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    Quote from tmanzee

    In-game Name: tmanzee
    Age: 14

    seeing that you want build pics, I give you this (all pics of the same house);

    Well that's one freaking ugly house.
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    posted a message on The Creation of an Epic!
    Hello people of the world!

    Me and several other people are currently building a giant medieval-themed world!

    The plan is pretty big itself, as we are building five huge cities and in between, hundred of points of interest!

    The building so far has been great, but we would never refuse new people!

    So, if you are interested in joining this incredible project, simply leave your IGN and your name below, along with your minecraft experience and possibly some pictures!

    See you soon!
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    posted a message on Epic Construction, Need Builders!
    Quote from outlaw52493

    IGN: outlaw52493
    Age: 18
    Pictures: Photobucket

    I'm interested in you.
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    posted a message on Epic Construction, Need Builders!
    Me and a few of my pals are planning on opening a Rp server at a future date. All of the lore has already been taken off, so do not worry, this will be awesome.

    Thing is, the map will be huge. Now, by huge I do not mean like the size of your penis, no. By huge I mean that it will be so grand that people will recall this server in future years! Oh yes!

    Now, we need builders. But not just any builders, THE builders! Every single details count, all we care for is perfection.

    So, here's the deal. Down below state your In Game Name and your current age, along with proof of your l33t building skills if possible.

    Remember, all we care for is perfection and dedication. Should a building displease us, we will ask for its immediate destruction. It's that simple.
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