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    just checked online and it does have Gb ports.
    Same results with a different cable

    See updated post. Tl;Dr: Replace the Ethernet cable, TB-E adapters are picky.
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    There are several possible reasons.

    1. Your MacBook OR Router is negotiating the link at 100Mbps instead of 1Gbps. All Airport Timecapsules seem to support Gigabit ethernet, so this should NOT be the case. Check your settings in Airport utility.

    2. Your ethernet cable does not support 1Gbps (unlikely but possible) OR is defective. Try using a different cable.

    3. Your adapter is defective.

    4. Your Airport/Timecapsule is defective.

    EDIT: If this discussion is correct, you can fix your issue simply by replacing the ethernet cable.
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    While I don't have the time to troubleshoot your validation issues, I do have three very important tips for you.
    • Do not use the root MySQL account.
    • Use a MySQL account with a password.
    • Don't use MD5 for password hashes. SHA1 may be borderline acceptable for limited cases, but you really should be using phpass if you're serious about password security.
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    posted a message on PM box variety fun time
    Also I advise any players under the age of 18 to avoid the forums, as I am very much concerned about your safety.

    Safety? Are we child molesters or forum moderators?

    They have sent many private messages, and issue infractions on their own bidding.

    Enforcing the rules is bad guys! We shouldn't enforce them! That's bad!

    They rely on people not refuting them or caring about these offenses being issued. They can't be open and public about it, because there is no room for debate.

    Or, you know, you could just follow the rules instead of complaining about how you broke rules and got caught.

    One day, our thread is closed because a moderator says we broke rules. There is no balance of power in place to refute him.

    I guess the admins don't exist.

    Our thread is locked. We can't respond. Nobody can respond. He's effectively shut down any counter-resistance anyone can have against him.

    Counter-resistance? I thought this was a dictatorship, not anarchy!

    There is no way to determine if someone truly is innocent or guilty. All of the power to lock threads and ban people and give "infractions" are vested in the staff. A moderator came across our thread on MCF, or perhaps by reporting, for possibly for whatever underlying psychological reason, found it necessary to punish OUR thread and OUR members, while if you look at the many other MCF server threads, they are magnitudes worse in terms of servers literally ASKING their players to bump threads. No discussion whatsoever. The threads that do have discussion, are no less "off-topic" than our discussions were, which were all related to the server. Yet he completely ignores them. I have already reported 20+ threads that have seemingly been under the same offenses we have been accused of. These servers literally asked their players to bump threads. Yet, Juan's high-quality posts like his updates, 5-act play, and pictures have been considered either "off-topic" or "bumping". As far as I know, they are nothing of the sort. But everything will be what the moderator says there is. What the population of our entire server may say, and any observrs in this scenario will never be enough to turnover this moderator's absurd claims. Because he's a moderator. Moderators are perfect. They never make mistakes. They are never wrong. We should never doubt the god-moderators of the MCF. If we do, we'll get spanked even harder.

    <rage intensifies>

    I could go on and relate this to the purpose of a police force in a state in a capitalist society, but I don't think we need to apply that to this scenario. The most important thing is, the moderators will NEVER admit they are wrong. He asked me to discuss my argument, and then proceeds to try to create a superiority complex, by in fact linking this very thread on our forums in a private message. A completely unnecessary point he made, by saying "I know you have a forums, particularly because of this thread: (FYI...MCF locked our thread). Only goes further to show how they are trying to assert dominance over us, because we are obviously but petty peasants that deserve no voice in this situation.

    <rage reaching critical levels>

    Additionally, as Juan had said, an admin has asked for very bothersome information, as a result I do not recommend you visit the site if you are under 18 years old.


    I am afraid of this as well. We are building up several areas of evidence and proof that can be of, perhaps, a major issue to MCF and their reputation & integrity.

    I'm sure Curse Inc is shaking in their international boots at this threat.

    Additionally, if any of you have noticed, The moderator has asserted his revenge by abusing his powers. He banned Juan's account for a week after he tried to defend himself against his infractions to the moderator, and after I submitted my argument, he also went back to our server's thread and changed our thread status from "temporarily locked" to "locked".


    It is unfortunate that a simple forum moderator cannot simply understand our points and perhaps for once in his life, accept that he may have done something wrong!, and actually respond to us with sensible information. But that is impossible. He holds a position of power, and as a result of my personal studies on human psychology, you can't deem another person's political actions (which is exactly what this is) and expect them to admit to them. He will defend his status until his position is threatened. Then in order to continue holding his power he will finally succumb to reality. This however, does not explain, why in fact he came to our thread in the first place. Of all the servers, he decides to subjugate poor Halcyon, who has a very less significant thread, and the massive servers that have hundreds to even thousands of players and over 10k+ posts to their forum threads, and contain MUCH more "off-topic" information and unnecessary "bumping". As I said before, absolutely no creative works like a play or server updates or informing everyone of our new ts server / IP.

    Aka "I took Psych 101, now I'm a master at interpreting people's motives over the internet". For all he knows, the moderator is a dog.

    After reading all of that:

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    Wishlists are not allowed.

    Topic locked.
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    posted a message on Facedesk moments (Forum edition)
    >nothing outperforms an E31270V3

    128 threads might.

    I'm pretty sure the entire current E5 and E7 lines outperform the E31270V3 on total compute performance, and some may beat it on thread performance too.
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    I found a PCIe SSD. I also found a cheaper mobo (SUPERMICRO X9SRA), which is $290, supports ECC, 2x 3.0 slots, dual gigabit ethernet, etc etc. I think it's technically better than the $350 mobo I had found. So, let's redo the list...


    You can get the E5-1620 v2 for $300 at superbiiz.

    The equivalent GPU is a W7000. Almost the same specs, twice the memory, $700 each at Newegg.

    A 2011 socket mobo that supports 1866 RAM is $290 from Supermicro via Amazon.

    2x8GB sticks of registered 1866 ECC RAM (AX31866R13Z) is $270 at Amazon.

    http://www.newegg.co...N82E16820226453 - $330, 800MB/s+. Realistically only 100MB/s behind the Mac Pro in speed, plus 16GB less storage.

    For the PSU... Let's assume this draws maybe 850W. Probably more, possibly as much as 1000W, but whatever. A RM850 is decent enough, and around $150.

    $100 for $generic_workstation_case

    Grand total is $2840

    A Mac Pro is $2999. A Mac Pro with the same amount of RAM is $3099.


    I did some more research, and found out a few interesting things. Updated MP vs custom workstation below.

    Mac Pro advantages: A very slightly faster/larger SSD (something that no sane person would ever notice in the real world), Thunderbolt, and a smaller form factor.

    Custom workstation advantages: Way better expandability, twice the VRAM, slightly faster GPUs (the D300 is a bit slower than the W7000), mobo RAID support.

    (and of course, the #1 benefit of building a custom workstation is being able to choose something a bit less beefy than dual W7000/D300 GPUs if you don't need that much power)

    Thunderbolt could be argued a pro or a con. The W7000 GPUs have DisplayPort outputs, so display support isn't important. The main uses of thunderbolt would be either external PCI cards, external adapters, or external drive arrays. Between the large quantity of USB ports/headers, the numerous SATA ports, and the multiple PCIe slots, I don't think there are any reasonable ways to argue having Thunderbolt is superior.
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    Quote from fm87

    No it is not. The only people spreading this misinformation are people who have no idea what they are talking about.

    There is a reason there are so many mining rigs being resold in parts on ebay right now.

    Mining is not and has not been viable for years (almost a year for litecoin). Get over it.

    Bitcoin, yes. Litecoin, no.

    Thanks to the media frenzy around Bitcoin, Litecoin's popularity and price have shot up by an incredible margin. Litecoin uses scrypt, which works extremely well on graphics cards. Also, thanks to Litecoin needing reasonably large (relative to Bitcoin) quantities of speedy memory, it is much harder to create ASICs for Litecoin than it was for Bitcoin. (On the other hand, this means that the difference between CPUs and GPUs for Litecoin mining is a bit less noticable than with Bitcoin mining). Currently, mining litecoin with certain AMD graphics cards under certain conditions is profitable. Even as the difficulty goes up, profitability is still staying somewhat high thanks to the currency's rapid increase in price. There are a very large number of people betting on their mining rigs staying cost-effective as the difficulty continues to increase, which is why you've suddenly got a massive shortage of certain cards.

    Examples of Litecoin mining setups both large and small (stolen from /r/litecoin as proof):

    Decent article that investigated card sales statistics and confirmed that most of them appear to be due to Litecoin mining: http://www.brightsid...adeon-gpus.aspx

    Disclaimer: Mining cryptocurrencies is a very stupid idea over the long term. This is people trying to emulate Bitcoin's success in a "get rich quick" attempt. I don't recommend joining them. With recent difficulty and card price increases, attempting to start mining now will result in you loosing money unless profitability/price increases again. Purchasing Litecoin directly is a (somewhat) better idea. On another note, cryptocurrencies will only become truly successful once the exchange rate stabilizes and businesses start dealing directly in bitcoins instead of using them as a proxy for other currencies.
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    posted a message on Why don't we use the Placebo Effect?

    A common belief is that the placebo effect is largely a “mind-over-matter effect,” but this is a misconception. There is no compelling evidence that the mind can create healing simply through will or belief. However, mood and belief can have a significant effect on the subjective perception of pain. There is no method to directly measure pain as a phenomenon, and studies of pain are dependent upon the subjective report of subjects. There is therefore a large potential for perception and reporting bias in pain trials. But there are biological mechanisms by which mental processes can affect pain. There are many non-specific factors that can biochemically suppress pain. For example, increased physical activity can release endorphins that naturally inhibit pain. For these reasons the placebo effect for pain is typically high, around 30%.

    But the more concrete and physiological the outcome, the smaller the placebo effect. Survival from serious forms of cancer, for example, has no demonstrable placebo effect. There is a “clinical trial effect,” as described above – being a subject in a trial tends to improve care and compliance, but no placebo effect beyond that. There is no compelling evidence that mood or thought alone can help fight off cancer or any similar disease.

    Other conditions are more objective than pain, but are special because they have a strong influence from the neuro-endocrine system. This system translates psychological stress into physical stress, by releasing stress hormones and increasing activity in the sympathetic nervous system. So, for example, for heart disease mood matters quite a bit. Someone who has an A-type personality and is always angry and upset is at higher risk of a heart attack than someone who is mellow and unstressed. But here there is a known physiological connection between mood and a specific organ – the heart. This cannot be extrapolated to other diseases; it doesn’t mean you can smile your cancer away.

    Many people talk about the neuroendocrine system’s effect on the immune system. Again, here there is a physiological connection. Stress hormones do suppress the immune system, and it is probably true that extreme stress leaves us physically susceptible to disease for this reason. But the effects of moderate levels of stress are not established. Also, we cannot extrapolate from the risk of getting a cold to the ability to fight off cancer. You have to look at the evidence for each disease unto itself. So while this is a potential contributor, it is overall probably a small effect except in extreme situations.

    The lack of any real biological placebo effect has led some to question the necessity of having a placebo control in clinical trials. However, I feel there is still a need for a double-blind placebo-controlled design for most clinical trials because that is the only way to minimize the effects of bias on trial outcomes. The factors I listed above will still create the illusion of an effect and the only way to control for this is with a placebo group.

    Therefore the placebo effect is fairly complex and is largely an artifact of observation and confounding factors. Any real benefits that contribute to the placebo effect can be gained by more straightforward methods – like healthy habits, compliance with treatment, and good health care. The placebo effect is not evidence for any mysterious mind-over-matter effect, but since the mind is matter (the brain) and is connected to the rest of the body, there are some known physiological effects that do play a role (although often greatly exaggerated).

    In light of all this, I do not feel that knowingly prescribing a placebo treatment is effective or ethical medicine. Modern scientific medicine should strive for interventions that physiologically are scientifically plausible and have sufficient evidence for safety and effectiveness. But I do think there are lessons to be learned from the placebo effect – there are aspects of therapy that do go beyond the physiological intervention. Medicine is not only an applied science; it is the art of humans treating other humans. As part of effective treatment it is helpful to try to maximize all those human intangibles that contribute to a good outcome. But we can do this in the context of scientifically valid treatment, and without crossing the ethically dubious line of deception.
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    Wow. This was unexpected (look at the dates).

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