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    Gods and Kings

    A Greek Mythology Mash-Up Server

    by EvaUnit4

    General Info:

    Gods and Kings is a new Minecraft server intended to create the ultimate faction, survival, and roleplaying experience. The server takes place on the Greek Mythology Mash-Up map. While the mash-up is not required to play, it is suggested. (All this information is available in books within the server so at anytime you feel you have read enough and want to just hurry up and join and learn the ins and the outs once you join, by all means go ahead and shoot EvaUnit4 a friend request and/or a message and we'll get you in here as soon as possible!)

    Server Settings:

    Gamemode: Survival

    Difficulty: Hard

    Gamertags: On

    Structures: On

    PvP: On

    Mob Griefing: Off


    So let's break down the name of the server and start with the Gods. There will be players that are moderators for the server that play as "gods" which have host privileges enabled. They are as follows:

    Zeus: EvaUnit4

    Poseidon: Joldz (Me :D)

    Hades: SpeedyHink

    The "gods", as admins of the sever, will maintain balance and keep things fun and fair for all players. The "gods" will be in a party anytime they are playing. You are not required to join the party, but you are welcome to join at any time. If you pick a particular "god" you like and want to help with projects, because we will be constantly adding new things to the server to keep everything fresh for you guys, you will be rewarded with gifts.


    The next part of the server is Kings. This is the faction/PvP part of the server. There are various cities scattered around the map that can be claimed by a player or faction. You can then declare yourself King of that city. You will be required to protect your own city while you are online. While you are away it will be protected by the "gods" so no need to fret about getting offline. However that will only last while you are a frequent player. The "gods" will work with you as long as you are in the server on a steady basis.

    Other Cool Features:

    • PvP Arena, and PvE Arena, fight wave after wave of mobs and earn rewards for each wave passed (PvE Arena Coming Very Soon!)
    • Rewarding Handwritten Quests! (Coming Soon)
    • Challenges and Contests to appease the Gods....also Rewarding!
    • A Maze that is hard as f***, great spoils await the conquerer of the maze.
    • Caves and lairs to explore with loads of great loot hidden throughout!
    • And the list goes on and on and on and ooonnnnn, Strangers lurkin in the.... sorry I got carried away, but seriously there's so much this server has to offer be one of the first to come check it out and claim your territory fast!


    • When King of a city, you are required to maintain that city and when adding new buildings to the cities they must fit the style of the buildings around it. Since adding on to cities is smiled upon the "gods" may often give you the materials required to expand your city.
    • PvP is restricted to certain zones, those zones being the wilderness (the area outside of the cities) and the PvP arena. So the cities are safe zones.
    • No destroying any of the structures within the cities. feel free to build and destroy things outside of the cities.
    • None of the God skins that are taken can be used by other players.
    • More specific rules that only apply at certain times (such as during a specific quest or challenge) are listed in books on the server.

    How To Join:

    To join the server list your GT below and we will add you and inv you but for the quickest response send a message to Joldz or EvaUnit4 and add us as a friend and we will send you an invite as soon as possible!

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