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    Incase anyone finds this AGAIN, I dont update on the forums anymore, I DO however still work on this, please go to my youtube linked below to follow on this, as I now only do video updates. Sorry and thank you!

    The Old GE is now a DL file (as a world not schematic)! Download it for your own RS worlds But give us proper credits!

    New DL file Lumbridge! get it HERE!
    The Prototype Lumbridge!

    The Real map

    My Map

    What can you do to help you ask? Why CONTSRUCTIVE CRITICISM is the most helpful because it helps me do things right and that means when i release the download you'll get the best possible world!

    Teaser Trailer

    part 1

    part 2

    part 3

    part 4

    The TimeLaspe! (part 1)

    Timelaspe Part 2
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    Quote from doctorseaweed2

    What is the worst game you ever bought?

    Modern Warefare 3, got it for $5 from a friend. Gave it back to him 2 days later.
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    Quote from wolvesarus

    My mum said I could get Battlefield 3 or MW3 im so confused i like them both but I dont know what to get!

    Rather than start a fan boy rage let me explain the gameplay of both,

    Battlefield 3:

    Large scale team based game were vehicles are just as important as people yet not over powered. With a small number of maps it is my vote for the new destruction engine and large scale.


    Small scale single man run'n'gun shooter type where you dont NEED to be a team but it can help, I dont recomend this due to the crappy fan base but the game is fun if you can look past the screeching cry babies. But the game is fully equiped with a mute button anyways.

    Like i said id go BF3 but MW3 is a close second.
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    Quote from Crontic

    Hey guys, I've recently been seeing and hearing some stuff about the slendermen (Not IRL). I've seen some of the entry videos on him, and I've read up on him. I still just dont understand. Who is he? Why? What does he expect to accomplish? I'd just like to learn more about him, and your guys opinions on him.

    Bro its a fictional forum character who eats children, im pretty sure his end game goal is not get caught and eat more kids. :tongue.gif:
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    So I was thinking its time for a new background so i made this from one of my old builds.
    Feel Free to show your friends or set it as your own background!

    Its has 58 [working] cannons, 3 gun decks, 4 mast, Realistic[ish] rigging, and a captains quarters!

    Video of the boat:

    Mineways 3d Print out: http://www.shapeways.com/model/463669/
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    Was uploading a flat world to test a mod out and first thing i see is this, cool right?

    I know these arent that rare but ive never seen them so close before.
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    BRO, lions need noses, its one of there most predominant features. Other than that great job
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    butter knives, and steak knives may work
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