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    Quote from cherryberry986

    IGN: cheryyberry986
    Any feedback: I find the server really fun and cool. It is also unique, but I wish there was a way to switch castes because when I joined the server was in the first stages of beta and there was only one caste to join.

    We have been trying to find a way to make it so players can switch castes, ATM it is quite hard, but we are still working on it it we may have it settled sometime soon.
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    I have seen things similar to this on multiple occasions, look into upgrading video card drivers and make sure your Java is up to date and that is is properly matching your operating system, I am having trouble looking through this report to find the bug. Also make sure that you have authorized Java to run the launcher program and check for any firewalls that have been set in place that may be keeping java from running.

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    Andddddd this is why I hate living in Ohio... Nothing fun ever comes here XD
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    Well, what this looks like, the launcher tries to run the file to start the launcher, but it hits this error, it is denied access to the file, often times, this is do to a firewall or a blocked permission to that section of the computer. Is this a family computer or a personal computer, what brand and is it a desktop or laptop? This can help me tell you if it is a firewall or something else.
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    Awh man! I wanted it in Ohio or at least close! Dang. Well sounds fun xD Maybe next year :P
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    ok try this go to your minecraft file if your on windows do %appdata% and then go to Roaming and then .minecraft if your on mac go to finder>library>applicationsupport>minecraft Take your .minecraft or your minecraft folder and drag them into the trash completely delete them. Then try to run minecraft again it will reinstall all the files. Tell me if it works if it does not tell me what happens next and I will try to help you further. I hope this helps.
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    You just copied Sacheverell's post, His is the official McF post.
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    The white one is a little bit better I think. Looks smoother and a bit cleaner then the darker green one, so it looks a little bit better to me.
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    No, Profile rating is a great thing, I would be very disappointed if they would ever disable the reputation, some people work very hard to build a good rep. so they may be respected and so people know that the things they say are valid, secondly staff members also build up reputations so they can become more respected among other all the other users who are always using the forums, there is nothing wrong with the rating system therefore it has no need to be changed.
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    Looks like SkyBlock on steroids xD a lot like an amped up version of a classic map.
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