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    posted a message on [::] An online entity id converter I created for updating commands from 1.10 to 1.11

    Today I created entity id converter for the new snapshot: https://mrgarretto.com/entityconverter
    This tool will automatically update your 1.10 commands to work with Minecraft version 1.11!

    It works for just about every situation it can come across, such as changing this:

    /summon ArmorStand ~ ~ ~ {Passengers:[{id:Zombie,ZombieType:4}]}

    to this:

    /summon armor_stand ~ ~ ~ {Passengers:[{id:zombie_villager,Profession:3}]}

    And here's another example:

    /summon Zombie ~ ~ ~ {ZombieType:2}


    /summon zombie_villager ~ ~ ~ {Profession:1}

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    posted a message on Extreme Golf (Golf carts, multiple different realistic golf clubs, and a 7-hole course!)


    This map allows you to play realistic golf in Minecraft! Right click a tee with a ball on it, with either type of golf club, to begin pulling it back. Then, right click towards the tee again to release and swing to hit the ball. In total, the golf course in this map has 7 different holes to play!

    Video (trailer and tutorial):

    Screenshots of the map:



    Extra info:

    Any amount of people can play this map at once (it works with multiple players, and also one player if you want to play by yourself)

    Make sure to be playing in Minecraft version 1.9.2, and if you are setting up a server with this map to play with friends, be sure to enable command blocks as well as resource packs in the server.properties file!

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    posted a message on Armor Stand "model" and Animation Generator (No resource packs required)

    I created a 3D online tool which allows people to easily create interactive, animated armorstand structures!

    This tool includes an easy-to-use animation timeline with keyframes, interpolation, and easing, as well as allowing you to easily create complex structures with armorstands and rotate blocks on armorstands' heads by their centers.

    Link to the tool: Armor Stand Modeler and Animator

    Video Explanation and tutorial:

    UI of the tool:

    It allows you to preview what your creation will look like with a resource pack! (This is my Rocket League resource pack used as an example)

    Examples of creations made using this tool:

    A bedroom scene someone made (remember, this is completely made out of armorstands!)

    Easing Example:

    Advanced Enchantment table:

    Stop sign:

    Keyboard and mouse:

    Small brick house:

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    posted a message on [::] Present Delivery mini-game (one command installation)

    I've created a mini-game in one command, where you must ride a sleigh and drop presents into the chimneys of as many houses as possible in 3 minutes!

    It includes a randomized snow generator to create a "miniature north-pole", a sleigh and reindeer, and many houses which can have small or large chimneys (randomly chosen for each.)

    A video of this command in action is below:

    And my channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/JustMrGarretto

    Get the command from here: http://mrgarretto.com/cmd/presents

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    posted a message on Achimedes' Air ships in one command!

    I created customizable airships, which you can construct however you want, then fly them around in your world!

    Here is a video demonstrating what it looks like, and how to build your own airships:

    Click here to get the command to install it in your world with one command!

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    posted a message on Detail enhancements, trash bins, and gravestones all in one command block!
    This is a command I've been working on that adds many little details to the game, as well as the trash bin, and gravestones!

    Here is the command to try it out yourself:

    I made this command with my command dumper tool:
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    posted a message on Want to play Minecraft with my girl
    I would recommend CubedHost. They have very good pricing (Starting at $4/month), and great support.

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    posted a message on Platform Party - [ 4 Unique Games and Mechanics! ]

    Survive through the randomly picked variety of new, unique mini-games, merged together into one map. All minigames take advantage of 1.8 features, and are very different, and challenging from one-another. The main platform is customizable, along with all of the Chromofied levels!

    This map is designed to be played single player, but should work correctly with multiplayer as of update 1.02


    • Anvilanche - A stage where anvils fall above you as the ground breaks below you, while you try to collect emerald blocks
    • Gold Guardian - Over time, gates will open, creating more monsters, and they will also level up over time, while you use special items and powerups such as the throw-able dynamite or time freezing items. You must disable all of the gates with levers to win.
    • Grid Hopper - Giant laser beams will swipe across the platform. If it is too high to jump over, you must duck under it. If it is low enough, you can jump over it.
    • Chromofied - A random map is chosen, and a random color is chosen. You must stand on the color you are told, before all other colors disappear.

    • Warp Star - Teleports you back up to the platform if you fall
    • Time Freeze - Freezes all mobs and freezes all mob spawning, allows you to move around or place levers in Gold Guardian
    • Throw-able Dynamite - Explodes, and defeats all monsters in a 3 block radius
    • Speed Feather - Gives you speed for 1 minute
    • Beam Deflector - Gives you jump boost for 20 seconds
    • Ancient Sword - Lets you start with a better sword every round in Gold Guardian
    • Hard Hat - Lets you survive 1 hit from a falling anvil in Anvilanche

    Recommended: http://adf.ly/uoJe2

    Backup: http://goo.gl/EGcGO7



    Leave a comment with your video and I will add it!


    OmBow, s_7_s

    Leave a comment with your high score, feedback, or suggestions for a map!
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    posted a message on Hologram Parkour - [ A new form of parkour! ]

    Hologram Parkour is possibly the most challenging form of parkour, where you must look at the template, then jump to the next block, without seeing it.

    The map will keep track of how many seconds it has taken you, and how many deaths you have, (So it is speed-run-able!)

    How to Play:

    1. Once you start the game, you will be in the parkour course, but you will notice, there are no blocks to jump on!
    2. Simply, look to the left, to see an exact replica of the course, but you can see it.
    3. Then, by looking at the visible parkour, try to judge where the blocks are for the invisible one!

    Recommended: http://adf.ly/vDhaz

    Backup: http://goo.gl/YXkczO



    Leave a comment and I will add your video here!
    Leave a comment with your high score, feedback, or suggestions for a map!
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    posted a message on Windfall 2 - Sequel to the Reverse Version of "The Dropper" RANDOMIZED * Lots of new features!

    Windfall 1 presented the idea of falling and landing on blocks, to prevent falling into the void. Windfall 2 still preserves the same idea, but now many new features and mechanics have been added. There are now certain blocks you have to avoid, 18 different levels, a second layer you must dodge, and token boosters. Levels are still randomized, but now there are 9 dodge levels, and 9 land levels. Each round, you will dodge a "dodge level", then land on the "landing level". There are also randomized emerald blocks you can collect to get an extra emerald. This map is even more customizable than the last one. In the shop, you can buy second chance scrolls, different wall materials, and 2 new particle effects. You rank up every time you reach the next goal. If you still don't understand how it works, don't worry, because there is now a tutorial in-game. This map uses many of the new 1.8 features! When you beat my high-score the game will tell you!

    :tnt: In addition, the token shop is now reliable, and works as it should. No more shuffling around tokens in your inventory! :D
    Now also keeps track of high score!

    Check out my latest map, Platform Party ( 4 new, unique mini-games in 1! ):


    Videos / Showcases:





    Scabbard Entertainment:

    If you want your video added, feel free to tell me, but make sure to link this page in the description!


    Download: http://adf.ly/teQM2

    Direct: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qtd9bmw8i2igho2/Windfall_2_-_1.8.zip

    Feel free to tell me if you want your video added, but make sure to link this page in the description!
    All feedback is very much appreciated, including suggestions!

    Additional Credit:
    s_7_s - Tester
    OmBow - Tester
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