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    1. To connect to your own server (if it is running AND you port forwarded), go in to minecraft and add server or direct connect to this IP:<port that you port forwarded, likely 25565>

    2. Then, for other people to join, use your external, or public IPv4 (i forget which one it is)

    3. If people connected to your WiFi want to join (exception for you), they need to use a different IP.

    To get that IP, go in to your command prompt and type: ipconfig

    A lot of IP's will pop up, look under "Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi:".

    Under that, where it says IPv4 Address, get the IP next to it and there.


    You use IP:<your port>

    People across the world use: <your public ip>

    People connected to your WiFi use: <your ipv4 address in ipconfig>:<port>

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