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    posted a message on Xenocraft Season 2 | 1.14.2 | HermitCraft-inspired Vanilla SMP | 16+ | Discord

    Hi there TeamXeno, here's my application:

    In-game username: Daddy_Needles

    What should we call you?: Daddy, Daddy Needles, Needles

    Age: 22

    Country/Timezone: USA, EST (GMT+5)

    Discord (Including #): Daddy Needles#1188

    Skills: Adept in redstone, alchemy, and rustic architecture.

    About you: I am a third year college student looking to find a long-term Minecraft community. I am available most evenings and afternoons, and am almost always on Discord. I'm hoping to find myself in a tight community that values each other's company, ideas, and time. I love to be a mentor and helping hand in Minecraft, and have found myself acting that way since my beginnings in Minecraft Alpha.

    Thank you for the opportunity and your consideration,


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    posted a message on PlasmaCraft Vanilla SMP | Whitelist | No Mob Greifing | 16+ | 1.13.2 | Friendly Community

    Hi there OmegaRedstoner!

    I would love to join your community, so here is my application;

    IGN: Daddy_Needles
    Nickname (Optional): Daddy Needles
    Age: 22
    Country or US State/Canadian Province: U.S.A., PA (EST)
    What is your preferred building style? (modern, steampunk, medieval): Western/rustic
    On a scale from 1-10, how good at building are you?: 3
    What is your Discord tag?: Daddy Needles#1188
    What do you hope to achieve in this server?: I hope to achieve new levels of interpersonal cooperation through Minecraft; whether that be through town building, community events, or just day-to-day logging in. I hope to meet and become well acquainted with all of those around me to make the multiplayer experience a rewarding one.
    How experienced are you at MC?: I would say I am adeptly experienced in Minecraft. I've been around since the days of late Alpha, and have been playing the game off and on since then. I excel in my unique style of building, alchemy, and some redstone engineering.
    How often can you play?: Every other day or daily, as I am a college student who cannot be active all the time.
    Tell me about yourself: As stated earlier, I am a fourth year college student pursuing degrees in civil engineering and mathematics. Minecraft has been one of my favorite and near lifelong means of enjoyment, especially through community and multiplayer interaction. I see myself as a seasoned yet amiable player looking to help build a community of people who share ideas and interests through this game.
    Provide pictures of your builds! (Optional): N/A

    Thank you for the opportunity, and I am looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

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    posted a message on ⚜️ Valendyre ⚜️ || Whitelist || Survival || Vanilla || Discord || Small and Active Community ||

    Hi there!

    In-Game-Name (IGN) : Johann1996

    Age : 21

    Country/Time Zone : USA/EST

    What can you add to the server? : I hope to add my fair share of knowledge and ideas when it comes to buildings, whether personal or community based. With my dedication and amiability, I plan on helping others and this community as much as possible! I'm a master alchemist and am proficient with redstone mechanics. And most importantly, immersiveness.

    Describe your personality : I'm a giver at heart and am very dedicated when given a task or goal to complete. I can be stubborn at times, but I make up for that with my co-operative mindset.

    What is your favorite part of Minecraft? : The building and resource collecting (or hoarding, as some have told me).

    How much time will you be willing to contribute a week? : Anywhere from 5-15 hours a week.

    What is your Discord? : Daddy Needles#1188

    Have you been kicked or banned from a server? (If so why?) : No.

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    posted a message on New Horizons > Vanilla Survival - No Lag - 24/7 Uptime - DynMap - SleepPercentage - Lockette

    Hi there!

    Minecraft Username: Johann1996
    Name you would like to be called: Johann
    Age(18+): 21
    Location: Pennsylvania, USA
    Why join this server: I'm looking to join a small-ish, vanilla community with a mature audience so that I can enjoy playing with others and exchange ideas and knowledge as we play Minecraft for what it is.
    Describe your play-style: I'd say my play style is very dynamic; shifting with how I feel in a given day and changing with what others on the server are doing. In game, I'm a bit of an explorer, with a knack for alchemy, redstone mechanic knowledge, and treasure hunting.
    Something about yourself: I'm currently in college, so sometimes I will be busy and unable to play. I also play 4 different musical instruments!
    Do you have or will you get Discord? (It's free): I do have a Discord account. I can provide it via PM.
    Have you read and agreed to the Server Rules: Yes I have.
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    posted a message on ✦ The World of Apollo ✦ [1.12] [Vanilla Survival] [Graylisted] [Strong Community]

    Name: Jonathan (goes by Jon)

    In Game Name: Johann1996

    Age: 20
    Country: USA
    Favorite type of play on vanilla Minecraft: I enjoy lots of things in Minecraft, particularly building and exploration. I also love a chance at creating a sort of shop to not only trade resources, but to use as a medium to chat with and learn about other members.

    Least Favorite Aspect of Online Play: PvP

    A bit more about yourself: I'm a college student located in Pennsylvania. I have some far reaching musical talents and hope to conduct/create my own pieces within a year. I also have mad MC alchemy skills (which seems to be a little known thing these days).

    Referral by Apollo player, if applicable: N/A

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    posted a message on -New- Vanilla Survival server launching 5-5-2017. You want to be on a server from the start. This is the server for you.

    "I have read the rules"

    IGN: Johann1996

    Age: 20

    Location: Pennsylvania, USA

    Discord “PM this info if you want”: Johann (dramapige0n) (#1188)

    Why do you want to join our server: I've absolutely loved vanilla multiplayer Minecraft since I picked up the game in its Alpha infancy. I'm hoping to find a community which will have substantially active and mature players whom enjoy playing, learning, and talking together.

    What's your MC strength and weakness: My strengths definitely reside in building/design, alchemy, and redstone. However, my redstone mechanics could use a bit of a brush up. My weaknesses are contraptions; such as mob grinders and other sorts of game exploits.

    How often can you play?: Fairly often! I am a college student, but with it being summer soon I will have plenty of time, daily to every other day, to log on.

    Do you plan on this being your only server you play on: I do! In my experience, the vanilla servers I apply for and become a part of don't last long. That being said, I'm currently looking for a full tine server to dedicate myself to, so I'm hoping it will be this one.

    How long you been playing MC: As stated previously; since Alpha, somewhere right before the Nether update.

    How long do you typically stay on one server: As long as I can! I feel like being a known part of a community is important, especially when you can share ideas and resources.

    Pictures of previous builds/Anything else you want us to know about you: A fact about me; I am an amateur musician as I can play several instruments proficiently; trumpet, baritone, tuba, ukulele, and piano. Also best of luck to other applicants and the creators as we approach the countdown to map creation.

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    posted a message on [18+] The Covert Society - A 99.99% Vanilla Experience for Mature Players - Members Wanted! [1.11 Snapshots]
    - IGN: Johann1996
    - Age: 20
    - Skype (necessary): dramapige0n (that's pigeon with a zero)
    - Why do you want to join the server?: I too have been with the Minecraft community since the mid-alpha days of it's infancy, and ever since then I've fallen in love with multiplayer vanilla communities and am hoping to find one that is both active, mature, and fulfilling. I hope the prospect of this server lives up to its expectations!
    - Strength's: Redstone, alchemy, small scale construction, interiors.
    - Weakness's: Large/massive builds, medieval themes.
    - Why should we choose you to join the server?: I feel that I am an extremely amiable person, hence wanting to be a part of a community like this. I tend to have a natural want to help or educate others, and exchanging game skills and information is one of my favorite highlights of this game, alongside the other aspects of the game. I hope to provide a unique point of view and my knowledge to my peers.
    - Are you a community oriented person? (How do you plan to help the server?): As stated previously, i believe I work well with others. I plan on sharing my ideas and techniques with others to create a strong camaraderie within the group as it grows.
    - Any other information: I'm secretly a mad scientist.
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    posted a message on PureVanilla 1.9.2 Survival SMP Server looking for players to join.

    Age(13+): 19
    Availability: Ranges anywhere from daily to once or twice a week.
    IGN (In game name): Johann1996
    Why do you want to join: I've been out of the Minecraft community, both forum and in-game, for quite some time now. I'd love to get back in the swing of things with a fresh start. I play mostly vanilla/survival servers, so joining another community of SMP would be great.
    Tell me about yourself: I'm a first year college student juggling a full time job. I live in Pennsylvania. I enjoy reading books, video games, and music (both performance and listening to). I've played Minecraft since late Alpha, shortly before the Nether was added to the game and it was launched into Beta. I know a bit more about redstone and its mechanics than most. I'm also very amiable, both towards my fellow players and Admins/moderators. I'm also a mad alchemist.
    Interested in joining voice chat server: I've never truly heard of Discord before this, but I would gladly partake if walked through the steps of acquiring/using the software.

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    posted a message on MCMMO Survival Server Whitelisted. Just Opened

    IGN: Johann1996

    Age: 19

    Why you want to join: I've been fairly inactive recently, and due to this I've abandoned most of my other servers in hopes for a fresh start. I prefer vanilla game play and I hope the 'mature audience' preference stated above plays through.

    Amount of time you can play: 3-4 days a week, 2-3 hours per day, roughly.

    Time Zone: CST (GMT -6:00)

    Anything else i need to know: Despite my inactivity, I'm quite knowledgeable of the game's mechanics and properties, therefore, I'm able to help most if they have a question. I tend to be a bit reclusive and cautious at first, but I do truly warm up to people once there's trust ad respect established. I also am adept at creating potions and all that involves alchemy, despite most not being able to comprehend/learn it.

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    posted a message on BlockCraft Minecraft 1.8 Survival SMP (Like MindCrack)
    How Old Are You? 18

    Name? I go by Johann

    In game name? Johann1996

    Skype: johann9639

    Why should you join? I'm an amiable player who's quite knowledgeable about the game. I prefer playing multiplayer Minecraft nowadays to meet new people and hopefully play with them within a nice community!

    What kind of player are you(building,redstone,modding) I'm fairly proficient at building housings/bases. I'm slightly efficient at redstone. I prefer to stay out of PvP.

    How long can you play a day? Few hours.

    Will you participate in group projects? Yes please!
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    posted a message on [1.8+] SkargnessRPG [GreyListed] || Player Owned Shops|| Mature || Economy || 24/7 [Daily-Jobs] - Open
    Minecraft IGN: Johann1996
    Age: 18
    What has your experience been on Minecraft: I've thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Minecraft! It's a fantastic game. I've been playing since mid-Alpha (before the Halloween update that added the Nether).
    Why do you want to join this server?: I've recently gained an interest in SMP and found that I enjoy vanilla servers the most! No need for fancy plugins, just a few people online to chat and play with is all I need, and I hope to find that here!
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Simply Vanilla [Whitelisted || Small-Community || Mature || Pure Vanilla || 24/7 VPS]
    Minecraft IGN: Johann1996
    Age: 18
    Minecraft skills: Building, specifically: cottage/ranch style houses, moderate redstone capability, master of alchemy.
    What has your experience been on Minecraft: I have been a part of the Minecraft community since late Alpha! Nowadays I generally stick to a few multiplayer servers and my modded singleplayer survival maps. I'm a well-rounded player, as such I am capable of building decent structures, know my fair amount of game mechanics and common server plugins, and enjoy the game a lot.
    Why do you want to join this server?: Most mature vanilla servers out there claim they are 'small and friendly' and more than half the time they are a rather large group of fourteen year-olds (no offense to them) who lied their way in and they never talk to you! How is that 'friendly'? And sure, lying isn't easily detectable on these applications, but the person reviewing them here seems to have a very keen eye, which I respect greatly. I yearn for a vanilla server where I don't have to hide all my goodies underground in fear that ONE person will ruin everything. Granted, it's a hefty dream, and a rare one at that, but I hope this server can provide some kind of security that others could not come close to producing.
    Why do you feel that I should pick YOU?: Despite tending to myself most of the time, I would happily help out any player who needed it. Whether it be giving them some equipment, or offering shelter. I see myself as amiable and understanding in the sense that I'm not a complete d*ck in the chat, and I do not judge/apprehend others who have done nothing wrong. On the other hand, I have zero tolerance for pitiful acts such as theft and griefing (also, hard to control but it is my wish).
    Tell me something about yourself: I'm a student in high school finishing up my senior year. I hope to be an amateur film-maker with a group of friends and I generally spend my down time on Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Whitelisted Adult server VANILLA [SMP][Economy]
    I apologize. I saw others not using it and a few dozen posts back you mentioned not using a big ol' app. I'll upload it now.

    Minecraft IGN: Johann1996
    Age: 18
    Minecraft skills: Building, moderate redstone capabilities, alchemy.
    What has your experience been on Minecraft: A plethora of multiplayer servers. Mostly vanilla or with a few plugins. I generally stay away from big communities with immature players, but I'm willing to give this one a chance since it seems more 'mature-r'.
    Why do you want to join this server?: For vanila minecraft of course! Plus chatting with people / playing with others is always fun.
    Why do you feel that I should pick YOU?: I see myself as amiable and helpful. I tend to understand more about the game than your average Joe.
    Tell me something about yourself: I hope to become an amateur film-maker and procrastinate my hours away with Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Whitelisted Adult server VANILLA [SMP][Economy]
    IGN: Johann1996

    Age: 18

    Timezone: EST
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    posted a message on closed
    In-game name: Johann1996
    Age: 18
    What got you interested in the server: I love a good vanilla server, and considering I've been away from the game for a few months, it'd be nice to get back in the swing of things again with something simple such as vanilla!
    Questions or comments about server: I really hope this whitelist proves to be beneficial, and that mods/admins are helpful!
    Solo/Group: I prefer working/building solo, but I'd do great in a group that I'm compatible with!
    PvP/Non-PvP: Non-PvP. Sorry.
    Leader/Follower: Bit of both! More so a leader since I usually tend to myself, but I wouldn't mind guiding people or getting advice from others.
    Giving/Reciving: Giving! Wanna hand me a few diamonds? Expect me to say no unless I give back in an equal (or greater) way!

    About me: A student from Pennsylvania aspiring to be big in film-making, but currently I'm stuck in the rigorous months of my senior year in high school. Otherwise I'm amiable, kind, and overall understanding!
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