About Me
My Name's Josh butler.
I'm just your average, everyday, in no way superhuman guy.

I'm pretty much a minecraft Addict, and i have been for a long time.
I do a lot of minecraft related editing, videos, comics, fan art, that kind of stuff, really.
I'm really interested in helping modders find bugs in their mods, so that they can improve on them.
I usually go out of my way to find a bug with a mod so that I can report it.

I have a facebook: http://www.facebook....ler?ref=tn_tnmn
If you want to add me there, go right ahead, I'm always willing to talk to new people and provide help in any way possible.
Interests Mostly playing games, really. But occasionally I enjoy editing images for fun. I of course play minecraft, maybe a bit more than most people SHOULD play.

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Minecraft XJoshofsoulsX

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