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I’m João, a beginner graphics designer.

I was born at Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

I’m mainly interested in chemistry, maths (it kicks my butt), and arts.
My favourite genres of music are dubstep, eletronic, pop, and classical.
Yes, you read that right. Classical and dubstep.

My favourite artist is Bob Ross, and the main games I play are Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Dota 2 and Destiny.

I can speak fluent Portughese, English and Italian. I’m also learning Latin and Spanish.

Now, a bit about my designing skills. If you’re looking for all sorts
of fancy degrees, awards, and experience, you’re at the wrong place. I
got into designing not long ago, and don’t have absolutely any
experience. I am, (as Pudge would say), "fresh meat"at the wide world of

But, on my opinion, to be a successful graphics designer, you need two
things. A bit of skill, and creativity. Loads of creativity.

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