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    ip: imbetterthanyou.cf
    General information.
    This server was created December 22, 2020. Generated in 1.16.4
    • Includes the /clan command
    • Will (probably) always stay up to date on the latest version of Minecraft.


    What is the server like?

    As you know, the server is incredibly young and really has not seen much traffic yet. We do have a small discord server with a positive community, and that's really what this server is aiming to accomplish. With the /clan command, it makes it easier to play with friends whether it's being able to set a clan base so that your trusted friends can easily come play survival Minecraft with you, or even just something as simple as being able to type in a separate clan chat. I wanted this to be a more social Minecraft Anarchy server. But don't forget, there are no rules so don't trust anyone to quickly...

    over the course of 1 month, the server has been running completely fine for the most part. You may see some chunk errors very close to spawn and that is because of course the power went out the second day of the server, but other than that everything has been very smooth. The most amount of players that have been on at once is only 6, so that isn't saying a bunch, but it ran at a solid 20tps the entire time so that's good.
    In theory, the server has enough memory for more players than we will probably get for awhile. I do have money set aside for more RAM, but it seems silly for me to purchase that right now when we aren't getting much activity. But, if we manage to build up a consistent player base, even just a small one, I will certainly do that to make room for further growth and to make certain everyone has a smooth experience.

    Conclusion & links
    In conclusion, if you're looking for a small anarchy server that always stays on the latest version so that you're not missing out and has a positive community, this server may be worth checking out. Oh yeah, and about me, I do actively play on the server and hangout in the discord. I felt like that was worth mentioning since some people may be bothered by that if they prefer the admin to be completely out of the picture and anonymous, but I also think some people may like that.

    and here is the server page. You can use this to check our uptime for yourself and other statistics: https://minecraftservers.org/server/601454

    please feel free to ask any questions right here!

    ip: imbetterthanyou.cf
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    yeah I mean its what the title says. 24/7 server. the only way this bad boy is going down is if the power goes out.

    ip: imbetterthanyou.cf

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