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    Gamertag: Johnny Gutz 08

    Location: Chicago, IL., U.S.A.

    Age: 30+

    I was actually sent information about this community at random after posting about my dissatisfaction with my experiences with most realms and world's . Because of that I figured, "hey why not!?, I should check it out"..and here I am now. I was seeking adults who enjoy Minecrafting in an actually active and communal atmosphere. .

    I think I would bring a good amount of humor to the community. Along with some good skills and knowledge of building different things. (Although I do not consider myself an expert Minecraft player) by any means and one can always learn new things.

    I love to help others work on things. And I don't mind grinding out mines for supplies for hours on end at times. I have bad anxiety and agorophobia and that helps me. It's very therapeutic at times. I can just focus and zone out . I'm also a bit ocd. So my projects always tend to look organized ..or maybe organized chaos to the outside eyes. Lol

    I like to build "prairie school" architecture based houses..(a style made famously by Frank Lloyd Wright.)

    And for larger structure buildings , I like building "classic revival" style. Think pillars, and marble .

    But I think aside from all that I mostly enjoy being a surveyor , land scout, and construction contractor . (Eg, laying out plans for new construction sites. Whether it be neighborhoods or terraforming landscapes.

    Oh yeah I like landscaping also! Ha.

    In real life I am much the same. People would probably think of me as a jack of all trades , master of none. I'm really good at a lot of things..but I'm the best at maybe only one or two. Lol. And I can't BBQ in Minecraft, sorry you'll miss out on my famous burgers😝!

    Anyway, enough of that lol. I have been Minecrafting on and off since before it was even Officially released. Through a friend of mine. So , beta days? ..But PC is way different than console anyway.

    I think I've said enough. I look forward to possibly being in this community. 🙂

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    Johnny Gutz 08

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