spawn naturally inside anywhere.
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    posted a message on Basic Training!
    First off, post screenshots. No pics, no clicks.
    Use a site like imgur, it is really simple.

    Secondly, give some more information.
    Should this map be played on peaceful?
    How long will it take?

    Another thing is that you've placed the entire thing a bit too low, slimes are spawning everywhere

    For the first challenge of your map I wasn't sure what to do, I didn't know if you wanted me to find the pressure plate or if it was at the spawn or I just missed something. Update it so it tells you to 'find the pressure plate' rather than anything else.

    The first sign when you go in is spelled wrong, it should be 'parkour'.

    The spawning area is a little too small, it should be about 20x20 blocks of free spawn, I spawned on top of the columns one time. That is just a little thing though, shouldn't really matter.

    For the first area, I eventually got annoyed with dying so often and having to restart each time, and just switched to creative so I could catch myself every time I died, but that I just me and jumping puzzles.

    The second area was easy and short, but still fun.

    The third area is a little broken. If you die, then you have to take that long, long trek back through the 2nd area just to get to it, have it so that it sets your spawn when you open the lever door or something. Another thing is that if you die once, then you are screwed because the mobs just go through the door into the equipment room and then you can't get any more items because that is where literally all the weapons are.
    Have it so that you have to drop in from the ceiling, or have a self-resetting button BUD or T-Flop that closes the door behind you, instead of a lever.
    Still, I like the idea of the pressure plate floor, and the second time I attempted it I managed to get through it without too much trouble.

    You should get more food in the map, like a infinite pig spawner, because if you die once with the food in the chest then you have nothing left.

    On the whole, it was short (but you did say that) and I liked the ideas behind it. With a little tweaking it could be a much better map though.

    Alright, I played the second area through a second time and I figured out what exactly was OP, and it was the zombie pigmen. The poison spiders were annoying but didn't really kill me, but after I dealt with them and the zombies that attacked me, I hit one zombie pigman.
    Of course, all the rest of them proceded to rush me and kill me in a little over 1 second, they do too much damage, especially against leather armour regardless of the protection, they are too fast and you end up having so many spawning.
    I tried again after I died, but they still killed me, even though there weren't that many at a time, even in the narrow corridor I got killed.
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    posted a message on Loot chests
    I'm pretty sure either Vechs or Sethbling has an auto-populate chest tool for MCEdit Avaliable

    Never mind, I was thinking of this:
    Pretty sure it is what you are looking for.
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    posted a message on [1.4.5][ADV] Zeref's Secret - Part One (V5.0)
    Sorry Nikojoi, I probably should have added a hint thing to the cave.

    If you look at the ceiling you'll notice that one of the blocks is made out of clay, and that you can destroy it and there is a lever behind it.

    For the jungle quest

    You'll notice that the signs face each other, so that means the direction you have to walk. The last sign instead leads to a set of three completely out of place leaves which either go straight, and later on turn. Throughout the jungle if you follow the lines of out-of-place items it'll eventually lead you to the right place. If you see a sign pointing towards you it means you've gone the wrong way. You may need to walk a short distance to find the next out-of-place item.

    out of place items

    - signs
    - leaves
    - redstone
    - mossy stone
    - roses
    - ungrown out-of-place saplings
    - Big mushroom blocks
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    posted a message on Adventure Map: Amnesia - Desperate Escape: Complete Edition v1.5
    Looks interesting, I'll give it a shot.
    Also, actually post pictures in the thread, using the picture button in the editor, it makes things easier.
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