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    Quote from AlphaMike17»

    If you are still accepting people can i jon or do an app to join?

    You can still make an app to join, according to mrwillywonka:

    Quote from mrwillywonka»

    Our admins had a meeting and we thought it was a good idea to share with you what we came up with, so here are the minutes for our meeting.

    World Generation - Dungeons and ores, etc.
    21 dungeons
    less lakes

    Spawn location and building plans
    Default spawn location, not changing it.
    Decide on spawn builds more later.

    Spawn town location & building plans
    Extreme Hills at 900 -1200

    We decided on an extreme hills biome instead of plains to inspire more creative building.

    What seed

    Quad Witch Huts confirmed
    1500, -2640

    Nether hub plans
    Organic, build as we go, like hermitcraft season III.
    Building at y = 65

    break bedrock in nether
    is allowed.

    no enderman griefing

    1 player sleeping
    When released

    head drops
    When released

    PVP Arena Project - Elder Protection
    Yes, plan more on that later

    Resource Pack
    Not at this time.

    Clear out the End
    Uh, no.

    Not really necessary.

    Witch hut perimeter
    Everybody helps out with caving as much as they can, flood the area.

    Storage Center
    Possible project
    Use a design that minimizes lag
    Maybe talk more later.

    Town Hall
    Design on play.xisumavoid.com and recreat in spawn town.

    Stick together to begin with
    Not necessarily geographically in all the same areas but working on the same projects.

    Weekly challenges
    *No Natural regen
    *World Border - Achievements Probably not.
    *Mobloot False Probably not.
    *Statistics Competitions Yes, also we will likely track stats like tnt placed in secret to help catch griefers.
    *Maybe do something annoying like permanently jump boost III or other bizarre potion affects for a week.

    XP or another Stat in tab screen
    Death Games if we have enough players.

    You are allowed to record videos or livestream your gameplay on the server, but you aren't required.
    We are still accepting applications if you see this application after I post this. Feel free to post them.

    The people who are being accepted to the server will be private messaged and whitelisted at midnight UTC on Sunday.

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    Quote from kingcaleb778»

    I REALLY Want To Play This!!! PLEASE PICK MEEEE! :D

    1. Everyone here wants..
    2. Screaming it out loud won't help you :)
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    I am Johnny,
    my username is qwertykiller
    at the moment of typing I'm turning 16 in 4 days
    I started playing minecraft in version 1.5.2 (the redstone update)
    I watch a lot of minecraft playing youtubers, but I came here through a video of mumbo jumbo, someone posted a link :)
    I like playing with redstone a lot..

    This was my apply, if there are any questions, just ask them.

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    Quote from Norzeteus»

    Hi mates!

    I tried to add some custom noises to my resourcepack, but it won`t work! I´m using vers.1.8.4

    my json file

    "music.game": {
    "category": "music",
    "sounds": [
    "name": "music/game/station",
    "stream": true

    My ogg.file is working when I replaced it with an other, it´s in the correct folder:assets/minecraft/sounds/music/game. The output of commandblock

    tells me,sound will be played, but I can`t hear anything.....

    Does anybody know, what´s going wrong or is there a Bug in 1.8? Pls help!

    It has to be:

    "music.game.station": {
    "category": "music",
    "sounds": [
    "name": "music/game/station",
    "stream": true

    if it stil doesn't work:

    -Make sure your music volume is all the way up,
    (because some people mute it because of the annoying minecraft music, you can change the category to records, so it will be under the Jukebox/Noteblocks volume slide)
    -And also make sure your ogg file has EXACTLY the same name as in your json file, so it should be station.ogg

    If it is bad english, sorry for that, because I'm Dutch
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    I would like access please! qwertykiller is the username! Thanks.

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