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    No I don't think anyone thought that. I think they just wanted a light source underwater.

    Ha lmao also true

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    The clubs have a very powerful hits and deal 4 hearts if critical hit 7 hearts there's only 3 types of clubs.wood:but any wood can change the textures,iron:you still wood and sticks but iron nuggets (pattern for this is stick down middle any wood middle center and up middle and iron nuggets are center left and right) it has wood but the left and right iron nuggets are spikes damage is 6 hearts critical hit is 9,and last is gold:same thing like iron but deals 8 hearts critical is 10 hearts but like all gold weapons the efficiency loses fast.All of them have powerful knock back and is good for pvp.if your attacks get blocked by a shield you go flying like 10-14 blocks if you try to hit critical but if your on the ground then 5-9 blocks.


    Update 1.1: debuff and more

    I reread the clubs and they seem pretty powerful so debuff:

    wood clubs:3 hearts (critical hit 5.5 hearts)

    Iron clubs:6 hearts (critical hit 8.5 hearts)

    gold clubs: 8 hearts (critical hit 9.5 hearts)

    what enchantments can you put on it?:

    Mending - Repairs the item when gaining XP orbs.

    Unbreaking - Increases item durability.

    What enchantments can you not put on it and why?:

    Knockback - Knocks back mobs away from you when hit.It already has powerful knockback.

    Fire Aspect - Sets target on fire.The thing is made mostly wood.

    Sharpness - Increases weapon damage.it got debuff because how powerful it was so no.

    Info on minecraft help center.

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