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    posted a message on ★★[PixelMon Server] [1.6.2] [Staff Needed!] [No Lag] [24/7] ★★

    Staff Application: Moderator


    - What is your In-Game-Name? : JustifierX

    - How old are you? : Prefer Not to say here + You probably already know.
    - What is your Skype username? : You Know it
    - Have you donated? : Not On the recent server.

    - Are you experienced with commands? : Yes.
    - Do you know how to use Log-block: 50/50
    - How long have you played on the server for? 3 Week's

    - Why should we choose you over any other applicant? : I have been playing iamcion's server for a few years [EDIT: Previous Servers] and i have gotten to know him pretty well i like to help build and help the server out in any way i can and [ i <3 You iamcion :) ]
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