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    posted a message on Storage Drawers - [1.7.10 - 1.12]

    Super awesome mod... one of my favorites!

    Just one request.... Storage Drawers should have it's own tool to move an entire drawer and it's content. It feels silly to have JABBA installed for the sole purpose of using the dolly. :P

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Caveworld 2 - Adds more new cave dimensions!
    This is an epic mod! Just love the caves!

    I do have a couple of requests:

    1) Option to allow server owners to turn off the mining points.

    2) Option to disable Caveworld portals. Players will have to dig down to Caveworld. Players will have to dig up to World.

    Thanks so much!


    Google Translate:



    1 )オプションは、サーバの所有者が採掘ポイントをオフにできるようにする。

    2 )オプションはCaveworldポータルを無効にします。プレイヤーはCaveworldまで掘り下げる必要があります。プレイヤーは世界にまで掘る必要があります。

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    posted a message on PickAxe Server
    Quote from pyromstr

    Thanks for the update!

    Just one question if this last for a long time can we still get are residences updated? I don't whant to loseit at get greifed again......

    All of your residences should be fine... if not we'll figure something out... in fact, I'll make a backup of the world just in case!
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