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    posted a message on Need host for Resonant Rise server

    We have the permgen size larger for our customers than default, and our new control panel thats coming out very soon will allow for custom permgen sizes. We also tick your other boxes, and i'd be willing to drop our 3GB package by $5/m just for you.

    Check our packages out:

    We're a registered tax paying American company, and we have served tens of thousands of happy customers in our 2 and a bit years of trading. We have a 5 days refund policy if you're not happy. If you have any questions, or would like to take me up on this deal then PM me.
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    posted a message on Best of these three hosts.
    I'd have to say MPServ. I'd be happy to offer you a 30% discount if you PM me :)
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    posted a message on Looking for a few players for Minecrack Modpack
    Quote from Toqzi

    What do you enjoy most in Minecraft:pranks
    What are you best at in Minecraft:pranks

    We don't like jokers, sorry.
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    posted a message on - Instant Setup | Custom Panel | 24/7 Support | 20% OFF | 3 Years Old | 5 Day Refund | SSD's | FREE TRIALS
    Quote from andy1005

    Hello, my name is Andy (no surprise there then)...

    Anyway, I am looking for a realistic review on this hosting service. I don't trust 10/10 or glowing praise reviews very much as I have had bad experiences with 'good' reputation hosting companies before (most notably brohoster that went bankrupt and I lost my money without chance for refund).

    Here's an additional question for a representative to answer please...

    How sufficient is 10 GB Disk Space? I am considering buying the 2 GB RAM option from your main list of packages which according to your terms of service provides 10 GB disk space maximum... How much can I fit into that 10 GB disk space realistically?

    Thanks for your time reviewees and representatives.


    All the reviews on this thread and on BestMinecraftHosts ( are real and from our customers. Honestly, we do have one bad review on BestMinecraftHosts which was over a year ago now, and the issues outlined in that review have been fixed as our infrastructure grew. We have now been open for over a year and a half and we're going strong with no signs of going bankrupt like your previous host(s).

    As for your 10GB space question, we have a few customers who would like a little more space, but unfortunately as we are running solid state drives (superior over normal drives, but quite expensive and small) we do have to have a strict limit on this. The majority of our customers have no issues with it running plugins such as CoreProtect (reasonable purge times configured) and DynMap.

    Thanks for your time,
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    posted a message on Looking to rent a VPS to run a website and a FTB server on
    Quote from makeme

    I am looking for a VPS to run a MC feed the beast server and a website on I can set up 90% of the stuff but would like some form of support and the ablity to upgrade when needed. I would like a company which is here to stay (had two hosts shut down on me) but still is personal and helpful.


    If you're able to bare not having SSH access then our plans would work for you. All our Minecraft servers come with free webhosting, full FTP access to your MC files and MySQL. The free webhosting is not on the same machine, and runs cPanel, however. Our plans start at $3.59/m. We have been around a year and a half now and we're a registered company!


    If SSH is essential then I suggest checking out CreeperHost.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Server Sponsorship
    Quote from tarikb


    You just bumped a dead topic from December...
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    posted a message on Server request
    Quote from Demon2121

    Hello everyone. I have a request for anyone that can make servers. I beed a 4 slot non-premium, no hamachi server so I can record Youtube videos. I don't need anything built, gamemode survival, world type- normal, seed-any, bonus chest-off, structures on. Please make the server as soon as possible.

    Are you looking for something free or paid? If your looking for something free then use this template:

    If you're able to pay check our MPServ:
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    posted a message on Minecraft Hosting in Australia Only

    You are unlikely to find what you're looking for at that price. Your best bet is to go with west coast LA hosting if you cannot raise your budget. Aussie bandwidth is too expensive.

    Good Luck!
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    posted a message on Need a server sponsorship (Entei Template)
    'Hole' is spelt whole. You spell it hole when you have a "hole in the ground". You spell it whole when you have a 'whole cake'.

    I also didn't read your whole post as the quoting, on and off bold all the time and sometimes italics are extremely annoying and hard to read. Your image is also terrible.
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    posted a message on Looking for a FTB Performance host 30-35 slots

    You wont find 4GB of RAM for $15/m.
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