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    - What is your IGN?
    - Have you ever been or are currently a staff member to another server?
    From early Alpha to late Beta I was part of another server, since then I am not.
    - Do you have any questions about the rules?
    - Do you have any questions in general?
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    posted a message on [Creation] Boss Fight/Hoard Mode (Adjustable difficulty) By junkalaa!
    Quote from maingan

    eh.. doesn't look fun at all.

    Well it is made to be put into a separate map, and with that the player can obviously do as he/she wants with the settings of it.
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    posted a message on [Creation] Boss Fight/Hoard Mode (Adjustable difficulty) By junkalaa!
    Make sure to give feedback!
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    Boss Fight/Hoard mode by junkalaa

    Screen shots

    How it works:
    You step on a pressure pad and that activates the circuit which I'm not going to explain, but basically it will spawn 15 mobs at once, which you can change by looking in the dispensers. After a certain amount of time that door at the end of the hall will open and you will can continue to the healing station. The end also includes a pressure pad that deactivates the circuit and after 5 minutes the "boss fight" will be in working condition again. If you're going to use this on your own map, I do not mind, please give credit though! Also this original version is a really difficult thing to beat with almost any set of armor, I recommend either removing a couple of dispensers or putting a weaker mob into them.


    Plain Schematic Download:
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    posted a message on How to Break Minecraft, Make Forcefields, and Much More!
    It's like the bermuda triangle lol
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    posted a message on [CTM] Animus Awakening!
    ****ing amazing map. Really looking forward to a sequal? :D. Amazing job. The part where you have to fight the ghasts and destroy the spawners felt like a proper rpg boss fight, and the way you spoil us and then leave us with nothing after is a very nice touch. well done :D
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    Minecraft Account Name: junkalaa

    What do you know about Roleplaying? Give a definition of what it means to you.: I've roleplayed in several games through out the years and I've always loved the idea of just being a different person in an entirely different atmosphere for once. I take it as seriously as I can and love the idea and concept of RP'ing in general.

    In your own Words, describe what Metagaming and Powergaming are.
    Personally I've never heard of Powergaming, but metagaming to me is using OOC information inside RP.
    Say someone says in OOC chat "oh i just hid 400 million diamonds at x333 z312 y 12" and someone goes there to get them. That's just one scenario, there are several others.

    Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules?:


    *You suddenly wake up, opening your eyes you notice a Monk of Grythis standing beside your bed, as he notices you have woken, he asks* "What is your name?"

    Character Name: Mykhol Forthwind
    (Pronounced "Michael")

    "Ah yes, It reminds me much of your race..."(Note, Ilaqari require a separate application)

    What is your Race?: Human

    "So, How about a story to tell this old man, hmm?"

    Biography(This should include the history of your character and his life as well as age, appearance and personality, etc.): "Well I come from Aldricstad of course, I moved here when I was 9 and I've always loved smithing and mining, I used to get in trouble from the guards when I was a young lad, I either started fight's or stole petty items such as fish and torches, our family was poor and we couldn't afford food and lighting, so I did what I could. Although the guards let me off with warnings each time I occasionally got sent to prison for a week or so. It was not a pleasant experience. As of now I'm a blacksmith and a miner, so I supply myself, I don't buy that cheap stuff from the other miners! Low grade coal they have! I make a good amount of money, enough to supply my family of 2 kid's and a wife, with a good sized house, too. One day I want to become the Nation's finest blacksmith! But I doubt that'll come true."
    (IC ^)

    "A grand tale indeed, what are your ambitions in Aelryth?"

    Your characters ambitions: To finally complete my goal of becoming the finest blacksmith this nation has ever seen!

    "What is your profession?"

    What is your characters profession? (Blacksmith, Swordsman etc, remember not to make him "overpowered") Blacksmith, as you should know by now.

    "Well, atleast your looking healthy now, I think you can now head back home, friend."

    A screenshot of your skin: http://i.imgur.com/yNHG6.png


    Sorry for posting here, site isn't loading.
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    IGN Name: junkalaa
    Location: Calgary, AB, Canada.
    Age: 15
    Why do you want to join our server?: I've always been a huge fan of RP and fantasy, and this server seems more fun than the average RP server.
    How would you benefit our server?: I have experience in Being an admin, with 2 minecraft servers, a gmod server, and a css server, although I'm not asking for admin it's just a basic skill.
    Do you understand the rules?: Completely, yes.

    Rp Character name: Merek Forthwind
    Race: Orc
    Class: Blacksmith
    Worship: (if any): Vulcan
    Character appearance: I have a custom skin I just made, not a very amazingly beautiful one, an orc with yellow eyes, blacksmith apron.
    Character Story: Merek moved from orckiska When he was 10, he's now 23 and an excellent blacksmith, some people question if he's the son of Vulcan sometimes, although he doesn't know his true father because he was adopted when he was born. His one dream is to one day become the king's personal blacksmith, although a lot stands in his path.
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    posted a message on [Req] Prehistoric/Caveman Texturepack
    I need a texture pack caveman/prehistoric styled, Basically
    I need:
    Paintings: Furs, bones, spears etc.
    Ice: Melting glacier style....
    Grass/shrubs/flowers: Prehistoric obviously, a wild style to it.
    I need it to be wild and prehistoric, I can't stress this enough even though I've said it about 5 times....
    Creator will get credit for the upcoming map. No details or thread are out on the map.
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    posted a message on Brighter torches
    Ehh, seems a little pointless, why not turn your brightness up!?
    Besides, if this is added, It should be something bright that doesn't involve glowstone, because glowstone has it's use and other blocks have no use at the moment.
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    posted a message on Diamond door
    Because an iron door with a lever and a long breaking time wasn't enough.
    That would create problems like:
    Floating diamond doors
    SMP Glitches
    More pointless, pointless blocks.

    Case closed, useless block is useless. use an iron door with a lever.
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    posted a message on Kriptini's Critiques
    1. [Game] 5 Minute Mining race/challenge. 1.8.1
    2. [Game]
    3. As this is a challenge/race map, No I would not.
    4. Atleast 4+ Due to it being short/easy.
    5. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/693911-game-5-minute-mining-race/
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    posted a message on [Game] 5 Minute Mining Race!
    Added a tag,
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