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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    Hello there,

    Sorry for letting you in the dark all this time

    As you certainly have noticed, I have so little time for Minecraft, Im not playing the game since....very long,
    and it's hard for me to find back some motivation.

    So I'm letting this pack as a Work in Progress for now...And maybe 1 day i'll come back to it.

    If you want to keep it community updated in the mean time (like the Legacy Pack), go on, It's kind of a honnor for me. Also dont hesitate to create a customizer if you want to :)
    I'm adding a link to the Legacy Thread on my first post.

    If you want me to add some other links, send me a PM (with "new link" or something close in the subject) and I will try to update my post (but no promises...)

    Had lot of fun creating these textures, and I'm glad to see so much people have enjoyed them :)
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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]

    Sadly... I don't know of ANY way to get it to make one solid colour... and I've tried everything from using a "" file along with the original (set to only change the "sides" with a "faces=" tag), to setting it to ONLY detect one of the alternate tiles.

    Same here, I'm unsure if it's a bug on the CTM side or on my side...But If anyone know how to deal with it, I would be glad to know about it.

    Also, sorry for my silence this week, I'm very busy so it's hard for me to keep tracking this topic. Thanks to all for giving some fixes to the zombies and all, will try to update my pack accordingly...maybe i'll upload something on thuesday...
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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    Added 1 more link:
    //!download" target="557p12" data-ensure-absolute>!download|557p12|1441471337||7901|0|0

    To Moxzot, if you dont like the CTM wool, you can disable it like explained in the zip (& grey wool can be customized)
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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    Does it works with this link ?:
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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    Ok uploaded it to Hotfile, hopefully this one works correctly.. :x

    Here's the link:
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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    V9.7 Released !

    _More CTM support (Brick top,sides, stairs, gold block, cobblestone top, stairs, mossy...)
    _Tweaked the lighting (more colored & less contrasted)
    _New textures for 1.4 content: carrot, potato, anvil, Flower Pot, etc.. (I still have to create the nether Star, beacon, Item Frame, and some others, so it will come with the next update..(default textures included as placeholder)

    I wanted to support Better glass, & create different colors for the flower Pot with CTM but I've ran into some problems so it will be for the next update...(same goes for the item frames and all 1.4 missing textures)

    Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this update!

    Download Here
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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    Quote from gingeweasly0

    hey guys, just wondering, can anyone tell me if the recent items that were included in the snapshots are in the most recent (as of 20th oct 2012) version of this texture pack? id love it if they were. thanks guys

    It's not yet in, but it's coming very soon
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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    Yes it stands more in my pack cause i use some high contrast on my textures, and since minecraft doesnt use mipmapping (I think) it looks like a pixel mess in the distance (im looking at you "gravel").

    Looking at your screenshots, I still think it's an aliasing related problem....imo your best chance to fix it is to find a NVidia forum and ask for help there...(I have an ATI so I can hardly help you im afraid)...but (I'm just throwing that around) I would set the nvidia control pannel for Minecraft's config, only to "application-controlled".

    Also maybe you need to edit the profile for javaw.exe since Minecraft.exe is related to this one in the windows task bar stuff..
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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    Quote from Smac

    Just tried that and while it helped somewhat smooth things out, the fuzziness and noise was still kinda there. It's been like...2 or 3 days now and no one has any idea..I'm still looking through the texture pack itself just trying to figure out what is wrong. Here's hoping I'll have some luck soon..

    Im really not sure since I've never experienced that problem...
    But I would re-download the whole Minecraft (check force download on the launching pannel), then patch it with MC Patcher (Optifine tweaks/forces some graphical parameters, so it's better to test without it first)
    Then see if it's still happening.

    If it does, I think it's mostly your graphic driver that is forcing a setting on Minecraft or something...I would look for Fxaa, antialiasing, mipmapping or any settings that may filter the textures ingame and turn them might be a pain to figure out what is really causing this..but sorry, can't help more than that..
    Maybe you can also try to reinstall the driver (or try with a different one) the hope it will override any previous special settings.

    As for the blurry text, maybe it's because you're using a reduced GUI ? (try to set the Gui scale option on auto or large)
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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    Quote from Metsaline

    I deleted files for now and fps drops are gone.
    Thanks alot :)

    Just realized I might have been wrong, if you dont have the clouds/stars anymore you may also need to rename the sky.properties7/8/9 to 1/2/3.
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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    Quote from Metsaline

    Really nice pack, only problem is that on sunset/sunrise my fps drops from 300 to 6, any idea how to fix that? With vanilla textures i have always around 200-300 fps. I have i7 cpu, 4GB RAM, GeForce 460 GTX, so im a bit confused :) I gave java 2GB of ram, changed render distances, turned smoot lighting off, changed graphics to fast and nothing has changed.

    Yes I got the same problem as well.
    I think it's a problem with MC Patcher as it wasn't happening before...looks like it doesn't like multiple overlays for the sunset or something..
    A quick fix would be to re-patch Minecraft and un-check Better Skies until it's fixed..

    But if you want to keep the skies with clouds/stars, you can also remove all the files from to (just keep the 7,8,9). You can find them in the zip in the folder terrain/sky0. Logically this should fix it as these files control the sun effects.

    Quote from Menthyriel

    In my opinion it's very rude of you guys to post your edited JohnSmith files

    Thanks for worrying Menthyriel but I really dont mind people posting their own edit of my pack. I understand we all have different tastes so I got no problem with that.

    Quote from Atraxor

    Is it normal that CTM textures don't work for booshelves, glass and glass pane ?

    Yes I've removed the old one created by Cuakles as I wanted to create my own since I'm now using CTM myself. Unfortunately these are not done yet...(if you know how to manage CTM you can try to get Cuackes version back in).

    Quote from TobiwanK3nobi

    Great great work. Some well-implemented randomization. I don't know how you manage to make such deeply contrasted textures work, but somehow you make it all fit together. Just a beautiful, rugged pack. Much respect.

    About how many hours per week do you work on your pack?

    Thanks TobiwanK3nobi
    I can't really say how many hours I spend on it per week as it varies a lot depending of my free time and my motivation degree..(can go up to ~14hours (if not more), or down to 0 :x )

    Quote from diggerjohn99

    Is Flying Sheep going to update the customizer to V9.6, or just wait until MC 1.4 comes out?

    I haven't yet contacted him to inform him there was a new update...Feel free to PM him :)
    (I'm "maybe" gonna release a new update (with the snapshot stuff) so I'm waiting a bit before bothering him)
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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    Quote from try2bcool69

    The smooth and chiseled sandstone were awesome the way you could make pillars out of, not so much. I especially don't like the new smooth sandstone, I can't see myself ever using it to build with again.

    Well...Why dont you try the customizer?

    You will have to disable CTM (if you're using it) for Chiseled Stone & SandStone as CTM overrides the terrain.png. I have included a guide on how to disable CTM per blocks in the zip (it's in the CTM folder).
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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    Quote from etvandnews

    Just to make sure I understand... You don't mind if I change the texture pack (blocks, mobs, etc.) as long as I give you credit? I'm making an adventure map and I want it to have a texture pack but I need some blocks changed and some more villagers, so this would be perfect... as long as you're okay with it...

    Yep, no problem.

    Quote from Skelett_KOOPA

    So John, you're telling me that in the next update we can expect to see:
    • GUI for beacon block
    • Beacon block
    • Carrot/ potato growth stages
    • Item frames
    • flower pots
    • Updated items.png for the new items
    • Possibly a saddle model for wiggity piggitys
    • Command block
    • Head icons in terrain.png
    Oh, if you're going to do 1 mob for the next update, please do the wither.

    Best wishes,


    Yes, in theory :)

    Quote from hollymaN ~

    John: It has not considered making the textures of wood of different colors?

    Nope, or at least not yet.

    Quote from skalapunk

    I love the new screenshots. But do you keep an archive of the old ones? I like looking at them! The last one you had with the village with the brick peaked roofs was amazing.

    I'm afraid I've lost the old ones :/ maybe if I search through imgur I can find them back..

    Quote from churooos

    I'm trying to achieve the fence on this image, any ideas? Thanks.

    You need to enable CTM (connected texture mod) in MCPatcher or Optifine
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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    Thanks for your comments all!

    Quote from King_Dirrp

    are you going to be releasing a version with full mob support soon?

    The next update should be about the new stuff added by the latest snapshots (carrots and so on)...Mobs will come later as i'm not too fond of this kind of texturing...

    Also updated first post with some new (cool) screens (if you want to download these maps, just click the screens)
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    posted a message on JohnSmith Texture Pack V9.7 (32x) [1.4.2]
    Im gonna get butched by alexaiZ but here is the new update (still with the missing textures :[ )

    V9.6 Released

    What's new:

    _Lots of CTM textures support (mainly to add more diversity to the world by randomizing the textures) - and that's mostly the big thing in this update.
    _Some new textures too (new Iron Door, New ladder, and I'm sure some other new things to... but my memory is failing) (if you dont like them, you can give a try to the minecraft as I've updated it - tell me if I missed anything)

    I'm kinda rushing this release unfortunately but I'm running a bit out of time right now...So as I dont want to delay it anymore, I hope you will enjoy it as it is right now..
    (There should be more to come, but later) (like villagers, and so on)


    Also if you dont like the little bit warmer color I gave to the cobble/stone, here is the png with the 9.5 colors:

    (save, rename to randomizer.png, and drop it in the / CTM folder) (overwrite existing one)
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