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    Ever thought the world of Minecraft is a little static? I mean, the potential for extraordinary things to happen is there, but nothing ever happens before an enderman or the player picks up a block.

    This mod uses Forge and supports Minecraft 1.6.4. This mod is a work in progress mod, which means bugs, glitches and instability can be a case as new versions come by!

    This is Nature Reborn. The successor of my previous mod Natural Disasters Mod which was discontinued while still only supporting Minecraft 1.4.2. As you might have guessed by reading the introduction; this mod adds elements to make your Minecraft world more dynamic. Especially in the form of Natural Disasters, but it also gives trees, tall grass and flowers the ability to grow, water to erode and lava to smelt the ground. All these elements will over time change the Minecraft world you survive in.

    There are currently 4 disasters in the mod: Volcanoes, Meteorites, Sinkholes and Earthquakes. More are to come!

    Latest version: Nature Reborn 0.0.4
    Previous version: Nature Reborn 0.0.3_1

    1. Get the proper Minecraft version.
    2. Download the proper Forge version
    3. Install Forge, there are many tutorials on various sites.
    4. Download and place the .zip file of this mod into the mods folder from your Forge download.

    I have also included some pictures:
    This is the crash site of a fallen meteorite, the smoke produced from the meteor falling to the ground. You can find the meteor underground from such an impact, and it might contain some very valuable resources!

    This is the beginning of an earthquake taking form. It will dig down very deep, kind of like a ravine.

    This is the result of the earthquake. It is a very very long gap in the ground, and sometimes even small fractures are created.
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    Past the stages of growing, the volcano charges up and eventually releases things from rock, to diamond blocks(now those are very rare, so don't go around expecting them to appear!), this goes on for quite a while, and eventually it goes to sleep and CAN die permanently. If it doesn't die, it takes quite some time and then it wakes up again and spits out blocks once again and the cycle repeats.
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    Sorry about the inconvenience. I was really in a hurry I guess for releasing the mod. I'll have it fixed ASAP!

    Update: Now it should be fixed. :D
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    The new mod is here!

    You can expect me to create a new similar mod, just be patient and wait. While staying patient though, you can check in on my twitter @Jokiboyy to give me feedback on the new things I add. I have plans making this next version much more detailed, and feedback is crucial for me!

    Howdy folks, this is an extension of the previous Volcano Mod I made. I've just been developing over the Volcano and added more Natural Disasters. You may find Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Meteorites, Sinkholes, Tornadoes, a new mob, and many other things that will turn your static Minecraft world into a dynamic hell.
    If you have any problems with the mod: read through the OP and see if you can solve it, if not you should post it on this topic or send me a PM.

    Here's a video put together by Co Weetie, and it includes Weather & Tornadoes mod by Corosus and this mod

    Also, you may find news on my twitter, make sure to follow me to find out when new versions are out!

    Quote from Installation Guides »

    **When you're on any adfoc.us link, do NOT click any other button than the "SKIP" button that appears approximately 6 seconds after loading the page! If you do, there is no telling where you'll end up or what will happen to your computer!**

    *Backup your saves! Unless you want your world destroyed by natural disasters. Also, since the change between Natural Disasters from Volcano Mod, I got no idea if it's compatible with old worlds. I'm really sorry if it isn't :S
    1. Uninstall any previous version by removing the previous zip file.
    2. Install Forge ModLoader then run Minecraft to create the mods folder.
    3. Download the client mod file here!
    4. Navigate to the mods(%appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/mods) folder and place the zip file inside.
    5. Play! :D
    6. This is fully optional, but since there is so many disasters then just a volcano now, check out the properties file to add limits. The properties file is found as NaturalDisastersProps.PROPERTIES int the config folder where you installed the server.

    Server(V1.3_1!!(MC 1.2.5)):
    0. If you're not running on 1.3_1(mod version and not running on MC1.2.5 you should not continue beyond this step.
    1. A: If you don't have any server, download the minecraft_server.jar and install it. If you have a server then do B.
    1. B: Uninstall any(if any) previous versions by removing the previous zip file.
    2. Install Flan's ModloaderMp SERVER, then run the server to create the mods folder.
    3. Download the server mod file and put it in the mods folder(where you have the server installed).
    4. Run the server and play! :D
    5. This is fully optional: check out the properties file. The properties file is found as NaturalDisastersServer.PROPERTIES int the config folder where you installed the server.

    Video tutorials:

    Quote from Versions »

    **When you're on any adfoc.us link, do NOT click any other button than the "SKIP" button that appears approximately 6 seconds after loading the page!**

    Natural Disasters:

    Version 1.6_2 (MC 1.4.2):
    Adfoc.us: DOWNLOAD<- Helps me a lot :)
    Dropbox: DOWNLOAD

    Older Versions:
    Version 1.6_1 (MC 1.4.2):
    Adfoc.us: DOWNLOAD
    Dropbox: DOWNLOAD

    Version 1.6 (MC 1.4.2):
    Adfoc.us: DOWNLOAD
    Dropbox: DOWNLOAD

    Version 1.5_2 (MC 1.3.2):
    Adfoc.us: DOWNLOAD
    Dropbox: DOWNLOAD

    Version 1.5_1 (MC 1.3.2):
    Adfoc.us: DOWNLOAD
    Mediafire: DOWNLOAD

    Version 1.5 (MC 1.3.2):
    Adfoc.us DOWNLOAD
    Mediafire: DOWNLOAD

    Version 1.4 (MC 1.2.5):
    Adfoc.us: DOWNLOAD
    Mediafire: DOWNLOAD

    Version 1.3_1 (MC 1.2.5):
    Adfoc.us: DOWNLOAD
    Mediafire: DOWNLOAD

    Adfoc.us: DOWNLOAD
    Mediafire: DOWNLOAD

    Version 1.3 (MC 1.2.3):
    Adfoc.us: DOWNLOAD
    Mediafire: DOWNLOAD

    Adfoc.us: DOWNLOAD
    Mediafire: DOWNLOAD

    Version 1.2_1:
    Adfoc.us: DOWNLOAD
    Mediafire: DOWNLOAD

    Adfoc.us: DOWNLOAD
    Mediafire: DOWNLOAD

    - Version 1.1_2, MC 1.1 compatible (Adfoc.us link)
    - Version 1.1_2, MC 1.1 compatible
    - Version 1.1, MC 1.1 compatible (Adfoc.us link)
    - Version 1.1, MC 1.1 compatible
    - Version 1.0, MC 1.1 compatible (Adfoc.us link)
    - Version 1.0, MC 1.1 compatible

    Volcano Mod(previously existing on this topic!):
    - Version 1.4, MC 1.1 compatible
    - Version 1.3_1, MC 1.1 compatible
    - Version 1.3, MC 1.1 compatible
    - Version 1.1, MC 1.0.0 compatible
    - Version 1.0, With natural spawning, MC 1.0.0 compatible
    - Version 1.0, Without natural spawning, MC 1.0.0 compatible
    - Version 0.3, MC 1.0.0 compatible
    - Version 0.2, MC 1.0.0 compatible
    - Version 0.1, MC 1.0.0 compatible

    Natural Disasters:
    V. 1.6_1:
    - Fixes major bug with the disaster spawner.

    V 1.6:
    - Compatible with 1.4.2

    V 1.5_1:
    - Rendering of blocks is back!

    v. 1.5:
    - Added Spires
    - Added Plateaus
    - Supports MC 1.3.2
    - Rendering of blocks are gone temporarily

    v. 1.4:
    - Added Tornadoes
    - Added Floods
    - Added Pressurized Explosions
    - Changed Meteorites
    - Changed Volcanoes
    - Changed Earthquakes
    - Changed Heatwave
    - Changed Gamma-ray burst(now named Strong Solar Ray)
    - Changed Terrain Monster
    - Changed Sinkhole
    - Added new Item: Black Hole (only obtainable in creative mode)
    - Added new Item: Tornado Spawner (only obtainable in creative mode)
    - Optimized the flying blocks... complicated stuff...
    - Flying blocks now have textures again! :D
    - ALL disasaters naturally spawn(except for Strong Solar Ray, not finished yet!), was previously only Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Terrain Monsters that spawned naturally!

    v. 1.3:
    - Updated to 1.3
    - Somewhat finished gamma ray burst(laggy though).

    v. 1.2_1:
    - Fixed server joining bug.
    - Fixed a server crash when players leave or there are zero players.

    v 1.2:
    - Added multiplayer compatibility.
    - Fixed the terrain monster spawning even if the config says it shouldn't.
    - Added Heatwaves and Gamma-ray bursts(this one is not complete!!!).
    - Changed the sinkholes formation, if it's not how you'd expect it tell me :)

    v 1.1_2:
    - Crushed a generation bug.
    - Added Gravity Bender

    v 1.1:
    - Fixed an ID bug for the spawner.
    - Made it possible to spawn all the different disasters with the spawner(right click on the ground to spawn, right click in the air to change what to spawn)!
    - Added a master intensity, for those with lower specced computers or those with no lag and in need of some! Intensity 1.0 is default!

    v 1.0:
    - Earthquakes
    - Meteorites
    - Sinkholes
    - New Mob

    Initial release of Volcano Mod extension.

    Volcanoes Mod:
    v 1.4:
    - Dormant and sleeping Type B volcano.

    v 1.3_1:
    - Customize volcano spawn rate.
    - Added explosion sound to old volcanoes(very loud when you're close!)!

    v 1.3:
    - Added volcano types, there is the old type and a new one!
    - Dormant volcanoes.
    - *Removed ModloaderMP requirements.
    - Compatible with MC 1.1!

    - Added a properties file, customization is now possible!
    - Limited volcanoes per area, these areas span 750 blocks?.
    - Beginning of Multiplayer compatibility!

    - Added natural spawning
    - Added all block types from The Nether to be spit out of the volcano, if it has dug deep enough!

    - Added Netherrack, automatically catches fire after landing.
    - Overhauled the volcano looks, and it might be wider or deeper.
    * Volcanoes are now much more destructive, blocks will land far away from it's original point.
    - Obsidian has a 33% chance of spawning from stone being ripped up of the ground.
    - Time delay instead of random!

    - Made the volcanoes a little nicer.
    - Volcanoes now save properly.

    - Initial release

    Quote from To-do List »

    Re-writing the mod code progress:

    Not started

    SMP Support

    Suggest anything new! :D

    Quote from Spotlights/Pictures »

    More details and pictures

    Creating the spawner item, right click a block to create a disaster, right click in the middle of nowhere to change between the disasters!

    Creating the Gravity Bender, this item will pick up blocks your right click, throw animals/mobs flying when hitting them and dispose the blocks you picked up when right click on mobs/animals or nothing. Experiement, it's fun!

    TYPE A:
    Type A is not available in Superflat worlds!
    Ground perspective:

    And here you can see the entire volcano. See that red dot? Thats where the picture over was taken, the volcanoes can get enormous!

    TYPE B:
    Type B volcanoes are available in Superflat and normal worlds.

    The Earthquakes looks a lot like a ravine...

    Meteorites are big balls that falls from the sky, slowly falling apart in mid-air.


    The Earthquakes:

    The Terrain Monsters:

    The Meteorites:

    The volcanoes:
    Type A Volcano:
    Type B Volcano:

    Quote from PROPERTIES File Explanation »

    Natural Disasters 1.5:
    The properties file for ND 1.5 is named NaturalDisastersProps.PROPERTIES in the config folder in your Minecraft directory.

    NOTE: The text after -- does not exist in the file itself and is the explanation of what that line's use is.

    --Does things spawn on ticks/generation?
    --If they do, how likely?
    Spawn_Gen_Chance=0.05 --5%
    Spawn_Tick_Chance=0.0010 --0.1%
    --Spawn_Gen_* will allow/disallow disasters you chose to spawn upon land generation.
    --Spawn_Tick_* will allow/disallow disaster you choose to spawn on ticks, which means they can spawn any time and not only generation wise.
    Spawn_Tick_TerrainMonster=true --If true, Terrainmonsters can spawn on ticks(if you hate then, set this to flase).
    SoundsEnabled=true --Yes, sound without the audiomod :D

    Quote from Signatures »
    Volcanoes mod signature:


    Natural Disasters(by Lukee9):


    Any bug reports, spotlights or suggestions should be posted on this topic!
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    Just putting the news out here for those who don't watch my twitter: I'm soon going to release a snapshot of the Volcano, the first disaster to visit Minecraftia and wreck worlds again since 1.4.2 :D If you want the news as I am developing, you really should check out my Twitter in the OP :)

    I plan on making some new types of meteorites, and improving them drastically too(these news are fresh, live from The Minecraftforum!) and I hope to, in some way, improve on the way the earthquake works when I'm creating those too. I also plan to add the sinkholes too, I think most people REALLY liked them, maybe I'mm add some new features for it, it seems like the best way to add some dungeons or things like that :) And maybe the Terrainmonster will come back too, they've been dead for far too long even though most people didn't know how to kill them.

    But, once again you should check out my Twitter feed, so I can get some feedback from you guys when I'm asking questions or maybe you guys have some questions you want answered? :)
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    The reason why this mod take forever, is because I'm trying too hard to make it realistic. I don't really know if it's my way to do it. I want to make a real earthquake, but some shaking, falling blocks and a cracked ground is really hard to code, and especially when you don't play Minecraft anymore(sry). I don't really have that same motivation as before, but I feel like it's a thing I need to do. I've finished the Volcano ages ago, and it looks quite good, but I've not really finished many other disasters, and sometimes I wonder how I'm going to approach to create a more realistic disaster. Take the sinkhole as an example: In the older versions, it's a simple and gigantic hole created by removing the block on top and continue doing this until you reach a specific time period. In reality it's water eroding the ground under an area and after a while the pressure from the ceiling of the eroded room is too much for the ceiling to handle and the ceiling simply falls into the room. Imagine this in Minecraft and that every second the entire visible world is being scanned for such pressures and after that the sinking needs to be executes in a WAY more complicate way than in the older versions. Making the volcano was easy, because I had a very clear sense of how to approach it, and I have much more experience making volcanoes than other disasters.

    And I have to apologize for being lazy too. I really want to make this mod, but it's just stomping me into the ground whenever I open eclipse.

    So my question is: Should I continue trying to make a realism mod, or go back to more destructive and not exactly real things?
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    Quote from JoseCraftMCA

    And when you can do the new mod? I love nature and natural disasters!
    PD: This is a very very great mod!

    I hope to be able to do it once the modding API comes out. :)
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    Quote from Pitchfork

    guys you realize to make a mod into a new version of minecraft isn't exactly easy. and considering how GINORMOUS this mod is it could take time . Don't rush the mod creators when they get it done it'll be done. Also as far as I'm aware, Minecraft will be in 1.5 soon correct? So what would be the point of making it compatible with 1.4.7 when you might as well wait for 1.5.

    This is correct, and with all the new features that have arrived lately, especially the virtual server in ssp, has made it very hard to find ways to mod in specific things. I'm actually looking forward to 1.5, as far as I'm aware they'll add some mod support in that version?

    I have no plans continuing this mod, but I do have a plan making a new mod. It'll be more focused on natural phenomenons, not just disasters. Disasters will be included though! :)
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    Quote from charster

    wow this is so long then i thought it would be

    Yes, I haven't been working :(

    I can release a pre-release version :)
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    Quote from AlexDini

    Looks awesome. Definetely trying it...
    Also, my rep point made this mod "popular" :D

    Awesome :D
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