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    Hey fellow Minecrafters - JulieDidItt with just a quick note. I'm a mod on noggin's server and have loved playing there and being a part of the community. I play with my husband and two children. Before we found noggin's server we had been on one that suddenly disappeared without warning. Since it took me a while to allow my children to get on a server in the first place that was especially distressing!

    Everything changed when we found noggin and Funtania. We're having a blast building the city and outlaying areas on both the smp and tekkit servers. There's so much room to build and the layout of the city and other projects is going great.

    I just want to add to noggin's post regarding a supermoderator -- that a clean mcbanns record is a requirement. We're really aiming at a more mature player group so our supermod absolutely needs to set the best example as we already do as well.

    If you think you'd like to become a part of our community then reply to this post or send noggin a message and let us get to know you.

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