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    *Sigh* It's been suggested about...what? 500 times now?
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    [center] 5 Minute Mining Race! [/center]

    [center]This map is designed to be completed in 5 minutes and cannot go over 5 minutes due to a simple redstone circuit setting TnT off around the entire map once 5 minutes is up.
    Once you walk out the first door the map will activate.
    If you're playing 1 player, ONLY I repeat ONLY Go through the door that says "Player 1" and NOT "player 2".
    If you're playing 2 players, ONLY I repeat, ONLY have 1 person go through each of the doors. If two people enter the same door; Either the map will not function properly at all, or it will over-function. If two people enter player 1; the map will have a 10-minute timer, if 2 people walk thru the player 2 door; it will never explode. [/center]

    A link to a tutorial for the redstone circuit I used in this map can be found , Thanks to Kiershar for this tutorial [/center]

    [center] ScreenShots!


    [center] Rules!

    1) You may only break the following blocks:
    • Diamond.
    • Netherrack
    • Gold
    • Coal
    • Iron
    • Obsidian
    2) 2 Players MAXIMUM
    3) 1 Player through each door, example: Player 1 thru player 1 door.
    4) No placing blocks.
    5) The ores you die with do not count to your final score. Place your ores inside the ore return chest or you might end up with 0 Points! ;c

    [center] Getting Points [/center]
    • Coal Ore = 0.5 Points
    • Iron Ore = 1 Point
    • Gold Ore = 2 Points
    • Diamond Ore = 5 Points
    • Netherrack = 10 Points
    • Obsidian = 5 Points.
    Post your scores in the comments! [/center]

    [center] Download [/center]
    [center] http://www.mediafire.com/?1i17qed9odczf2d [/center]

    If you enjoyed the map; Please tell us in the comments!
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    Quote from Simor »
    You spelled atelast instood of atleast i think in the HOW TO JOIN thread

    You spelled instood instead of instead.
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