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    posted a message on How much pork to feed a dog/wolf a day?
    In case you're just asking from a roleplaying perspective. I give mine two a day, once at a sunrise, and once at sunset.
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    posted a message on [Creation] Judas's Texture Pack Planner (1.7.2 Update)

    Yes, I promised an update a long, long time ago, but a series of increasingly frustrating problems have arisen and delayed it consistently, until now... I would like to offer my sincere apologies for this taking so long and for the lack of updates. Hidden behind this spoiler is the long saga detailing the problems I've had.

    My problems began with my hard drive being taken out towards the end of April by a sudden power outage, this left me without a hard drive for several weeks. Once I

    recovered my hard drive, I then had a series of problems recovering my account and getting Minecraft reset up because the account was a gift and had a bizarre password which I

    could not recall. I finally got it set back up in the middle of May and immediately went back to work on the updated version. Then, in the middle of April, desptie having gotten

    a brand new surge protector, another sudden power outtage damaged my RAM, however this presented with such odd symptoms that I spent several days on it, replacing the power

    supply and testing the various parts before I solved it. Finally, I replaced the RAM and everything was fine. For a time. Until, suddenly and without warning, my heatsink fell



    This is intended to aid in the creation of Texture Packs, as I've often found that finding and testing them "in the wild" so to speak is tedious and sometimes frustrating. The

    build contains labelled examples of each block within the game in the mainroom, an art gallery for custom paintings, recreations of several naturally occurring environments, a

    trap for viewing custom mob textures and a room containing items for the testing and viewing of them.


    Video showing off the new set-up and some features.

    Four very outdated pictures, just to give an idea of how it looks.


    Download Link - http://www.mediafire.com/?cfk1x8b6dqqpu4s
    Dropbox Link -http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34135213/Texture Pack World.zip

    Any feedback, or suggestions for rooms that might be useful are very much appreciated.

    Version 2.0 Change list

    + Added handy tram to take you from steps to the Texture Pack Planner since the beds have a habit of glitching out.
    + Added all blocks from recent updates.
    + Added enhanced habitats and Greenery room which features all of the plant-life in Minecraft.
    + Added Workers Shed for added bed access.
    + Added Woolery Room, displaying all the different wool.
    + Added Redstone and Rail Room, featuring all the different Redstone devices, and different directional displays for Redstone dust, as suggested by miauw62, as well as the various types of rails and minecarts.
    + Added armor to the appropriate chest, as well as the Animal Products chest for the items I forgot.
    + Added levers for redstone activated blocks in the Block Museum.
    + A few other minor design changes, mainly aimed at making exploration and use easier.
    - Removed the boat display, need to fix that.
    - Forgot the cake block.
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    posted a message on so you delete threads that state something you dont like?
    The ownership of the mods is in contention, as is the cleanness of the files being offered, and the appropriateness of mods in general, although I doubt that influenced the decisions as much as the other factors.

    Deleting your thread and reposting in as a manner of returning it to the top of the stacks isn't an appropriate way of circumventing the anti-bumping rules, at least in my opinion. Although I appreciate you removing the unnecessary hatefulness.
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    posted a message on Stop saying "Search is disabled".
    This is the wrong place for this topic.

    H3xer1n, the search was disabled because of it being abused and used to the detriment of the forums, it's nothing to do with any failings of the administration.

    EDIT - It hadn't been moved when I went to post, my apologies, thank you to the moderator for the quick action.
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    posted a message on December 31st ,READ
    Look at the the messages. The original poster is clearly a 9 to 14 year-old with big dreams and a limited attention span, it's just a little kid, don't give them a hard time. We've all been young and overexcited on the internet.
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    posted a message on Where Do Mobs Come From?
    Quote from kalajel »
    Quote from Sheip »
    When a mommy and daddy mob love each other very much...

    Ghah! I was about to do that joke!

    That joke has been done five times in this very thread alone. I wouldn't begrudge him too much.
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    posted a message on Beta 1.4 bug report & list of bugs
    I scanned through this fairly well and didn't see this bug reported. My wolves do not remember being tamed upon closing and then reopening the game, no matter what I do. Everything else works without a hitch and I haven't had any problems while they are tamed, but they will not, under any circumstances, remained tame after opening and closing.

    I apologize for not providing pictures but it would be a bit pointless, and my computer doesn't like taking video.
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    posted a message on If Notch wanted to do real evil...
    I have played with creeper dungeons using MCEdit, it's not as exciting as you might think, they just explode endlessly and either end up blowing the top off the dungeon, killing themselves or destroying the bottom of the dungeon and rendering themselves trapped.
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    posted a message on Wolves have a VERY small chance of spawning black!
    Actually, this may be possible, the wolf .png files don't really go any more extreme in color than the sheep colors which are set in game as well.

    However, this is most likely fake, just because it hasn't been mentioned to my knowledge in the discoveries thread. That would require less than a 1% spawn rate, especially with people using Tagmannn's spawner.
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    posted a message on I regret buying Minecraft. (1.3_01 issues)
    This is happening to everyone with a specific mod that has not updated to 1.4.

    I know most people on the forums don't like logic, but why would you think that an April Fool's joke would actually get worse...after April Fool's?

    That should've been a hint you were on the wrong track.
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    posted a message on Have there been any more reports of Deja Vu since Seeds?
    Quote from Flowzor »
    The odds of getting the same world with the same seed are 1 out of 1.

    Insane, right?

    You didn't read the thread correctly, he stated he did not use a seed the first time.
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    posted a message on You know what ruins Minecraft...
    We are past the primary stage of content development, we're in Beta, we are lucky to be seeing new things added as often as we are.

    Despite all the hoopla, Jens and Notch are still primarily the only coders at Mojang, and they are the only ones testing them with any extensiveness at all. In the course of an update being released, the number of people exposed to the update changes from two to thousands. You have to assume that Jens and Notch use computers and copies of Minecraft that are in tip-top condition, fresh installations, all that. However, those thousands are literally unwashed, they're playing with mistreated installations, improperly handled computers, and will do things to the game that could never even occur to the folks at Mojang.

    Blizzard, a company with hundreds of employees, each with more training than both of them combined, have released updates even more minor than what we got today, that literally caused irreparable harm to hardware, not software, but physical hardware. Blizzard has the time, the money, and all the other resources necessary to, if they wished, develop a cure for cancer within years, but they still don't handle updates any better than Mojang.

    You can complain about the time we spent waiting for wolves, but when you consider that, that is one man's work, every piece of it apart from the code it was implemented into, the texture, the model, the animations, and even the slightly behavior is what Jens has spent his work days doing for that entire time period. I just don't see how you can complain. They will be made better, everything has been, but when you tame your first wolf, you are enjoying something that took hundreds of hours of Jens's life that he will never get back, and you are doing it in a game that has taken thousands of thousands of hours of Notch's life.
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    posted a message on Water Strength Increased?
    It's kind of ironic that all the complaints that we've been hearing since the first bed update is that Minecraft has gotten too easy, now, the water is more dangerous, an exploit of basic game mechanics like water ladders have been fixed, and the behavior of water is more realistic. Now, a number of people want the easier water back and even those that have been asking for "realism" with the wolves are clamoring for the ability to swim up waterfalls.
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    posted a message on The Dwarven Challenge

    You may want to look at this thread, this challenge already exists in a fairly popular form, and it is more complex than your rules here.

    Also, it is against the rules to bump threads, please refrain from it. I realize it can be disappointing to see your thread disappear, but you just ruin it and make yourself seem bad by bumping.
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    posted a message on Is it just me...
    You have to knock out a block at the base of your wall to function as a doggy door to get them to follow you.

    I am currently trying to figure out how to do this without exposing my buildings to chickens, but I haven't had much luck.

    Also, and this can be dangerous, they are attracted to holes of that size, just like chickens, so if you have an incinerator, or a pool, or anything else that might harm them, you'll want a bigger entrance or to seal it up when they are not sitting.
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