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    We will need some staff, or the mod will go on hiatus.

    We have even finished a few models!!!!

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    JurassicWorld © 2015 is not affiliated with any other Dinosaur mods, keep that in mind while reading...

    First off, I would like to say that we are inspired by JurassiCraft© a dinosaur mod that re-creates the dinosaurs from the movie Jurassic Park. We wouldn't like to compete with JurassiCraft at all; because some other mods do. To me, JurassiCraft is the king of Dinosaur Mods! But they're also very kind, and thats why I wouldn't like to compete with them. In the future, I'd like to work for them or maybe even be good friends. Click here to find the JurassiCraft mod!



    In the game "MineCraft" many people attempt to make Dinosaur mods, and the JurassicWorld Mod thinks that every dinosaur mod is amazing in different ways, some because of animation, others because of the models, and even more reasons! And our goal, is to do that! Create a mod were the player can experience something that brings all of the excitement out of you! As you can probably tell by the mod name: JurassicWorld you'd probably know that we bring back our dinosaurs with genetics; like in Jurassic World, and Park. DNA will be needed to make, Dinosaurs! DNA can be found in Amber, which can be found on trees, mines and the ground. (Amber isn't 100% added into the game, and we're not sure if we will add it, but for now, this is what we'll try to achieve). After getting DNA, its up to the player to make the decision on what to do next...


    If you want to tame your dinosaur, you might want to follow these directions, and of course everyone wants to tame their own dinosaur... ;)

    Before reading, something we've changed is taming carnivorous dinosaurs, since carnivores are used to hunting, you can tame them, but you still have to be careful around them, just like in the movie "Jurassic World" even though the Raptors are sort of tamed, Owen still has to be careful, so you will too, unless you're in creative mode.

    Birth: Once you make the dinosaur egg, as soon as its placed down, the person who placed it would of course be its owner, and this will also work with carnivores, but their life would be quite different because they'd have to be trained from the moment they're born. And this is the first way to tame it.

    Food: The second and obvious way is to feed them either meat or wheat, (depending on the species) and after a certain amount, it will officially be tamed. With Herbivores, you'll have no problem with their behavior. But, on a related note, the carnivores will behave like listed above, they would be tamed but they would still be quite dangerous! Its all depending on the level of their aggression. :)


    A huge difference between JurassicWorld and the other mods is the dinosaur behavior, these wouldn't be dumb mobs walking around, these would actually be intelligent, or dumb, depending on their brain. These dinosaurs would actually move; its extra the work for us, but you can see them moving their heads, tails, legs, maybe even blinking.... and if intelligent enough, it could even use its arms. :) Our goal is to really bring Jurassic World to minecraft, you'll never know what the dinosaurs will do next, wether its escape its enclosure unless its electrocuted; or maybe its a completely different action! You'll just have to wait and see...

    We're proud to announce, that dinosaurs will actually battle if they find each other! (It must be Carnivore vs Carnivore, Herbivore vs Carnivore or Omnivore vs Carnivore) our coders will be asked to remove the effect of turning red or it will ruin the fun, but the coders will also be asked to make the dinosaurs actually fight, so lets say a T-Rex fights a Spinosaurus, the T-Rex would actually grip its neck, or the Spinosaurus would actually do the same, but it will all be different, and no battles are the same. Velociraptors will hunt in packs, and they will kill your herbivores unless they're tamed... this is not it, dinosaurs will actually hunt for food, herbivores will be loved, and so will the carnivores. And this is just a small, dull part of the behavior, the rest, you have to explore the mod...

    Genetics will also be a big part of the mod, for you are also able to create hybrids, of course we would need to add the hybrid into the mod, but we'll try to think of all the possible combinations and add them in :) You would need their DNA, or embryos. Also, since Dinosaur DNA is so old, it isn't complete, you will actually have to fill it in with other dinosaur DNA, or frog DNA, its up to you... :D Genetics will be taken to a whole new level, and its up to the player how complex they want to be...



    We need staff! If you think you're talented enough then go ahead and join us! We really need coders, modelers, etc, or nothing will be possible and the mod will lack. We have one modeler, as for this has just been released. But, you must be a really good coder, or modeler, we want to make this mod the best it can be so you'd need to be really good! If JurassiCraft staff would like to apply, it would be an honor since we are inspired by them, only with permission from the creator of JurassiCraft of course, and if anyone from JurassiCraft would like to apply, which is highly unlikely, you can tell the JurassiCraft to check this out, or that we aren't trying to start a competition, we're inspired by them and if they need you for this project, and we need you too, then you could of course go with them. But, anyone can apply! We'd just like high-quality models, textures, and coders! So please, if you know you're good at one of these things, apply, you can use Tabula and Techne, maybe other Mob Modelers, depending on what the coders ask for.... So please, apply! We have a team of one player, but I'm sure that I will get atlas 4 good applications at once, and all of them would be accepted so you don't have to worry about being lonely :) :)


    Format for applying:

    MineCraft Username:

    Position: (Coder, Modeler, Texturer, etc)

    Either some high coding, or one of your models... (Preferably a dinosaur if you're applying for modeler) and if you're applying for coder, show us your work, your skills! And every application will be taken into consideration! So just post a screenshot or picture of your work, make sure its your own or you will automatically be disqualified... we don't care if you work for another dinosaur mod, we're friendly to every single person and will consider each and every application (Copy this)



    (My Work:)



    As for the dinosaurs, we don't have the models, but we have the list for the FIRST release of this mod... probably more dinosaurs will be added to this list before the first release, as soon as we have our first model, we will release the list! Just be patient Remember, we've just started, and we have one modeler... I want this mod to be as successful as JurassiCraft, something that will be well-known.... and it will happen! I will update this, and remember our goal!!! Our goal is to create a dinosaur mod that will give you the real dinosaur experience, I love seeing dinosaurs in minecraft because it makes me happy, but making them will make me even happier; Knowing that I'm making other people happy!

    Thank you, please apply if you're interested, and I'm sure this mod will be very good!!! In fact, WE WILL be GREAT, UNIQUE, AMAZING.


    Other Dinosaur Mods:


    Kingdoms Of Craftzoic

    Fossils & Archeology



    JurassicWorld © 2015


    Pardon our lack of dinosaurs, but keep in mind this is still work in progress. An update will be posted with pictures of the models as soon as they're ready!! Heres our list...

    • Ankylosaurus
    • Apatosaurus
    • Brachiosaurus
    • Carnotaurus
    • Dilophosaurus
    • Diplodocus
    • Indominus Rex
    • Gallimimus
    • Spinosaurus
    • Stegosaurus
    • Stegoceratops
    • Tyrannosaurus Rex
    • Velociraptor

    Once again, pardon the lack of dinosaurs added into the mod, if we finish our models, animations and textures early, well then, we could add more models

    The only feature that can be read about here is the behavior and taming, don't worry, we have everything saved in a document and ready to be pasted here, we pre-write our posts and there are A LOT of more features to come So don't worry! Thanks! And wish me well!


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