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    Gym Leader

    Name: Sophie
    Age: 12 (Very mature, {also owns 2 servers})
    IGN: sophieg03
    Experience: Own 2 servers also 3 admins on 3 other servers, also I help build servers and help with all the many plugins and server warps.
    How many hours a day can you be online?: Around 6-7 hours a day.
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    posted a message on Unable to install forge
    Quote from derek_s

    Hello Im trying to download forge and am getting this error message: "These libraries failed to download. Try again. org.scala-lang:scala-library:2.10.2, org.scala-lang:scala-compiler:2.10.2"

    I am starting with a vanilla, untouched minecraft folder. I am attempting to install forge 1.6.2-, because this is the recommended version for terrafirmacraft (the reason I want forge).

    Im downloading this version of forge from here: http://adf.ly/673885...0.0.837.jar.bcf

    The download completes and I click the jar when its finished. cpw.mods.fml.installer.SimpleInstaller launches. This is the Simple Forge Installer. Im asked whether I want to install client, install server, or extract. I choose install client. The default file location at /Library/Application Support/minecraft (Im on mac) is correct.

    The download begins, the unpacking begins, then I get the error message. I have checked and both the library and compiler are present in the minecraft folder.

    Any help?

    Go search forge in your browser and find the forge main page with all the downloads.
    Then find the version you want to install forge on to and select the "Installer" and download that.
    Now run the installer and forge will be installed.
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    posted a message on RuthlessPrison looking for a building team!
    1: sophieg03
    2: 10
    3: 9,10
    4.dont have 1 cause im not allowed
    5. dont need to know
    6. ------------------------- (nothing)
    7. 9/10
    8. houses, cities, farms, towers ect. (this includes redstone)
    9. decorations and looks
    10. builds (that are masive!)
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    posted a message on RuthlessPrison looking for a building team!
    Quote from xierus

    you care about gender? geez

    Why do you need to know sex?
    what a stupid question
    thought it was a simple question like whats your mc username?
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    posted a message on Setting a block to have different sides and top textures?
    Im not pro at this but it's tricky and I mean really tricky for me because im on a mac :C
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    posted a message on Cannot send chat message. On Server and Single Player
    Quote from Death_Rider21

    Follow these steps, it should resolve the issue ^-^.

    #1 Go to your options menu
    #2 Click the chat settings button
    #3 Click the chat tab until it displays "Shown"

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    posted a message on Train Station Help?
    Quote from chinchillas48

    Hi, I made a minecart train station from a video, but the video doesn't do a very good job of explaining how to build it. I did manage to copy the redstone, but the problem I'm having is with the tracks. Here are some pictures to explain the situation:


    All the redstone with the light turning on and the track being powered works fine. But how am I supposed to get the minecart to go down the right track? Is there anything wrong you can see?

    I'm no redstone expert, and I've been trying my best to play around with it, but this I just don't know what to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

    I'm seeing a random lever looks like you used it to turn a track over?
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    posted a message on NEED AWESOME BUILDERS AND STAFF!
    Ill join for sure. Just if i can join the server.
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    posted a message on Harlem Shake Server![Making Harlem Shake MC video][Thousands Of Viewers!]
    Quote from Killer5112

    Join play.prisoncraft.nl and say Harlem shake cause we our conducting a harlem shake Video!!!!

    ill be sure to come in. My username is: sophieg03
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