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    I have to say, I feel that the mod changing has become a staple part of what makes Thaumcraft so good. Its like different eras of magic with the understanding and technology evolving. It is basically part of the lore of Thaumcraft at this point.
    Thuamcraft 5:

    Rediscovery of seals, a lost art last seen centuries ago.
    A resurgence in aura node strength causes them to enter high energy states that can drift.
    Major upheaval in golem research occurs due to the resurgence and growth of auras granting them sentience. Many researchers died before they were contained. New research will be needed on the interaction of auras and golems.

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    Thank you for those additions to the fan mod, they are very helpful when building in dangerous terrain.

    Small bug I noticed, distance calculations seem to be based off the corner closest closest to -inf,-inf. This means depending on the orientation of the fans, they don't push as far.

    Any easy way to test this. Setup 2 fans with 6 packed ice blocks between them, so when stepped on you slide towards the center. You will end up closer to one of the fans instead of in between blocks 3 and 4.
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    posted a message on To Mod Creators: Copyrights and Malicious code
    Congrats on posting one of the most damaging posts to the minecraft modding community. We all have you to thank for the loss of many important modders, such as the lead forge maintainers.
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    Quote from Mad3ngineer

    I have a couple questions... How will this mod work with:

    *Railcraft (example) Anchors
    *Modded Ores
    *Modded Structures

    Overall, I think this mod is great, and I want to use it, and I 100% support it's usage with vanilla, but... I want to make sure that it will play well with the other mods... How does railcraft chunk loading work with this mod? Does it load a huge vertical chunk in the world which could be thousands of blocks tall, or does it load the area around it....

    Thanks for the mod! I hope it gets implemented to vanilla!

    Any sort of Chunk loader would load chunks as normal, just it would also load them along the Z axis. So if it loads them in a square, it would load them as a cube now, a circle becomes a sphere, and so on.

    Modded ores would have even greater control over generation since the biomes would be cubic as well. This means sky islands could have different ore gen then the surrounding mountains, even if they are at the same height(which the current system primarly uses).

    Modded structures would probably be easier to implement since you could treat it as its own biome for the purpose of generation(since biomes are 3d, allowing for things like volcanoe dungeons)
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    Quote from MCforfreeuser

    I think someone should make a thread about 'How Cubic Chunks Affect Minecraft & Mods'...

    Then we give it rep until it is right behind this one, making two of the top 4-5 repped threads about cubic chunks.
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    Quote from Unclevertitle

    I don't think that flowing water needs to load up to the source block if the flowing water blocks already exist. If source blocks are unloaded then they won't be changing. But it does present a problem if there is a large cavern which is open to the ocean overhead but no ocean chunks are currently loaded. There would be water that would not fall until the player ascended nearer to the ocean.

    It's quite similar to the sunlight issue actually.

    I suppose if each flowing liquid block pointed to it's source then if the source block is removed or blocked then the halted flow can be simulated by a time delay appropriate with the block's distance (vertical and horizontal) from the source block. Then flowing water blocks can disappear in order regardless of whether or not the all the flowing water between them and the source are in loaded chunks or not. Nice.

    However, it still doesn't solve the problem of water falling in the first place (particularly from unloaded source blocks), where flowing water would be replacing air blocks.

    I think that following liquid blocks not falling until observed can be chalked up as quantum mechanics.
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    Quote from Otrillion

    Also do you think an electronic teleporter might be in the works soon? We use stargates currently as a bukkit mod but I would love to replace them with a crafted item that required huge amounts of energy instead.

    Enhanced Portals 3 is amazing with fully configurable power requirements and an extensive selection of upgrades to customize how the portals function and look like. That should hold you over until he adds his own form of teleportation.
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    Quote from ShadowDrakken

    They won't see it if it doesn't exist as a fully fledged mod. This isn't the first time cubic chunks been done in Minecraft. It's not the first time there's been a proof of concept mod for it.

    Build it out as a fully fledged mod and to hell with Mojang. Either they pick it up or they don't.

    They have already seen it and have given us the criteria for giving it a chance at becoming part of minecraft. The only major criteria that is currently missing is the lighting issue.

    As to the lighting issue.

    For non-generated chunks:
    What if we made a secondary NoiseGenerator function that allowed for a resolution argument, that would then be used to create lower resolution noise maps. Then when trying to figure out if an non-generated chunk should cast a shadow, we start with an extremelly low resolution where 1 pixel = 9 chunks centered on the current chunk+height above. Then if the pixel shows that it is solid(due to more then half the terrain in the chunk being solid, we switch to 1 pixel = 1 chunk, then normal resolution. This allows for a rough shadow to be cast by non-generated chunks.
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    Quote from 4rz0

    Is this a dream?
    It seems so real...
    But I won't believe it until I get to try this one out!

    But seriously, that's a thing I've been looking out for like forever!
    And it really works with mods as well?
    BC quarries, pipes, IC2 furnaces, reactors, pumps, Railcraft boilers?
    Does it affect e.g. the Nether as well?

    It works with everything that relies on the ticks and are currently within loaded chunk distance; meaning that it is not possible to use in the nether unless he made it possible to sleep in the nether or you have a mod that adds chunk loaders.
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    Quote from laukejas

    That's really good to hear. Most mods are plagued with requiring Forge to work. Nice to know this one will be independent.

    I am personally looking forward to forge compatibility, as without it, most mods will suffer incompatibility with cc, greatly negating the benefits of increased height and depth due to lack of content.
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