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    If you want A LOT of new ores, you should really check out Metallurgy
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    Have you ever wanted to know how many days old your world is? Want to watch it grow as you go on? Then DayTracker is for you!

    This is a VERY simple and basic mod, that simply adds the amount of Minecraft Days old your world is. If the mod gets enough traction, I may also include things like the time, months, etc.

    What are you waiting for? Grab it here!

    Requires Minecraft Forge for Minecraft 1.8!

    Please leave any feedback below!

    Initial Release

    Adjusted location of where number of Day's is rendered

    Removed some debug things that was spamming the console.
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    posted a message on [1.7.10][Forge] Josh's Summoning Table V1.0
    Can you update it to 1.6.4?

    Unfortunately, I have no intentions on Downgrading the mod, sorry :(

    Quote from Sandje1976»

    Mirror link is also down :(

    Seems to work for me =\ Give 'er another try?

    Quote from batata_man»
    Can anyone tell me how to change the config to make it less expensive? Plz? How do I set easymode to true,what file do I open? does WinRAR work?

    You'll want to locate the config folder where all other mod config files are located, then open up the config file for my summoning table mod, and change "easyMode" to true :)
    Quote from L3010»
    can you add this for 1.6.4 please? (I'm playing with mods in that version) :huh:

    Unfortunately, I have no intentions on Downgrading the mod, sorry :(
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    posted a message on [1.7.10][Forge] Josh's Summoning Table V1.0

    You basically took what I was about to say straight out of my mouth.
    Not only that, this mod is pretty primitive and actually kind of boring. Other mods have done the job better and without the gimmicks that this mod has. Heck, one mod even lets you create your own mob like a Squid-Witch abomination. If this mod had more features, I'd love it. But the other mods are just better than it at the moment.
    Something that could improve this mod would be giving the mobs more powers and strengths. Like a Hostile Mooshroom that's surrounded in Charged Creeper Aura, shoots Ghast Fireballs, lightning, can fly, attacks all mobs other than Mooshrooms, deals 3 hearts of damage when you touch it, and spawns weaker Baby variants of itself.
    If this mod would let you do that, it would be the best thing ever.

    The thing is, my mod does not aim to give mobs more powers. My mod simply aims to give the player the ability to spawn them as-needed. See my previous reply to another user about the current balance issues. Thank you very much for the feedback though :) It will help shape things in the future!
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    posted a message on [1.7.10][Forge] Josh's Summoning Table V1.0
    Quote from drsketchmd»
    when you say no NEI ingratiation you mean you just can search and summon right?or that it wont work if you have NEI installed?

    By "no NEI integration" I simply mean that you cannot look up the recipes for the spawn books in NEI, yet!
    Quote from Nihonbo»
    To be honest, this mod is INCREDIBLY unbalanced. Yes, the summoning table is slightly expensive but once you have it, it's too easy to get mobs. With 64 spawns of the mob, you will get more than you spent on the summoning book. I think the book should cost a stack of the item to make it more balanced, with chicken and endermen only having 16 spawns per book.

    I agree, and disagree. It may be a bit unbalanced for now, but I also think that depends on the environment you're running the mod in. On the other hand, I do plan on implementing multiple tier tables, which would give you progressively more spawns per book (probably 8-16-32-64). While I see why you suggest using full stacks of items, I have to disagree with that. If you already have a full stack of leather, you probably already have a decent farm (note: probably). I will take you thoughts into account while working on future versions!

    Thank you!
    Quote from Cheeyev»

    So? Doesn't change the fact that it's unbalanced for three users (Me included), and we are allowed to have Opinions.

    Opinions are a double edged sword mate :P While I'm grateful for them, as opinions == feedback (good || bad :P) will help me shape the mod in the future. Others don't like you giving opinions if they don't match yours :P Thanks for the feedback!
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    Quote from AngusYoung»

    Thank you so much for this. Very informative. I'm happy that you have also commented the code. I like to actually know whats going on VS "Well, it just works". Thanks!
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    posted a message on [1.7.10][Forge] Josh's Summoning Table V1.0
    Why hello folks! Welcome to the release thread of my Summoning Table Mod!

    Currently this mod will allow you to spawn any Vanilla mob that has a spawn egg! In the future I should be able to implement the others.


    • Summoning Books for all Spawn Egg mobs.
    • Each book gives 64 whole uses!
    • Use Books (1 operation) or Bookshelves (4 operations!) as fuel!
    • Fancy Block Rendering!
    • Fancy Tool Tip Colors!

    Known Issues:

    • The Ghast is very large...
    • Any Dye can be used for Squids.
    There is currently no NEI integration, but it is for sure planned for future updates!

    For an album of the recipes, please click here!
    (IMPORTANT NOTE: Mooshrooms now require a mushroom, instead of mushroom stew. Can be red or brown!)

    This mod does require the RECOMMENDED version of Minecraft Forge. Go grab it from here!

    Now, to the final fun parts! The mod itself! Click here to download!
    (Mirror Link)

    Some Notes:
    If you do not like the 64 bit textures, run the game with the mod installed once, then in the config file (summoningtable.cfg) change lowRes to True.

    If you feel the summoning of the mobs is too expensive, set easyMode to true! That will mean you only require a Diamond (instead of a summoning core) in the Summoning Table to craft a summoning book.

    YES! You can use my mod in your mod pack if you'd like! Just please post a link to this forum post somewhere (if it's a public pack. If it'f a private pack for you +2-3 buddies, no worries :))

    Feedback, suggestions, and Ideas are always welcome!
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    posted a message on [1.7.2][Forge] MoreToMinecraft V1.0_ALPHA
    Quote from Death_pwn1

    cool mod! i will be totally using this!
    what's with the "extra" emerald?

    It's just something I've had in the mod code since before Vanilla MC implemented emeralds, and I'm standing my ground on it lol
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    posted a message on [1.7.2][Forge] MoreToMinecraft V1.0_ALPHA
    Quote from TSAMP1924

    So glad to finally see this again, I totally didn't expect it to come back at some point! ;)

    I've been working on it on and off for a long while, I just always end up getting slammed with school/work/family or something to throw a wrench in the gears. Glad to see you're glad :D
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    posted a message on [1.7.2][Forge] MoreToMinecraft V1.0_ALPHA
    Hey! This mod is currently being updated and is soon to be done. It's goal is to add many things to Minecraft, and your suggestions are most appreciated!

    NEW: Check out THIS Google Spreadsheet for mod progress!

    NOTE: Topic still WIP :)

    NOTE 2: I'm ALWAYS looking for suggestions of things to add to the mod, so please, feel free to let me know :)

    NOTE 3: Yes, it is another "Ore Mod" But there is more coming that I'm working on. This has been a learning adventure for me, and I will continue to develop my skills, as well as the mod. Some people also enjoy the more "Simple" mods, and I hope that this caters to them

    NOTE 4: I know I know, some things aren't "realistic", but since when is MC realistic ;)

    NOTE 5: Pictures are in the Spoilers, along with most crafting Recipies

    Coded by JoshJ5Hawk with Ideas, Graphics from Techzilla

    Have you ever run out of things to look for in Minecraft? Do you feel that the protection from Diamond Armor isn't enough? Then MoreToMinecraft is for you!
    MoreToMinecraft currently brings you FIVE new Tool Sets and Armor sets to Minecraft, some common and weak, some rare and insane.
    But that is not all that MoreToMinecraft will provide! In future updates, you can expect things such as:
    • More stone
    • More mobs
    • More trees
    • And much much more!
    Check out our Google Docs page for a list of items/blocks in the mod:

    MoreToMinecraft requires Minecraft Forge. We cannot guarantee complete compatibility with other mods, It may cause issues, if you have conflicts, let us know in a reply to the thread.
    Mod Spotlight - Preview of mod (outdated, but some info still relevant:

    Obsidian Glass Preview +_Crafting

    Copper Ore

    A Natural spawn of Copper

    Copper Sword

    Copper Pickaxe

    Copper Axe

    Copper Shovel

    Copper Hoe

    Full Copper Armor

    Copper Helmet

    Copper Chestplate

    Copper Leggings

    Copper Boots

    Copper Tools are equivalent to Stone Tools when it comes to what you can mine (faster then stone/slower then iron). Copper Ore spawns at all layers, at a slightly smaller rate then coal. (if you want to know the EXACT spawn rates, click the spoilers under each ore)
    Veins: Up to 15
    Layers: All (128 and below)
    Amount per Vein: Up to 12

    Mithril Ore

    A Natural spawn of Mithril

    Mithril Sword

    Mithril Pickaxe

    Mithril Axe

    Mithril Shovel

    Mithril Hoe

    Full Mithril Armor

    Mithril Helmet

    Mithril Chestplate

    Mithril Leggings

    Mithril Boots

    Mithril Tools are equivalent to Iron Tools when it comes to what you can mine (faster then Iron, slower then Diamond.
    Veins: Up to 6
    Layers: 48 and below
    Amounts per Vein: Up to 12

    Saronite Ore

    A Natural spawn of Saronite

    Saronite Sword

    Saronite Pickaxe

    Saronite Axe

    Saronite Shovel

    Saronite Hoe

    Full Saronite Armor

    Saronite Helmet

    Saronite Chestplate

    Saronite Leggings

    Saronite Boots

    Saronite Tools are Better then Diamond Tools, they can mine everything Diamond (and faster) can AND Onyx Ore. Saronite Ore spawns at layer 16 and below, and is slightly more comm on then Diamond.
    Veins: Up to 6
    Layers: 32 and below
    Amount per Vein: Up to 4

    Onyx Ore

    A Natural spawn of Onyx

    Onyx Gem

    Onyx Sword

    Onyx Pickaxe

    Onyx Axe

    Onyx Shovel

    Onyx Hoe

    Full Onyx Armor

    Onyx Helmet

    Onyx Chestplate

    Onyx Leggings

    Onyx Boots

    Onyx Tools are better then Saronite Tools, they can mine everything Saronite (and faster) can AND Titanium Ore. Onyx Armor is better then Diamond Armor. Onyx Ore spawns at layer 16 and below, and is rarer then diamond.
    Veins: Up to 2
    Layers: 16 and below
    Amount per Vein: Up to 8

    Titanium Ore

    A Natural spawn of Titanium

    Titanium Sword

    Titanium Pickaxe

    Titanium Axe

    Titanium Shovel

    Titanium Hoe

    Full Titanium Armor

    Titanium Helmet

    Titanium Chestplate

    Titanium Leggings

    Titanium Boots

    Titanium Tools and Armor is the best tools in this mod, they can mine EVERYTHING in the game (EXCEPT Bedroock) (REALLY FAST!!!). Titanium Armor is also the best armor. Titanium Ore is more rare then Onyx Ore, spawning at layer 16 and below as well!

    Veins: Up to 2
    Layers: 16 and below
    Amount per Vein: Up to 4


    A Natural spawn of Topaz Ore

    Topaz Gem


    A Natural spawn of Amethyst Ore

    Amethyst Gem


    A Natural spawn of Sapphire Ore

    Sapphire Gem


    A Natural spawn of Ruby Ore

    Ruby Gem


    A Natural spawn of Emerald Ore

    Emerald Gem


    Phaseblade in hand

    Orange, Purple, Blue, Red, Green, and White Phaseblades

    Phaseblades are made by putting one iron pole and two of the desired gems in a sword-fashion, once made it will have the same color of the whatever two gems you decided to use. A phaseblade will instant-kill any animal in Minecraft, while 2 hitting hostile mobs, it's very useful and looks sweet in your hand!

    Support Us:



    Change Log:
    MoreToMinecraft Changelog
    -Enums Completed
    -Harvest Levels completed
    -All textures worked out
    -Ore generation set properly (always up for tweaking if needed)
    -All items and armors added (Enums not 100% complete)
    -Obsidian Glass added
    -World generation added (Not Final)
    -Phaseblades added
    -Custom Tool and Armor Enums implemented
    -Initial start to mod
    -Most items and blocks added

    Techzilla (Head of Project, Ideas, Graphics)
    JoshJ5Hawk (Head of Coding, Ideas)
    and thanks to you for downloading this mod!
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] MoreToMinecraft - V2.0
    Quote from Zeridian

    Your site with the hosted files isn't responding, FYI :(
    Mediafire dude :P

    Can't stand media fire anymore lol, don't know why. But the site should be up and running now, my server decided to take a poo on me this morning
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] MoreToMinecraft - V2.0
    Quote from Dgerr123

    You said you had a version for like 1.2 or something like that! JUST ­ING RELEASE IT!

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    posted a message on [IN-DEV] Project Vela - A new MMO Server
    Looks great man! Excited to be the lead Site Dev on this!
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    posted a message on [1.5] [WIP (again)] Deverion's Forge Modding Tutorials [Updated 16-03-2013] [1.5 Tutorials: 1!]
    Quote from DeverionX

    public boolean getIsRepairable(ItemStack par1ItemStack, ItemStack par2ItemStack)
    return par2ItemStack.itemID == TutorialMain.metaGem.itemID && par2ItemStack.getItemDamage() == 0? true :
    super.getIsRepairable(par1ItemStack, par2ItemStack);

    Obviously you'll just need to change the values to what you need :P

    Dang, something so simple lol, thanks a lot man :)
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    posted a message on [1.5] [WIP (again)] Deverion's Forge Modding Tutorials [Updated 16-03-2013] [1.5 Tutorials: 1!]
    Quote from mrgreaper

    first up, thats a very good and well written guide and the information contained is extremely useful thankyou.
    but i have one question, and it was looking for the answer that actualy made me stumble on your guide

    at the moment my mod comes in two flavours, normal and hardcore. the difference between the two is one smelting recipie. While updating to 1.5 i want to change it to one mod with a ishardcore true/false that changes the recipie.
    now i can add that to the config fine enough but i dont know how to have 1 recipe enabled if its hardcore and one if its not

    i tried
    if HardcoreMode = false; GameRegistry.addSmelting .....

    but aparently thats a syntext error on token "if" invalid type.
    i confess im rather stuck, i am reading through and learning more java but this is the bit im stuck on and i want to get my mod updated to 1.5.

    your example config has an isAwsome boolean which is configured the same as i have done the hardcore one but i cant see any example of you using it (i have read through the example code a few times now)

    so how would i set one recipie for a true boolean and one for a false? or even turn a recipie off if the result is false?

    thanks in advance

    edit ah! i think i sused it (looking at your fuel example of all things)
    if (HardcoreMode == false){ GameRegistry.addSmelting ..... }

    now if i could just sus out this new texture system (why does forge have to make some things so damn complicated lol!)
    item.png was great..easy...perfect
    now i cut all the textures out using gimp
    saved them as .png files in /mods/Starmod/textures/items/name.png and referenced them

    public void func_94581_a(IconRegister iconRegister)
    iconIndex = iconRegister.func_94245_a("Starmod:livingbunny");
    but no textures ....arghhhhhh

    Does it need to be "Starmod:livingbunny.png"? Haven't worked with 1.5 yet personally lol, so just a though
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