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    posted a message on Co-operative mining in SMP?
    Cooperative mining sounds interesting, it would be a very nice effect.
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    posted a message on Week 17 Snapshot - Writable Books - New Half Slabs - Chat Options
    Yes! Editable books! I literally (as in not literally) ejaculated in my pants upon hearing this! Time to get new pants! So excited!
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    posted a message on Boats Evolved; bigger, modular boats
    I just read this on the site you linked to, and by notch, this is genius! If there is ever a mod anything like this, I'm downloading it. Also very fitting since we have BIG ASS OCEANS.
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    posted a message on Golems Galore!
    Iron Golems in their current state are pretty cool, I have to admit, but they could be better! Right now, you can make a mob-killing, villager-loving creature for the low cost of 36 iron and a pumpkin. But that's no fun, now is it? I propose that the game should have a different kind of golem for each different biome that villages spawn in, and that golems be closely tied to the priests of a village.

    How golems would be spawned:

    At night, the priest and his followers guard the village, wielding Golem Summoners, which they can use to, well, summon golems! When danger is sensed by the villagers, the priest will do a little animation with the staff, and a Golem will summon. The golem will be 1 of 4 types, and all be the same model as an iron golem. For villages found in the plains biome, there grass golems, looking just like an Iron golem, but with a plant themed skin. For villages found in the desert there are Sand Golems. just like Iron Golems, just a sandier skin. For jungle villages, which I will adress later, there will be Jungle Golems. And finally, for villages in a snow biome, there will be Ice Golems.


    Plant Golems defend the villages of the grasslands, and have a grassy look with some flowers here and there. These golems can leave a wake of plants, and turn dirt into grass that they walk on. They defend villagers as normal.


    Desert Golems defend the villages of the Desert, and have a sandy look to them with some sandstone looking stuff on them. These golems can leave a wake of sand, and can turn dirt and grass into sand.


    Ice Golems defend villages of the icelands, and have an icy, snowy look to them. These golems can leave a wake of snow and snow blocks, kind of like snow golems. When in water, they can turn water to ice. Icelands villages include igloos as well as normal village homes.


    Jungle Golems defend the new village type, Jungle villages. Jungle Villages have networks of treehouses and wooden bridges, mainly made of wooden planks. Jungle Golems are very green and lush, and have vines on them. They leave a wake identical to that of a Plant Golem.

    A new way to make your very own personal golem:

    After helping protect the village and developing a good relationship with the villagers, you may recieve a Summoner's Staff from the Testificate Priest. With this, you can make your very own personal iron golem, which no longer protects a village, but protects you! To make this, you craft an iron golem like normal, only this time it does not come to life until you right click the structure with a Summoner's Staff. The Iron Golem will now follow you around and protect you, much like a wolf. They most likely would be healed by iron nuggets, which are crafted like golden nuggets, only with iron, not gold.

    Thanks for listening!

    Thanks for listening to my ideas, maybe we can help make some of them come true!
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    posted a message on More Realler Minecraft!!!
    This is a fine suggestion, sir! Minecraft needs to be a lot more realler before Jeb adds sily things like Mod API or better AI's, and god forbid he take out all those great Multiplayer bugs before he makes the game more realler.
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    posted a message on uterine sarcoma and tamoxifen studies
    Sounds like a great mod! I think I'll try it out!
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