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    posted a message on Best Minecraft Server Ever! A diamond pickaxe to new joins!
    Reason you want to join our server:to have some fun
    Have you read the rules? Yes
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    posted a message on ◄ The Plague: Reborn™ ►
    Minecraft Username: CaptainMoose
    Gender (Male/Female):Male
    Country of Residence:U.S.

    Your Character's Background (Roleplaying)(5 Sent. Min.):He is a former soldier who went mad after a war and fled into the mountains where he has lived for years. One day he spotted a man walking through the woods, he grew suspicious because no one ever came up to this secluded area. As he approached the man he noticed this was no ordinary man, he was covered in blood and chunks of missing flesh! Scared, he begin to run but stopped when he saw even more creatures coming from the other direction. He quickly unsheathed his old sword, let out a battle cry, and ran down the mountain, slashing zombies as he went. When he reached the bottom of the mountains he knew he must find help and fast.
    Character (as you imagine them): Long, Scruffy beard and torn, tattered clothing

    Why do you want to join OUR server? (2 Sent. Min.):I am new to multiplayer and really want a fun server to meet people and have fun. I also like the idea of a zombie plauge in minecraft, it sounds really fun.
    What can you bring to the community? (2 Sent. Min.):I follow the rules and just have fun. I am laid back and just looking for a good time. I am also willing to donate.

    Do you have a microphone (Yes/No): no, but im planning on getting one
    Will you be active on our Ventrillo (Yes/No):no, but will when i get a mic

    Have you read all the rules? Lieing will result in perm. denied. (Yes/No):yes
    Have you read and understood the lore? Lieing will result in perm. denied. (Yes/No):yes
    Do you understand the Game Mechanics / Currency system? (Yes/No): yes

    Have you downloaded and installed our custom texturepack? (Yes/No): yes
    Have you registered on our Official Forums? (Yes/No (If yes, what's your name on the forums?)):yes, CaptainMoose

    Any other information you would like us to know about you: nope

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    posted a message on 1.6 Update ideas?
    haha everyone wants npc villages so it will be like the yogscast :smile.gif:. I dont really want npcs untill adventure mode they just dont really fit into survival mode, minecraft is about building things and survivng not questing like an rpg.
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    posted a message on [V1.3] Optimine (FPS Boost) [OPTIMIZATION] *UPDATED*
    im just getting a black screen. There was also an error message that said something about missing launcher, any ideas as to what im doing wrong?
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