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    Quote from bluevein

    hmm.. not much need to breed sheep now. All you need is 1 of every color and you can shear them any time they are woolly... I hope sheep need to eat Tall Grass to grow wool (not normal grass block like in inDev) so you have to at least bonemeal the ground to make it grassy or migrate them to get more wool. There should be some kind of farming element to it imo.

    Also: Make killing sheep give you bones
    Make cows refill their milk by eating grass
    Make chickens only lay eggs after they've eaten grass

    Pigs would still need an additional function
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    posted a message on Round moon phases with square moon look awful
    Either have squared moon phases with a squared moon or round moon phases with a round moon and sun.

    The round moon and sun looked much better, and I'd say if people prefer the square moon, make the moon faces squared too. It looks crappy the way it is now.
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    Quote from Homem Pigman

    I'm more interested in knowing why would Notch choose me.

    Because you have compromising pictures of him with a plate of spaghetti, a pool noodle, a can of shaving cream, and a guitar.
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    posted a message on You're lead developer of Minecraft 2.
    OK, let's say Notch sends you an email saying that you are lead developer of Minecraft 2. To make sure you're up to the job, his first assignment for you is to give a short presentation on key points in Minecraft 2.

    He wants you to write a list of 6-12 new major features that you will be working on implementing in Minecraft 2. Also, he want a 3-12 paragraphy short story describing Minecraft 2 to a prospective Minecraft player. The premise of Minecraft 2 is that you are a player from Minecraft that has suddenly awaken in a new world, that's still pretty earth like, but maintaining some of the quirks you're used to to know that it's a Minecraft world. Please write your story in the second person as if you are describing to an adventurer their first few days in this new world.


    Here's mine:

    1. Brand new engine with higher resolution textures, 1024 height limit, realistic water shaders, & terrain smoothing.
    2. Scaleable sized finite worlds with appropriate location dependent sun, star, and moon movement.
    3. New physics system- build massive working ships that can crash into floating icebergs, trees that fall when you chop them down, and more.
    4. New Terrain, Biome, Ocean generation system. Topographical regions are first generated, then biomes are generated over those based on elevation, temperature, & humidity. Then oceans are filled in & inland below sea level areas will have the ability to be swamps, deserts, or lakes depending on the humidity. Temperature & Humidity zone sizes will be scaleable by the user prior to map creation.
    5. Dynamic water system with flowing rivers from realistic sources, changing tides, whirlpools, and more
    6. Location & biome based seasons
    7. Plant & Animal life: Many new plants & both male and female animals, but more importantly- plants and animals will naturally reproduce passing dominant and recessive traits genetically. Plants & animals will be able to die due to old age, disease, or overcrowding. Animals will also be able to die from starvation or from predators.
    8. Sentients! Primitive overworld fortresses, towns, villages, & cities will be randomly generated on the map containing a variety of races and almost infinite factions.
    9. (sort of 8a) Players will be able to amass allies to aid them in their projects & begin their own civilization
    10. (sort of 8b) Players will be able to take part in wars, defending against sieges & using their civilization's army to besiege enemy fortresses.
    11. (sort of 8c) Random building generation code can learn from buildings users create.

    You awaken on a beach. In the distance you see the sun rising over vast snowcapped mountains surrounded by clouds, making their shadows recede into nothingness. Behind you the ocean waves gently wash against the pebbly beach that you've found yourself on. At the edge of the horizon above the vast ocean you see a moon setting behind a formation of islands seemingly floating in the sky. A second moon moves independently & in a different phase, independent from the dance of the sun & the other moon. You surmise that one moon rises at every night & sets every morning like the moon you knew before. And perhaps this other moon moves differently, but just how you don't understand yet.

    You wonder what perils could await you after one day in this world, & you decide that you don't want to find out & go to work on the first tree you find. You go to work on a tree & find that it falls over, which you find odd, expecting to the rest of the trunk to float there, but this world is already a bit odd. You do find that you can use the wood to make a crafting bench, an axe, and a pick like you could before, and go to work starting a small mine in order to build a furnace for the night, or better yet, find some coal.

    Night falls just as you get your shelter up. Your only light is provided for you by the light of your furnace that you are using to create charcoal. Outside you hear the all to familiar sounds of skeletons walking & zombies growling, but you hear other sounds too. Wolves howling at a presumably full moon, and terrifying screeches and wails. You tremble as you grip your freshly made sword. After the enderdragon & countless blazes & ghasts, you wonder why you'd be afraid, but still you shiver.

    Daylight comes. You don't know if there are creepers in this world, so you dart out of your shelter as fast as you can. You decide that you need to find food & wool to both eat before you starve & to have a warm bed at night. So you wander the countryside hunting wild game & searching for some sheep. You come to an elevated plain with a deep canyon cut into it. Finally, you see a group of sheep. You don't have sheers, so you decide the only way to get that wool is by killing, and you ready your stone sword and charge at a sheep. Taking down your first sheep you hear a sound. A sound like a mad sheep. A sheep you've never seen before- one with curled horns- charges at you. You run, but it hits anyways & you find yourself falling down the gorge.

    Splash! The roar of the river becomes muffled as you struggle to surface under water. The current carries you quickly away and you can only try your best not to be injured by the rocks. After some struggle and quite a distance traveled, the river slows.

    You find yourself at the edge of a very primitive village. People living in huts, surrounding a stone shrine with an impression where a diamond appears to have been. The people of the village look at you strangely, and whisper about how different this stranger looks. In the distance you see a black castle with smoke rising from it and lava pouring out of spouts below some of the crenelations & you think to yourself that perhaps they have a diamond like the one that this village seemingly lost, but they don't appear friendly. You retreat into the woods to build a base and form a plan.
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    posted a message on Notch says Mountain biomes. I say, No.
    Mountains should appear in any biome & if it's cold enough they should be snowcapped.

    If it's warm & humid they should be covered in trees.

    I love the biome code right now.
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    posted a message on What to get rid of in 1.8
    I love the hunger bar.

    I haven't found anything in 1.8 that I hate yet. It's awesome.
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