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    If you don't mind I've made some suggestions. I don't know if all of them are possible but it's something to think about. I've tried to include mob specific, ore specific and item/block specific biomes to separate them a bit as well as a few of my opinions on most.

    Alps Coal plentiful, windy noises, a few flowers scattered around.
    Autumn Woods PUMPKINS (and cedar trees explained below)
    Birch Forest
    Extreme Jungle GOLD
    Forested Hills Mountains
    Forested Island
    Glacier spawns as an island?
    Green Hills
    Green Swamp
    Ice Wasteland IDK why but it spawns strange ice 'trees' all over. I would move this to 'addons' Mobs can't spawn here, there is no reason to go here (ore, items), and it's not aesthetically pleasing. Also you can't really even mine here lol.
    Marsh Awesome addition.
    Meadow More flowers. (explained below)
    Mini Jungle This and green swamp are very very similiar to me. I can't really think of a way to separate the two.
    Mountain Desert Water should be teal instead of that Notch blue maybe? Like http://miriadna.com/desctopwalls/images/max/Desert lake.jpg
    Mountain Ridge Iron plentiful here
    Mountain Taiga It looks a bit like the alps without the nice trees.
    Pine Forest Add those cool trees from the alps into the mix.
    Rainforest Looks like 'forested hills'
    Redwood Forest
    Redwood Lush
    Snow Forest
    Temperate Rainforest
    Temperate Rainforest Snow

    Add ons

    Bayou needs uncommon cobble/mossy cobble/wood shacks with skeleton spawners in 'em. Perfect biome for skeles since the water and trees protect them during the day. I'd get bones here.
    Bog damn this biome is annoying to traverse through. I love it. Collecting that mud for traps or barriers would be why I'd go here.
    Dark Forest This biome is the spiders' domain. Both blue and black spiders inhabit the trees of this biome. I'm not really sure where the spawners would go. High in the trees would be cool as long as the spider can live the fall to get to you. Potions would be the reason I travelled here.
    Deadlands Rather than all mobs, only creepers should spawn here since it's the only biome suitable for the creepers sad existence. Gunpowder is obviously the reward for traveling here.
    Deciduous Forest Very generic for an add-on
    Flower Field This is cool but I would actually like it in the main mod. Meadow.
    Gravel Beach It's not really a beach and too similiar to wasteland to put in thed main mod, but it's always cool none-the-less.
    Maple Forest I like it - Perhaps replace Automn Woods in the main mod with this. The addition of the tall trees along with pumpkins would really pull it together in my opinion.
    Mystic Forest I loved this add-on so much but there is no reason to be here unless you're trying to get mushroom blocks. Perhaps the odd diamond could spawn near the surface. So much possibility here - I just can't think right now.
    Oasis Only have the palms spawn on the grass around the actual Oasis.
    Prairie Main mod.
    Sandstone Plateau We need flat deserts. Main mod
    Tropical Rainforest Love the Melon addition! would go with pumpkins in the automn Forest. Main mod.
    Tropics Love this. But paradise should stay in the add-ons.
    Wetlands Main mod
    Wheat Field Main mod.
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    We all have seen the glitch where dirt somehow is not formed during generation and stone/coal/iron is all exposed over a mountainside. This gave me an idea and I think it's pretty cool. Make it larger and call it a The Hollows.

    How it looks

    It's as if life has been sucked out of everything here. There is no soil, no trees, and no water. The rock faces are jagged and the place is dangerous. Caves, coal, iron, etc, are all exposed.

    How it feels

    Scary. Skeletons and Zombies are the owners of this land. They spawn in daylight and at nighttime on this biome, and light does not burn them here.

    Why go there?

    Adventure and rewards of course! Many ventured out to this place before you, and have died unfortunate deaths. Ruins of makeshift shelters in the rocks are to be found. Good rewards await inside these ruins.

    I hope you like this biome idea!

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    I thought I would post this seed because it has some square arches like I've never seen before. Might come of use to a good builder. The seed is zxcv

    The origin is underneath this structure.

    Arch 1

    Arch 2


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    Personally I think BEDS were a dumb idea. Just look at how lazy you've become.
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