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    Quote from VaprArts

    I am a Graphic/Web Designer, should have my portfolio site up soon. I can create something for you, but heres the thing, most designers won't create anything for a "chance" to get paid. I am new here so I am unsure if there are people that do this way of doing business, if so my apologies but if you are looking for an actual designer, it doesn't work that way.

    Most people who do graphics here that frequent this section of the forums usually do not care about being paid. This is where most people come to gather up a portfolio.
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    Quote from Waadyskwig

    Still hiring graphic designers. If you think you can help with advertising, I'll consider hiring you as well.

    I would consider reading your post, but it has been screwed up by coding.
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    Hello there. Some of you may know me, and some may not. My name is Jordan and I have been pretty active on these forums for some time now. I usually come on these forums looking to help people with certain problems they may be having with their server and websites. So now I want to take it a step further. I want to create a server site.

    Now many of you may be thinking this is a server hosting site. This is not the case. This is a company that helps with setting up servers and helping maintain them. We will be doing various things like building for servers, helping set them up, and creating plugins and websites for them.

    What I Am Looking For:

    I am looking for people who can do various things. You need to be skilled at what you are doing and have plenty of experience. The reason for this is, the jobs *may* be paying jobs. This all depends on what the client wants and what you are able to offer. This is all on a case to case situation, so please do not come asking me to join for the pure profit. You should want to do this because you want to become a part of a team and have fun doing these things.

    The Positions:
    + Builders
    We need builders for a variety of reasons. If you are wanting to apply for builders, you MUST have images of your past builds. Since we do not have a server as of yet, we do not have any place to test build to see your skills. You need to be able to build one of the following things: Large Spawn/Buildings, Adventure Maps, or Unique Functional Buildings. We will judge you fairly well, so please make sure you are confident in your skills. Our contacts that we have spoken with have usually agreed to pay us. In which, we will pay you.

    + Plugin Developers
    We need plugin developers to help us stand out. In most cases, this is a paying job. However, for simple plugins, I am sure we could possibly work something else out. You need to be able to create plugins for any type of situation. This is NOT a job for those who watch 10 videos on Youtube and think they are professionals. You need to have prior programming experience.

    + Website Designers
    Website designers are people that are a necessity to me. This is where I love to learn and work. I will be the head developer here, unless someone with more skills joins the team. You can be able to custom code your own websites with HTML, Java, and/or CSS. However, being able to make very clean Enjin websites is fine too. We need people who can create custom ones, as well as Enjin sites.

    + GFX Designers
    GFX designers are a must have on a site like this. A company can really thrive if they have a good GFX team backing them up. Many people want banners made, and website GFXs for their servers. This is where you guys will come in. Please make sure to be very good at what you do, and be able to share your files, and receive criticism from us. You need to have plenty of experience with animated images, GIFs, or nice clean banners.

    + Helpers
    Helpers! Pretty obvious you would think? NOT! Helpers are people who can help in a variety of ways. Either those who can go into a server, and help moderate and maintain the server, to help the server owners with setting up plugins and getting things to work out. To be in this, you need to have a good knowledge of all the general plugins, and them some. It would also be a good thing to be able to set up both Buycraft and Enjin Donator plugins if needed. These people need to have a general overview of everything Minecraft related.

    + Managers
    Possibly the most important job of the company. There will be 2 positions open for this job. Managers are those who help control what is going on with the company. They are the people who can help manage emails, tickets, and assign workers with specific tasks. These people need to have a good understanding of everything Minecraft related, and know at least a little about every other job mentioned.

    There are a few requirements to joining us. You must have a Skype, and TS2/3 will not work. I am sorry, but this is what I use to contact clients, and this is a must if you want to be a part of the team. Yes, there are age requirements to join the staff, but they are pretty much base examples of what most expect.
    Builders: 13+
    Plugin Developers: 15+
    Helpers: 14+
    Managers: 16+

    How To Apply:
    You must complete the form in its entirety to be eligible to become a member and worker of the company.
    If something does not apply to you, simple put: Does Not Apply.
    Erase the parenthesis when filling out the form

    Name: (ALL)
    Age: (ALL)
    IGN: (ALL)
    Skype: (ALL)
    Position: (ALL)
    Timezone: (ALL)
    Examples: (Builders, Website Designers, GFX Designers, Plugin Developers)
    Past Experience: (Helpers)
    Why You Want To Join: (At Least 1 Paragraph) (ALL)

    Last Note:
    I will get into contact with everyone that applies as soon as possible. I can usually reply within 4 hours of applying, unless I am asleep or at school. I do not have a name for us yet, so we can discuss naming our team once we get all of our workers. There is not a limit to the amount of people for a specific job, besides managers. I wish you all the best of luck, and I hope you all put the time into your applications as I have writing this up. Thanks!
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    Hello all, my name is Jordan and I am looking to start up a forum. I am in need of many staff positions. If you are interested in the following, feel free to read below for more information. If you would like to chat about this more in person, feel free to Skype me at: completeclient.

    The Jobs
    The jobs that are offered will be voluntary for the time being and all profits will be put forward future forum developments and then into staff funding. The following list is an entire list of the staff needed.
    • Advertisers
    • GFX Artists
    • Moderators
    • Administrators
    • Co-Owner
    If you are interested in becoming one of the following, feel free to continue reading to learn more about what each job entails. Also, I am only looking for serious people that are willing to dedicate more than 4+ hours a day to the forum and have been on various other forums in the past.

    Advertisers: As an Advertiser, your job is to promote the forums through popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter, & Reddit. The job includes access to a certain special forum section to discuss ways to advertise and such.

    GFX Artists: As a GFX Artist, your job is to create graphics such as awards and banners to help promote the forum and to help bring in a profit to the forum by selling services through the store. As an artist, you will receive 30% of the profit per graphic sold through the store. You will also have access to a special forum section to discuss how to promote GFX growth in members, and possible contests to hold.

    Moderators: As a Moderator, your job is to take control of the behavior of the forums and its members. You will read through forum topics, posts, and messages of members that appear suspicious. You will need to have a good foundation on psychology and how people react in certain situations, and what type of people act in certain ways for certain reasons. You will be in close contact with the Administrators, as you are the right hand men to them.

    Administrators: As an Administrator, your job is to take control of the forums in its entirety. You will have to have the same basis, but more advanced, as Moderators in the field of people and their behavior. You will also be in control of how mods, hooks, and add-ons work. You will need to help write the rules, come up with ideas to promote forum growth, and manage the behind the scenes of every member. For this job, you will need to be able to have more than 5+ hours of time on the forums daily during most time, and if not onsite, then still working behind the scenes with other staff.

    Co-Owner: If you are serious in looking to become a Co-Owner with me, then please contact me via Skype information provided above. I cannot discuss all things you will need to do, but you will have to do as much as everything above, but being a GFX Artist is not required.

    Extra Info

    If you have any ideas, tips, or suggestions then please feel free to put them out here. I am always willing to discuss new ideas and potential improvements. Also, I do not have an idea for what forum software I plan on using, but most likely it will be a free forum software. If you would like to suggest good software, then please put them in here.

    Note: I am not going to provide a form due to if you are serious in looking to become a staff member and participant in this forum idea, then you will take the time to create your own unique and well thought out application.
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    What Is Elysium?
    Elysium is a new, private whitelisted server that is in the building stage of its creation. Right now, the owner is currently searching for staff members and builders who would be willing to help create the server.

    The owner and founder, Jordan, has been working on Minecraft since around the release of version 1.5 and has been dealing with the technical (server side, plugin support, etc.) part for just as long. He has made a few servers in the past, all of which were aimed at being big, massive servers for multiworld and multi-genre themed. Now, he has decided to create a small, yet unique server that he has not seen created before.

    Elysium is a small survival server that will have possibly a few mini games (Spleef, Splegg, etc.) within it. Now, the main focus, unlike most servers is not on the user, but rather the pets. The server uses a popular plugin called EchoPet. The user is allowed to create a few pets at the beginning, but is limited to just 3 pets. As time goes on and the user gains money, they will be able to buy ranks or perks that allow them to have more options for customizing their pets.

    The way to gain money is simple, the more resources you have that you can sell through the shop system, the more money you gain. Therefore, the main objective of the server is to gain as many resources as possible to buy as many perks as possible.

    How Do I Become Staff?

    To become staff you must fall under the following stipulations:
    • You Must Be 16+ Years Old (Builders Only Need To Be 13+)
    • You Must Have Skype (No TS2/3, Google Talk, etc.)
    If you can fall under those rigorous stipulations, then you are free to try and apply for any and all positions.

    Current Staff Positions
    • Builder: 3/5
    • Support/Promoter: 0/3
    • Operator: 2/2
    To become a builder, you will need to fill out the following form out completely:
    (Delete All The Parenthesis When Filling Out)
    Name: (Mandatory)
    IGN: (Mandatory)
    Age: (Mandatory)
    Skype: (Mandatory)
    Describe Your Talent: (What Are Your Strengths/Weaknesses)
    Previous Example Images: (Mandatory)

    To become a support/promoter, you will need to fill out the following form out completely:
    (Delete All The Parenthesis When Filling Out)[/font]
    Name: (Mandatory)[/font]
    IGN: (Mandatory)[/font]
    Age: (Mandatory)[/font]
    Skype: (Mandatory)[/font]
    Your People Skills: (What Are Your Strengths/Weaknesses)[/font]
    Scale Of Professionalism: (1-10)[/font]
    Any Prior Experience: (Mandatory)[/font]

    Is There Pay?

    Now, I do offer payment for being a part of staff. However, the payment is very low and sometimes non-existent. I do not get payed for creating and running this server, and therefore I do not feel I should pay others to help me do it if they enjoy working. That being said, I will be giving a portion (exactly 40%) of all the donations given to be to be split up between staff members after server cost and everything else is payed for (I will be taking out a 1 month in advance server cost as well each month to stay ahead on payments).

    Therefore, each month I will provide a screenshot of my current Paypal balance and transactions to verify with staff, if this is asked for, to show that I am not avoiding payment. Though, if the 40% made for staff is anything under $10 with a combined total, I will hold onto the money until you gain more in order to avoid micro transactions.
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    Quote from themakernator

    Name: Harry parsonage

    Minecraft User name: themakernator

    Email: [email protected]

    One of my best builds: http://lets-build-mi...e-epic-builds-4

    Age: 14

    Timezone: uk London

    I wont to build a spawn building (i was thinking a palace/castle)

    castles, modern houses etc

    I feel like that is not really you on the Tumblr page.
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    posted a message on *Brand New BeastNode Hosted Server 30 Slots* NEED A CO OWNER/HEAD ADMIN TO HELP ME OUT READ DESCRIPTION!
    No, he did not put in a typo. He just got caught lying.
    Also, this server will fail due to lack of actual effort.
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    Quote from Epke
    This seems so neeeaaat. Having a hard time deciding about trying to be a builder or an operator, but hey, if I appear to suck at building then there's a second choice, right? :D Name: Linnéa IGN: Teqwila (jfc this is getting more embarassing by the day, please ignore the username) Age: 20 Skype: Hayria Describe Your Talent: Shuck. Well, in short, I like creating things. Though I'm still not used and thereby not very good at creating really big builds I'm improving and I learn quickly. I'm terrible with redstone but really good with details and small, quaint, village-type builds; I can make really neat stuff with very small working areas. I have a knack for making builds look run-down and old/broken. I'm pretty confident that I can make any materials work. Previous Example Images: Bleep, doop, deep, bloop, boop, duup.

    Hello there,
    Thank you for your interest in Elysium. I am glad to announce that you have been accepted as builder. You will be in charge of helping build some of the smaller things, since it sounds like you enjoy building those better anyways, for some of the little games we will have. Congratulations, and I will contact you tomorrow due to it being New Years.
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    VexLP, although we had various differences in the past, is a very qualified professional and a nice guy.
    He also does great logo designs, so if you click on his signature image, you will be doing yourself a great favor.
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    Quote from PlugPayPlay


    If a miscellaneous payment has gone through on your server, we would be happy to refund you. Please open a support ticket and provide proof of transaction and we will do this for you. If game servers are left unpaid they are automatically removed from the system after an amount of time.

    Although most server issues are due to bad plugins, If there is some issue with your gameserver, after you leave a ticket a support staff will investigate and usually have it resolved within a few hours.

    Oh do not listen to him, they will charge you for investigating. They tried to bill me several times.
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