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    "Beware worst service ever. server offlined for more than 2 months no fix until now. Requested refund but they just can't stop asking me questions (which I answered completely). That Jaydon Mayhew is a p***e of s**t. Scamming me and pretending to be BT staff as well as McDonalds staff. No apologies from him. Worst company."

    Exactly. You dare try to frame me for stealing and exploiting your comapny. IT IS YOUR FAULT COMPANY, not mine that your service and your billing system was messed up. If anything, I helped you guys as much as I could, and you try to charge me for "investigating" my account? I mean really. I dare you to try and sue me for your wrong doings.
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    Name (Or Nickname): Jordan
    IGN: satelliting
    Self-Pros (Be honest here): I know how to handle my position very well, I am very chatty, and I am very professional when it is needed.
    Self-Cons (Be honest here): I tend to get angry easily, however, it never shows through my actions. I can keep the two separate.
    Applying Rank (Admin/Mod/Builder): Admin
    Second Rank: Mod
    Skype (Y/N): Y, jordan.allen1332
    Hours/Week possible: 3-4, sometimes 5-6

    Worked for other servers?: Yes, my own for 4 months. Modded on 3, and Admin on 2.
    Java Experience: Very little plugin making, but I can code in other languages. However, I do not code for MC.
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    Hey I can do any job you need without being staff.
    Check out what I do for free or cheap here.
    I hope you have a great day!
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