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    In-game name: Joltz
    Timezone and Age(Will Not be Judged based on Age): UTC (8:00) pacific standard time

    How often would you be able to play? probably like 4 to five times a week, or more.

    What is the definition of power gaming and meta gaming(In your own words)?: Power Gaming: Gaming to reach a specific goal. Meta Gaming: its like using strategies that are out of character to fight and stuff.

    In-Character Information

    Character Race(Dwarf, Elf, Human): Human

    Character Name(Must Be According To Race): Archebald (Arche for short)

    Character Biography(One Paragraph Please): Arche was the son of a wealthy merchant, who was killed by a group of bandits. the bandits took him in as one of their own. he was raised by them until he was 17, when he found out that the leader of the bandits had killed his real father. he got revenge by killing him with his own sword, the one that killed his father. it the bandit leaders trunk, he finds a book that had belonged to his father. in it, there is many numbers, and things that don't mean anything to him, but at the back, he finds a list of names, with the bandits leaders name one of them. he escapes into the night and vows to cross off all the names on the list. works as a sellsword until he can.

    Character Goals: get revenge for his father, start a bandit group, grow rich.

    Screen shot of your skin:
    forgot age, im 15
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    Out-of-character Info

    Minecraft username: Joltz

    Your Age: 15

    Have you ever role-played before? If so, tell us your experience with it (this does not include role-playing video games such as Skyrim): yes, used to do pahfinder.

    Have you read all of the rules?: yes borscht

    Tell us about yourself. Why are you interested in joining, what do you have to offer the server?: i like medieval stuff, and it sounds like a great server

    What three MCMMO skills would you like? (If you do not know anything about MCMMO skills, read up on them here.): Acrobatics, Archery, Unarmed

    In-character Info

    Character Name: Archebald (Arche for short)

    Character Age: late 20s

    Character Gender: male

    Character Backstory: Write a backstory for your character. It need not be super long, but it should be at least a paragraph or two and should be interesting. This will be one of the main things that we consider when reading your application, so be creative:
    After you have posted your thread, just wait for a staff member to read it and reply to you. Good luck!

    Arche was the son of a wealthy merchant, who was murdered. He was taken in as one of the bandits that killed his father.

    Thanks for your time!
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    Age: 15

    Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time (UTC-08:00)

    Skype: joltzgamez
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