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    posted a message on Do you think we would be able to make the thunder sound...less realistic?
    Quote from Darknova009

    You can just delete/change the thunder.
    Search on your computer %appdata% -> then go to "Roaming" -> then ".Minecraft" -> then "resources" -> then "newsound" -> then "ambient" -> then "weather" -> and now delete the thunder sounds. :smile.gif:

    The game will replace it. You have to put a non-working file with the exact same name (and extension) then make it read-only to stop Minecraft from fixing it.
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    posted a message on "Unlicensed Copy"?
    Quote from BrianSki

    Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. I see the community hasn't changed much. :biggrin.gif:

    To anyone who is wondering what "Mr. I'm not telling you how"'s solution is, logging in once the internet has come back up makes the immersion-breaking message go away.

    Actually, there's cracked versions of the class files available for download that prevent it. I think that was more likely to be the suggestion.

    My firewall hates Java so I have to disable the internet to play, and I've looked into legit solutions but I've found none. I haven't downloaded a cracked class because I shouldn't have to crack something I own, but it is a solution that comes up a lot.
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    posted a message on [Hints&Tips]Building a City
    Definitely think an update is worth it.
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    posted a message on Eldermen Defense Ideas
    Quote from Silent_Creeper

    I never knew Notch was adding eldermen. Can you give me a link to where you heard this?

    Ten pages later and you're the first person to notice a typo! Congratulations!
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    posted a message on Planet of the Pigs
    Guys, he's using a stone sword, he's clearly cheating.

    I actually had this happen with sheep recently, but it was only after I installed Single Player Commands, I didn't spawn them through the command line, I only use it to increase my jump height and walking speed with a macro.

    It might be a bug with the mod, or some sort of accidental feature.
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    posted a message on When notch says there will be new terrain generator features, what does he mean?
    It's not known entirely yet, but it is presumable that he meant only the various new elements.
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    posted a message on Texture Pack Help (creative help, I know the process)
    I can't play Minecraft without texture packs, specifically ones that I create. The fact that I can customize so much of the game is one of my favorite things about it, and it just doesn't feel worth playing if I am not taking advantage of it. I recently had a heap of trouble with my computer where my incomplete 32x and my complete 16x packs were lost, along with my Minecraft account so I waited until I could afford another one, and then went months, and months playing Minecraft but not playing it while I made a complete 64x pack.

    Trouble is, I completed the 64x pack and I don't like it. It's too medieval for me, so I am going to begin work on a futuristic pack. Nothing too fancy like some of those Tron packs, but traditional lights instead of lanterns for torches, wires for redstone, pistons will show more mechanical detail. Cobblestone will be modern bricks, and so on. However, there are a few elements of Minecraft that are harder to bring into the future that and so I am trying to find out how to handle them, so I'd love some suggestions for blocks, or suggestions for texture packs to look at for inspiration. I'm not naming any specific blocks because I'd love any ideas, but most of them that will be hard are pretty easy to figure out.

    I know I am going to make the Nether into a mechanical gray-goo corrupted world, with bright blue Glowstone and damaged robots instead of zombie pigmen, and replace snow and ice with sand and mud, just to keep everything desolate.

    Thanks for any suggestions, it will be much appreciated.
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    posted a message on charcoal > coal?
    As mentioned above, the only time you really need enough of either is when you're smelting smooth stone and then it is really handy.

    I recently constructed a rather large castle out of smoothstone half-blocks and what I found myself doing is using the coal that I got from mining for smelting logs so I could smelt the smoothstone blocks.
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    posted a message on Where do you stay in the mean time?
    I've made some pretty large and useful bases in my time, but they've always grown out of the hole I dug in a rock wall so I could make a furnace on my first night, or I spent three nights in a dirt hole while I collected the supplies for a small wood cabin and then worked on them. This really doesn't seem very efficient and is particularly costly as creepers spawn and do as they are known for.

    What do you guys do while you build your massive complexes and bases? Or, heck, your finely decorated domiciles?

    I recently spent 78 in-game days living in a wood shack with a dog, a chest, and a bed while I built a village with a hotel and thirteen residences, including a stately manor, because I wouldn't change over until it was done.

    Then an incident with flaming wool and the munitions room of the barracks (which itself featured beds for 23 soldiers) led to the entire thing being ravaged by TNT, and a new save starting.
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    posted a message on Turn off cave ambience sounds?
    Copy a random file into the directory, delete the ambience noise file, rename the random file to the ambience noise file's name, especially the .ogg extension and then right-click on the random now renamed file and go to properties. If you set it to read-only, the game can't fix it, and the random file won't work so you'll hear nothing.
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    posted a message on Mining helmet
    No, Notch doesn't want any mobile sources of light beyond what is possible with pistons, and the day night cycle. They're very unstable and performance heavy in his opinion, plus the difficulty of maintaining a constant light source is one of the difficulties of the game.

    This is a suggestion, so you've placed it in the wrong section, just for future notice, it is also a duplicate suggestion, so even if you had posted it in the correct section, it would have been locked. It's a really simple mistake to make but before posting in the future, you might want to look closer at the rest of the forum.
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    posted a message on 40Fr4nk Challenge
    Quote from TheGr8Houdini

    Actually, it is possible. I have beaten it with a few of my friends... An earlier poster was right, it did only take a couple of days, but it was a lot of fun. You use lava as a light source in place of the torches. To get the ores you need (lapis and coal for smelting the cacti) some TNT. It is simple enough to kill a creeper and obtain gunpowder.

    And how did you activate that TNT? You know it can only be activated by Redstone and Flint & Steel now? Both of which would be either incredibly annoying to get, if not highly improbable.
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    posted a message on What do you think famous, still running, LP will do when 1.8 is out?
    Quote from Sephij

    Map Height limit changes.

    Anything that would require major components to change breaks the game.

    But that's not happening! It's something he made easier to do for modders and experimented with himself. He wasn't satisfied with how the game performed after the change, and explained, from the start, before he even mentioned it, that it was staying the same.

    All pre-1.8 maps will still work, they just won't contain NPC villages or any other new features.

    Please, this is a duplicate, needless thread in the first place, but spreading misinformation is just troublesome and unnecessary. A simple Google search or a look at his Twitter would reveal this in moments.
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    posted a message on collection of warships
    That'd be a pass it on, which belongs in the map section now, for some reason. You may want to go check it out and see if there is anything similar there.
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    posted a message on Can we still melting an ore with flint and steel?
    Quote from Keffin

    A secret Notch doesn't want you to find out. If you smelt diamond in a fire, you get diamond ingots. These can be used as a currency to get over the river to the Creeper City if you perform the correct ritual. I can tell you, but It can be a dangerous journey.

    It's dangerous to go alone. Better take this.
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