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    You seem to have a good thing going here. I'd bet you've taken a look at BarracudaATA's Dragon Mounts. Sadly, I think the development has pretty much stopped, but it still has nice code and good animations for the dragons.

    Also, I really hope to see a good flight AI for the untamed dragons come out of this mod. The Dragon Mounts I think were too dependent on the player as far as attacking and flying (and spawning).

    Have you guys thought about setting up a github repository? It makes bug testing way more efficient with other people testing the mod as well. Not to mention, it's really great when people can add their own dragons.

    Do a barrel roll.

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    Quote from gurujive»

    I believe the others are "juvenile" and "hatchling"
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    Quote from GraphiteTail»

    I think so, Pounce swam just fine and getting the egg out of the deeper parts of my river wasn't a big hassle. As for walls, it keeps returning to egg state before it goes through any, so that I can't tell ya.

    Quote from Qydra»

    Have they fixed the bugs where:

    Dragons sink to the bottom of the ocean (or any deep enough body of water) and cannot be retrieved?

    Dragons glitch through walls?

    I love this mod, but I'm waiting for those bugs to be fixed before I make the mod a permanent staple of my mod loadout.

    (If you need more info about the bug, PM me. Thanks!)

    I think r43 fixed the egg problem and improved the wall problem as well.

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