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    posted a message on Simple solution to my door problem?
    I've got a house in a village in my 1.2.3 SMP world.

    The two doors to the house are iron to keep villagers out of my house. The house is a converted library/cafe house with a second floor added, which a ladder leads to.

    At first I had a button on the outside & a pressure plate on the inside. It was pretty simple, but the pressure plates could be accidentally triggered, allowing creepers or other undesirables in to wreak havoc.

    So then I put a button on the inside instead. Because of the position of my ladder, this was very inconvenient on the doors. Also, since there are no stairs up to the door & instead it's flat with the wooden floor, I've found myself hitting the button & then running into a corner & then having the door slam back shut. I've considered delays but because of the compact size of the house that'd present problems when it comes to button placement.

    The best solution I've come up with is to have switches on each side of the door operating an XNOR, with the output under the door. However, this is pretty bulky, & the door doesn't close behind me automatically, making for a possible safety hazard.

    I think ideally, I'd have a button on & a pressure plate on each side of the door, where the button on one side opens it until the pressure plate on the other side has been stepped on, which closes it. I'd imagine the underground wiring for that would be a nightmare though, especially for two separate doors.

    Another solution I've thought of would just to have pressure plates on each side of the door with a lock switch on the inside of the house, but with the spacing of the house that just couldn't work.

    Think I'm going to do the XNOR gate for one door as I can't think of anything better.
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    posted a message on What New Content do you want?
    Playing 1.2.3 here have been some recent thouhgts:

    Thirst/Warmth bars. Need to drink water frequently in jungles, need to build fires in tundras

    Ocelots/Wolves: tamed wild animals should retain more wild looks, while their off-spring could be more domestic looking. Different wildcats & wild dogs for different biomes that can be breed to get different breeds of animals. Genetics with other animals as you breed them would be nice too.

    Villages: Village economies like Millenaire. Dwarf mining villages in mountains, Elf treehouse villages in jungles, underwater mer-people villages

    Strongholds/Nether fortresses: Occasional above ground temples/ruins filled with monsters. Stronghold & Fortress bosses Stronghold boss could be a big giant ogre, fortress boss would be cool if it was some sort of baelrog type guy.

    Redstone: A light detector block, wetness detector block, a clock block. Turn on your lighthouse when it gets dark or rainy automatically. Have the church bell count out the time every hour, simply without a big elaborate circuit.


    Some sort of incentive to travel & set up trading routes.

    more animals & animal uses, as well as sexual dimorphism.

    I'd also like to train archers & swordsmen to protect my castle & order to attack other castles. I'd like to play sort of castle siege in MP without getting 100 people on a server.


    Plaster for white columns & arches
    something to look like slate roofing as well as adobe roofing
    stained glass
    paint for walls and floors that keeps the base texture but changes the color. So you could have a red wood barn. Wool should be for carpets.
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    posted a message on 1.2.3 annoyances: disappearing villagers & shade loving undead
    In 1.2.3 on my SMP server my villagers keep disappearing.

    I've twice had to go into creative mode & spawn more, & it looks like I'll be doing it a 3rd time. My village seemed quiet, then I noticed something- all the villagers were gone again.

    I started the server during the weeklies, so I'm thinking that might be part of the problem, or maybe it's just some problem with 1.2.3. Either way it's annoying.

    Also, it says in the patch notes this was fixed, but seriously the tiniest bit of shade will now protect skeletons and zombies. As if mornings weren't enough of a nuisance. I've seen zombies and skeletons in full daylight protected by the 1 block of roof overhang on buildings.
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    posted a message on So when's the next official update?
    The new features in the snapshots are cool, do we have to wait for the mod API update though?
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    posted a message on Notch is mad at Simon and Lewis
    Quote from kwahips

    PROTECT THE CHILDREN, OH GOD THE HUMANITY. I knew plenty of swear words by grade 2-3, as I'm sure most people do. It's impossible to protect your children from these words (nor should you). As long as you teach your children to respect others, these words are fine.

    Seriously tho there is no conclusive evidence proving this tweet is directed at yogcast, but since we have so little to go on (common notch!), they are the most likely suspect.

    Kids know swear words. It doesn't mean you should talk like a trucker around them. Have some respect for other people's children & talk like an intelligent adult around them. It's not that hard.
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    posted a message on Notch is mad at Simon and Lewis
    My 5 year old nephew really likes Simon & Lewis, but he doesn't like it when they swear.

    He goes "they said a bad word!"
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    posted a message on Lack of Biomes and "Sub-Biomes" !
    I've said it before, but here's how biomes should be done:

    1. Generate geography first- oceans, shallows, rivers, tributaries, waterfalls, mountains, hills, valleys, low plains, high plains, plateaus, bluffs, cliffs, beaches, fjords, lakes, ponds, etc.

    2. Generate a heat & humidity map where elevation contributes to a loss in heat.

    3. Generate the biomes based on these heat & humidity maps. Snowlines, treelines, swamp lines, etc would all depend on the factors of heat, humidity, & elevation, and some of them would depend on bodies of water.

    With all this stuff sub-biomes would be easily achievable. You could have oases around desert lakes, swamps in river deltas or in valleys, snow-capped mountains as well as tree covered mountains depending on local climate, etc.

    My biggest problem with the biome system is that currently the topographical features are spawned with the biome, so your forests, deserts, etc are pretty lame. Also the transitions are still horrible. How do you go from swamp to snow or swamp to desert?

    The more it works & looks like real earth, the better. Except for floating islands. Floating islands get to stay.

    I think the mushroom biome should be in the nether though. Also the nether should have many other biomes too. Fortresses are nice, but there's more ways they could make that place more interesting.
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    posted a message on Round moon phases with square moon look awful
    Either have squared moon phases with a squared moon or round moon phases with a round moon and sun.

    The round moon and sun looked much better, and I'd say if people prefer the square moon, make the moon faces squared too. It looks crappy the way it is now.
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    posted a message on Specifics of the new biome topography?
    I have to say I really preferred the 1.8 swamps to the 1.9 swamps. The water color & grass color changes are too drastic now, & I am finding whereas in 1.8 I'd find large shallow water areas with trees, I've found swamps might have rivers cutting through them or some small ponds, but not how they were.

    Quote from EMDude

    The terrain generator has remained largely unchanged, and apart from the addition of the Snow and Mushroom biomes, as well as other minor modifications to the code, I don't really see the difference between the two terrain generators.

    Many things still have to fixed like coastline geology, topographical variation (it's still rather bland now), underwater bedding, tree density, and a multitude of other problems. The old 1.7.3 terrain generator had those properly done, but the new one still needs a bit of work.

    Oh, and they also should bring back gravel beaches. They're so neat (and realistic too, for those who like to bring up that point). And they're also a nice break from regular sandy beaches.

    Yeah, gravel beaches were cool. At a certain temperature gravel sand should switch to gravel.

    I feel that the code should work like this:

    1- topographical generator: Generates topographical features: basins, plains, plateaus, mountains, canyons, ravines, oceans, etc. There'd be different "topographical biomes" so to speak

    2. Heat & Humidity area generation: generates heat & humidity maps for the areas

    3. Biome generation based on Heat, Humidity, lack/abundance of nearby bodies of water, and elevation. This way you can have swampy valleys, snow-capped mountains, oases in the desert, mountains with trees on them in warmer climates, etc.
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    posted a message on Wolf Abundance
    I noticed this in RC2 and people on here told me to stop complaining.

    Exploring the same map a lot I've noticed a couple things:

    They are abundant in some forests & not so abundant in others. Some forests seem to have about one wolf for every 5 trees or so.
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    posted a message on I HATE the Minecon 2011
    I am secretly hoping Minecon 2012 will be at the David L Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. That'd be awesome.
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    posted a message on You're lead developer of Minecraft 2.
    Quote from Homem Pigman

    I'm more interested in knowing why would Notch choose me.

    Because you have compromising pictures of him with a plate of spaghetti, a pool noodle, a can of shaving cream, and a guitar.
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    posted a message on You're lead developer of Minecraft 2.
    You guys still aren't getting the point of this thread

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    posted a message on You're lead developer of Minecraft 2.
    Quote from frogboy316

    In 5-10 years do you think Notch will even care?


    Quote from Katorone

    Point of a minecraft 2 will be to get us all to pay again. ;-)
    Updating minecraft 1 wouldn't bring in new money.

    Yeah that too.

    Quote from Elijah87

    First off, to address the main issue:

    There won't be a Minecraft 2. Minecraft 2.0 will be an update of Minecraft. Still Notch.

    Second, there are so many things wrong with upgraded graphics. In a game that's known for blocky, retro graphics in a world of 3D realism in games, upgrading the graphics is the stupidest possible thing to do. Also, there's a damn good reason that the game is such low graphics. In a world thats 5 times the size of earth, do you realize the processing power needed to handle anything around 1028+? I'm sure many of the better computers could handle, but the pull of this game is that you can play it on crap computers if you want to - no need to spend hundreds on a good computer just to have the right specs.

    Hence 5-10 years.

    Also nobody would ever actually explore a minecraft map enough for it to be 5 times the size of the earth.

    Also have you tried running minecraft on a crap computer? The FPS can be awful.

    I don't get why everyone's getting so stickily. This is supposed to be a fun thread for people like me that imagine what Minecraft could be like in 10 years. I'm not trying to be super realistic or anything. Of course Notch wouldn't pick out some random Minecraft fan to be the lead developer at Mojang on Minecraft 2.

    Translation: this thread isn't serious business, RELAX.
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    posted a message on You're lead developer of Minecraft 2.
    In 5-10 years you think Minecraft will still be going?

    Poit of Minecraft 2 would be to take advantage of the ability to make an entirely new engine from scratch.
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