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    The fact that you edited your post is what amuses me the most.

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    Can you believe we're already halfway through? Well, to be fair, it normally would have taken an upwards of nine months to get through 50 sessions (and you'll get a feel for that in Season 3), but since I started this journal way late in the game, we got here in three weeks! Because of this, I'd like to give a slight break to allow much of the content to soak in. The latter half of the season moves at a far faster pace, and I've still got 1/4 to go (because remember I'm at 175)! Let's jump right in to the final normal update of the year!

    Session 146 - "Fall Damage"

    In the previous session, I stripped an entire chunk of its resources. Why did I do that? Well, it does provide a healthy amount of stone, despite a relatively small amount of ores (though there was a ravine nearby that I got to explore, which made up for that). Specifically however, I was preparing the land for my second parkour course! The first parkour course in this world (not including the playground) was Totem Run, built at the very end of Season 1, through sessions 93-96.

    This parkour course would be a vertical drop, but you'd have to dodge the various obstacles in the air on the way down - like a free fall of sorts. The title of the course is Fall Damage. Here are some pictures of the construction:

    After the chunk harvest was complete, putting together the different parts of the course didn't take too much time (since all the planning for them was already done). I did spend some time outlining some barrier designs in MS Paint (since a 16x16 canvas is the equivalent of a chunk, where the pixels are equivalent to blocks), but otherwise the entire thing went together in 1-2 days! This was a fun project and a very much-needed break from some of the work we had been doing at Starlight HQ. Here is a video of the course, including the fails!

    Don't mind the audio glitch at 00:56. I re-rendered it a few times but couldn't figure out how to get rid of it. The challenge is falling through the red rings, which you'll notice took me a few tries. You could also innovate your own challenges with it - staying within the corners for example, although I've yet to attempt that. There is also an easter egg in the course, but I'll let you try to find it (shouldn't be too difficult to spot). Fall Damage has not been added to the poll because I plan on using it in another poll, which probably won't come to fruition until Season 3 (so it's still a number of months off).

    Session 147 - "Atop the Fire World"

    Apparently, Mojang fixed the bug where dark oak saplings could break bedrock way back in 1.8.2. I didn't even know that lol. It's a good thing I looked it up before landing myself atop the Nether! I knew that I wanted to build a gold farm in the future, and I knew I wanted to utilize the top of the Nether for this (among other things). So today was a pretty relaxed session, dedicated to breaking a hole in the bedrock roof of the Nether. But wait - they fixed that! This of course is why I did something that I would never suggest anyone ever do - ran my world in a downgraded version. I downgraded to 1.8.1 while already in the Nether, just in case something went wrong in Starlight HQ (though I'm not sure if that would help circumvent possible complications).

    It actually went smoothly and quicker than I initially anticipated.

    There was an elevated platform in the Nether Hub upon which I build a vertical tower up to the roof.

    I also built a diamond-like staircase as you can see. It wasn't a great look, but it would do for now. At the moment I just needed a convenient way up - the rest I could take care of later. You'll also notice a pink window, to keep in accordance with the other colors of the Nether Hub. The portal to the witch farm that you saw in session 143 is located behind this staircase, to give you an idea of where it is.

    Session 148 - "Nether Beams"

    I don't usually have two relaxed sessions in a row (haven't had that since Season 1), but this was another smaller session, focused around completing what was already in progress at the Nether Hub. This basically meant the roof. Now, there were a lot of directions I could have gone with the roof. I originally wanted to do some steeply bowed cones, but I decided on something that I think looked a lot better:

    I spent a lot of time designing these, and you'll notice that the middle roof is more accentuated than the surrounding roofs. Overall I'm thrilled with the design!

    Additionally, I added a suitable pathway from the inner hub to the stairway sector (which isn't really an official name, more of just an interim title).

    Honestly, this could have been combined with the previous session, but because of the fact that the two sessions were planned as separate projects (since I always plan the sessions before I engage in them), they remain separated (this was mostly because I overestimated the difficulty of creating a hole to the top of the Nether, which ended up taking like five minutes). This could be considered a waste of a useful session, but trust me when I say that planning for the latter half of the season was far more involved.

    With that, the Nether Hub was officially labeled as complete. Of course it would continue to be developed over time, especially with the inclusion of some major farms, but for now I used it primarily for transportation purposes. I thus added a sign for it to the Lapis Hall of Fame, and it has been included in the poll! Keep in mind that anything we do to the Nether Hub in the future will count as part of the same build noted here, similarly to how the Starlight Castle's continuing developments are still considered the same structure, for the purposes of the poll anyway (the Lapis Hall only shows the month/year in which version 1.0 of each build was completed, without considering any further developments of that build).

    Session 149 - "Higher Glowstone"

    This was a busier session, and rightly so as we approach the halfway mark of Season 2. I thought that our last project in the first half should return to our roots - good ol' Starlight renovations! My favorite!

    Today we finally get to installing proper lighting on the third floor, removing all torches! And it looks so much better!

    Similarly to the first two floors, I made some notable renovations along the way. Probably the biggest is that the disintegrator room has been stripped of its oak wood, instead transforming into a more suitable shade to more smoothly transition into the newly renovated Starlight Observatory. The dark oak/quartz combination looks quite nice if you ask me!

    Additionally, I've added carpet to the range room, and removed the pointless fence gate doors (yeah, because mobs were going to spawn in that small balcony that was lit up).

    A feature commonly forgotten about when you look at the Starlight is the Grand Observatory. That may not ring a bell even after watching the world tour, since I only mention it once. But it's basically just the small observatory right underneath the lookout room on the third floor (the big green clay room). Well, I figured that since I'm coloring all the other glass throughout the Starlight, I may as well do the same here. So I did:

    And yes, the library too!

    Aside from these aesthetic changes, I added a lock to the donkey pen. This meant that I would be able to add more than one donkey (since having two would introduce the possibility of one standing on the pressure plates while the other left the pen, which is what happened). The lock disables all pistons from being activated from the inside, which is the opposite to how most locks work. I suppose you could consider it a safety lock of sorts. However, I have enabled three pistons to activate from the outside, so that way I can visibly check whether or not the lock is active (could have done a light, but where's the fun in that?).

    So that was this session! Overall this was a nice way to end the first half of the season I think, but let me know what you think!

    I'm putting together session 150 in the form of a special video, and it will include a little special something for the holidays. :) You'll see it in a couple days! Until then, feel free to leave any comments/questions about the first half of the season below. While this wasn't the most feature-rich update, it was a suitable conclusion to the previous update's projects.

    Stay tuned!

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    It's true that we've just recently completed a major build, but I was in no hurry to slow down! Today's update provides the widest range of projects yet!

    Session 141 - "Awakening the Nether"

    The next project I wanted to work on was the Nether Hub! I had a number of different ideas for how it would look, but ultimately I think I landed a design that worked. Here are some pictures of the inner hub design:

    You can see there are eight chests lining the inner square. These chests would just hold random things, mostly stuff found in the Nether of course. Then the inner hub extends in four directions. Each direction would lead to a different sector of the hub. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the Nether Hub was planned to incorporate the entire cave opening, not just this small structure! But that's a slow process if done right. :)

    I then started working on the walls:

    There would be blue glass lining the rest of the walls up, but I ran out quickly and thus did not get to finishing them today.

    Additionally, a ghast fireball struck a zombie pigman nearby, thus awakening the Nether! Swarms began to flood in, and soon almost all pigmen within sight were making their way towards me. At one point, I thought I calmed everything down when only one pigmen was left following me, but it didn't take long for the others to catch up. I thought maybe I could hide in a hole somewhere, but that didn't work either! This was an intense half hour, and it did allow this to be possible:

    I also got a lot of gold. After I did eventually silence the Nether, I was greeted to a nasty surprise on the other side of the portal! That was where I died - all the pigmen that had apparently gone through the portal were sitting inside the Nether Temple, angry at me! I killed all of them, but some had once again made it across the portal. This cycle was not fun to handle, and thus I caved and temporarily reverted to Peaceful so that I could move on. I changed back to Hard, and while I was not happy about copping out, I also wanted to move forward with the world. I didn't know how to do that with swarms of pigmen running around wanting to kill me.

    Here you can see where I trapped a large number of them in the side of a mountain:

    On another note, when I got down to having just one pigman after me, instead of killing him I built an apparatus to trap him:

    Overall, this was an eventful session in which I could have gotten more done. But the zombie apocalypse prevented that and instead took over most of the session. Regardless, I did get most of the inner Nether Hub finished, so that was a start!

    Session 142 - "Treetop Hammock"

    So I did finish the blue glass walls of the hub today.

    And I added a lava moat surrounding it!

    I was happy to have finally finished that after the nonsense that comprised the previous session.

    Today I had a change of plans. I was originally planning to start working on a blaze farm in the first fortress I found just over 100 blocks north. However, I became really attached to the idea of putting a giant hammock in the plaza faction of Starlight HQ. And, being as though that would be a relatively small project, I made a day out of it! Presenting the Treetop Hammock:

    You'll also notice I snuck a bed in there. This would serve as another "bedroom" of sorts, to save time instead of having to climb all the way up to my bedroom in the Starlight. But wait, what's that to the right you ask? Is that quartz?

    It was time for the Starlight Observatory to receive a much-needed aesthetic overhaul! And today it received just that.

    Overall, this session incorporated a few different projects, all of which were fun and contributed to the overall development of Starlight HQ 2.0.

    Session 143 - "Witch in the Wall"

    I did some trading in a village in the southeast. This was mostly to start stockpiling emeralds for a beacon to be built in the future. You may notice that we're slowly building up to that, what with our first two wither skeleton skulls being obtained in the Fire Journey, and now the process of trading for emeralds. I'll leave you to speculate where the beacon will go, but for now just anticipate that it's on the agenda. :)

    When I completed the dark room mob spawner in the Mob Processing Hub and built the item sorter for witch drops, I thought to myself: Well, why not just build a farm dedicated to witch drops? Why not build a witch farm? I had never built one before! Based on what I had read and watched, building a decent one takes time - not because of the farm itself, but because of what it takes to actually get rates. So, I figured that today we would start by just building the farm itself, and periodically in the future we would return to isolate it.

    But where was this witch hut? It was located just over the southern tip of Techtropolis Island, in a new 1.7-generated chunk.

    Here is the farm I built. Because it was generated prior to 1.8.1, it was only two layers instead of three. But that's alright:

    Basically, the witches would just walk off and the water streams would carry them to the drop, which is over 32 blocks but I can't recall the exact height. They fall to here:

    To the left is a staircase that leads to the surface. And to the right is a pathway that curls around and ends up above me - an AFK spot that's closer than 32 blocks to the witches. Behind me is the nether portal:

    The drops traverse through the item sorter, tightly fitted underneath the pathway towards the AFK spot:

    Conversely, I've built a portal in the Nether Hub that takes us to the witch farm:

    The entire floor would be replaced with obsidian once I obtained enough. But as far as where exactly this portal is - well, it's just south of the inner hub, right on the edge of the mountain overlooking the lava lake:

    You'll see more of it later when we work on the rest of the Nether Hub. Otherwise, that was it for today! Yet another farm completed in such a relatively short time span!

    Session 144 - "Pathways"

    "Drown it! Drown it!" is what I kept saying to myself. So I did:

    A 128x128 radius was not completely cleared (see the mountain to the left in the above picture), but it was a work in progress that was coming along quite nicely!

    Additionally, I built an AFK spot in the sky, although I used it primarily to see where I needed to continue flooding:

    The prismarine block, by the way, was used to view the witches, since it's level with the bottom layer, thus allowing me to see both layers (I took the first picture you see in this session from that block).

    Some more pathway improvements were added elsewhere. A portal to the Mob Processing Hub was finally added. In the MPH it was in that empty prismarine hallway overtop the skeleton kill chamber:

    And from the Nether Hub, well, let's just say this was convenience at its best. :)

    The final addition was something that was long overdue - a railway to the Tropic Fortress! Upon completing the fortress in session 93, I didn't have any way of getting to it other than by horse. And this becomes inconvenient for a number of reasons: night, terrain (because jungle/forest is not great for horse traveling), and waste of time. It's also inconvenient the other way around - when I die and my bed is obstructed (thus respawning me back at spawn, which is where the fortress is), I have to walk almost 800 blocks just to get back to the Starlight. Now I don't have to - I can just take a railway to it. I could have built a portal to the fortress just as easily as I did for the MPH. But, because I wanted to keep a sense of authenticity and primitiveness to the design, I opted for a railway instead. This makes the Tropic Fortress the second railway line from Starlight Station.

    Something to note is that Starlight Station was never designed to be the most convenient method of transportation. It was designed primarily for accessing other parts of Techtropolis Island. Since there aren't many other parts yet, there aren't many railways. An exception would be, well, the only railway that was there since the beginning, which was the railway to the North (far beyond Techtropolis Island). But for example, if I were to build say a neighborhood on Techtropolis Island, there would be a railway to it from here. One idea I did have was to build a miniature mushroom island just off Techtropolis Island, or even as part of it. A railway would be prime for this as well.

    The Nether Hub was designed with areas outside Techtropolis in mind, such as the witch farm. The MPH is an exception as that is a place I would visit frequently (thus I wanted the fastest possible transportation). The Tropic Fortress, on the other hand, I don't visit very frequently.

    Additionally, we reached day 2300:

    Some really nice improvements this session in a few different areas!

    Session 145 - "Chunk Harvest"

    Speaking of the North, today I took the Great Northern Railway up to the desert temple in the North. Oh, I forgot that you guys have never seen the North! I didn't actually visit it in the world tour. But I'll briefly explain: there isn't actually anything built up there. It was just a convenient location in a desert biome that had a desert temple and village in close proximity. Thus, I built a railway to it. This is also where I attain most of my sand for glass, making it useful as a resource outpost.

    Today, however, I wasn't just going up there to harvest some sand. I was going to harvest an entire chunk. Why? Two reasons: Zen and a project idea. I did want a break from some of the intense projects recently completed. So I thought it would be great to just mine out a chunk. I also used TNT to help. Here is a timeline of this process:

    And then I did this shortly after:

    And after that:

    Why did I waste my time building this? You'll know that in the next update. :)

    As a preliminary note, session 150 will not be included in the next update. It will be on its own, in the form of a video. :)

    Stay tuned!

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    I don't really ever look for LPs, but if I did, I'd be looking for someone who stands out, whether it's in their commentary, building, play style, or whatever. You'll notice that many of the popular guys have something unique to them. That's what makes an LP special, I think. I don't really care to see someone reach their peak upon finding diamonds, for example.

    Another way of putting it would be that I like to see when people use Minecraft as a creative outlet, rather than just a game with a cycle.

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    Quote from Zeno410»

    You have a lot of material to write about!

    Hehe, I've always loved writing - it can put things in a more interesting perspective, which is the idea here. Ideally, as we progress, the style I've adapted to this journal will refine itself and it will feel more like a story. :)
    Quote from MrWigglies»

    Seriously? Nine spawners almost that near to each other? I never experienced that before. You could make minigames out of those spawners.

    Also, are you in moody brightness? I felt that your base could be infiltrated by mobs in unsuspecting corners.

    I wasn't exactly sure what I would do with them yet, and I will probably spend some time thinking about it before committing to a project with them. Only thing I know for sure is that I'd like to use one of the zombie spawners as a villager purifier, so I can start a village right there in HQ.

    Also, yes, I am in moody. Not to worry, as far as the interiors go there is not one place a mob can spawn (I'm constantly checking that lol). Outside there are some spots susceptible to spawning, but it's rare and there is enough security to prevent infiltration.

    Thanks for the comments! :)
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    posted a message on [SSP journal] Legends of Quintropolis: Age of Ender (Season 3)

    Well then, time for another update! It's a big one!

    Today we complete the Mob Processing Hub - the first version of it at least! A video tour of it may also be within reach. :)

    Session 136 - "Blue Lights"

    Am I the only one who thought that the vertical mob drop atop the darkroom mob spawner looked incomplete? Of course I mean this:

    For those of you not entirely caught up, this drop tower was added in session 103 as the end to a Starlight parkour course built around the Starlight Castle. Yet, the more I looked at it from afar, the more I felt that it needed something on top of it - like a dome, maybe. Well, I made no hesitation to add just that!

    A beautiful blue dome was added to the top of this tower, fully completing the look of it. I've filled the dome with water, and you'll notice that I utilized the sea lanterns I found in the recent Prismarine Voyage to light it up.

    Sea lanterns would become more prominent in other parts of the Starlight as well. I started with the Pillar of Life:

    ...on every floor!

    All the way up to the glass dome! It was basically the same throughout the three observatories and Great Balcony.

    The Archery Alley received some lighting upgrades as well. That's right - a project I haven't touched since its completion back in session 59 was now devoid of torches!

    Well, almost devoid of torches - the stairway leading up to the Spectator Lounge still had torches, but that was an easy fix. I didn't actually remove them, though, lol.

    Additionally, I removed the doors in the storage rooms (finally) and added red carpeting to the mass storage unit as well.

    All in all, between upgrading some minor details throughout the Starlight and going on multiple enchanting runs at the Mob Processing Hub, this was a relaxed session. And that's nice too, because next session we start on the darkroom mob farm!

    Session 137 - "Dark House"

    The darkroom mob farm that would be at the Mob Processing Hub was going to be very similarly designed to the one at Starlight HQ. It would have three layers, and it would prevent spiders and endermen from spawning. However, where this farm varies is in its fall chamber. While at Starlight HQ the drop was only 24 blocks so as to enable the option to function as an XP farm, here the drop was well over 32 blocks - a drop that would kill witches and most mobs with armor (the only reason it wasn't much higher was because of interference with the surface). I have few pictures of this construction, but I'll show you what I can with what I have.

    Some new things to note here that you may not have noticed right away. First, I dug down the 3x3 hole to the right (was originally 4x3), as this would become a spiral staircase to a lower level where the mob drop storage would be. Second thing is a hole in the ceiling just to the left of the pillar in the middle. This hole would become a water elevator which would ascend to a viewing - where you could view the dark house! When we build that, you will then see how exactly the dark room was built. But let's look at the fall chamber:

    This was the original location I wanted the chamber to be, given its clever placement within the architecture of this design. However, the problem was that the drop interfered greatly with the skeleton storage room. Ideally, this could have been clever, if the drop incidentally ended up going through the center of the room. Unfortunately this was not the case. It is true that I could have reinvented the storage unit, but I instead opted to reinvent the fall chamber:

    The panes were temporary of course, since they'd allow mobs the chance of not falling all the way down. But this was where I would put the chamber - in the corner of what would be the center platform of the Mob Processing Hub. You'll see what I mean by this later on when we decorate. :)

    This did still cause some interference with the skeleton storage unit, but was further out of the way:

    At the time, I didn't think about the repercussions here - that this hole would need to be surrounded by blocks. I think it's safe to say that either of the two locations would have caused this problem, and thus the only real way to circumvent it would be to redo the skeleton storage unit. However, while I didn't realize it at the time, the skeleton storage unit allowed a beautiful aesthetic to be possible, and you'll see that later when we decorate.

    I also got an iron Looting III sword for the hub, which was exactly what I wanted. For those of you who don't know, if you throw a potion and then quickly switch to a looting sword before the potion attacks the mobs, Looting will apply to the kill and thus yield you significantly more drops (not to mention higher chances for rare drops). Thus, durability was never a factor and even a wooden/gold looting sword would have been acceptable.

    The only other picture I can provide of the dark house itself is one with lighting of course. I dug into it to take this picture:

    Since spiders require a 3x3x2 area to spawn, I've added slabs in the configuration you see to prevent them from clogging the streams. And because I already had a cave spider XP farm, adding spiders to this farm was not entirely necessary. Each layer is also only two blocks high, preventing endermen from spawning (creating an Overworld enderman farm, however, does sound like an interesting project). The mobs walk on their own and fall into the water streams, which lead them to their death. But where was that exactly? You'll find out in the next session!

    Session 138 - "Down the Stairs of Agony"

    Up until this point, I had never built an item sorter. But I was feeling adventurous with this build, having built two XP farms and another mob farm over the course of a week and a half (that's how long it took to get from session 129-137, which was surprisingly much faster than my normal pace!). Today, we're still not yet to the aesthetics of this build, but we complete the last feature needed before the makeover: the mob drop item sorter!

    What you're seeing here is the item sorter, and I am standing right at the bottom of the 3x3 hole I dug out last session. I can't recall exactly, but I do believe I used TNT to remove much of this stone, so that I could build the sorter. The mobs fall to their death right above the hopper you see at the top, which transports items into the double chest just below it, before moving them into the sorting system.

    The item sorter sorted a total of ten items. And these would be the following: rotten flesh (zombies), bones (skeletons), arrows (skeletons), gunpowder (creepers/witches), redstone (witches), glowstone (witches), sugar (witches), sticks (witches), spider eyes (witches), and glass bottles (again, witches). I won't explain how the item sorter works, mostly because you can easily find an actual tutorial on how to make one on YouTube (the design is quite simple and universally accepted as the standard, as far as I'm aware). I did somewhat overdue it here - being this is my first item sorter, I didn't really know what I was doing and thus added way more to it than was needed. Regardless, it still worked properly.

    Here you get a closer glimpse at some of the redstone. I didn't add overflow protection with this system because it would never overflow. Basically, this meant adding a redstone wire 3-long instead of 2-long before powering the repeater. What this means is that you could theoretically have an entire stack of items in the hopper and the signal strength from the comparator would not overflow into the lane of another hopper. But, given that only one item at a time on average would be traversing the system, I didn't find this addition to be necessary.

    Speaking of rates, I did light some of the ground up outside to help spawn rates, since remember we are around 200 blocks away from Starlight HQ (which translates to around 12.5 chunks; most of HQ btw is more than 200 blocks away). Recall that the hub is inside the ravine/cave system I explored through sessions 4-7 and beyond. Thus, many of the caves had already been lit.

    In the above picture, take a look to the left. That pathway bends around and connects to the skeleton storage unit, bringing all the sections together. The lack of pictures in this session may prematurely suggest that this wasn't a busy session, but this was actually the most intensive session so far among these last three. I mean, all the stone on the second level was removed, the entire item sorter/storage unit was built, and a pathway was built connecting it to the skeleton storage. I'd say this was an exciting session!

    And now for my favorite part: a beauty makeover. :)

    Session 139 - "Beauty Makeover"

    And so it begins!

    Sandstone, flowers, wood, leaves, prismarine, grass, podzol, mycelium, glass, and much more galore! I don't think I've ever used such a wide range of materials in a build, even including the Starlight Castle! Actually, that's debatable given that structure is indefinitely developing, but this was without a doubt the most unique assortment of materials I'd ever decided to use on a build. And this wasn't even all of them - I had to make two trips to get everything I wanted to use!

    Let's dive right in!

    Oh yeah, that "beautiful aesthetic" I was referring to in session 137:

    It may not seem like much, but it was a cool view of the bottom floor if you ask me! Speaking of which:

    Based on the low number of witch spawns, I decided not to waste resources and just build one chest for all witch drops (this of course excludes gunpowder).

    You'll notice a lever in the top-left corner. Well, when I hauled that chest of building resources over here to the hub, I noticed that they immediately started getting dispensed into the hoppers and the minecart below! To combat this issue, I installed a feature which would trigger the hoppers on/off. This mean that I could control when they would suck in items and when they would not.

    A few more:

    Also, see here how I spent my meantime:

    Every single bow you see in that chest is a level 30 enchanted bow. And that was just during the construction of this build. My oh my how some things have changed!

    You want to hear a story? Upon finishing this makeover, I went on a small mining trip in the Diamond Mine back at the Starlight. Nothing special; it was just another casual session of mining, which I tend to do at the start of every session if feasible. But, I mined into a mineshaft somewhere underneath the plaza faction. In that mineshaft were three cave spider spawners, in such a configuration where I could spawn all three at once standing in a certain spot. Further exploring yielded me a discovery of more than five additional dungeons within 70 blocks, and an additional cave spider spawner (making four total). So, the story is basically that while I was celebrating the fact that I found a cave spider spawner and skeleton dungeon next to each other and then turned it into an elaborate project I spent two weeks on, there were more than nine spawners right underneath Starlight HQ within 100 blocks of each other.

    Damn! :P

    Session 140 - "Grand Opening"

    I was not at all discouraged - in fact just the opposite! Nine spawners? Wow, the things I could do with that! This discovery actually prompted me to finish the Mob Processing Hub quite quickly! Wait, didn't we just finish it? I'll answer that by reminding you of the water elevator I mentioned in session 137, and the same one you can actually see in session 139. I went overboard with this build! The water elevator leads to the dark house viewing:

    It's true that the lighting may affect the spawn rates, but I've made sure that the edge spots closest to the light were still below 7. And, you get a more authentic view of the place! But I didn't stop there.

    A second water elevator brings you all the way up to the surface hub, visible from the outside:

    Because I emerged in a jungle, I wanted to create a design that felt more grounded and ancient - something that looked less artificial than Starlight HQ. And I think it turned out alright!

    You can catch a glimpse of the Nether Temple to the left there. Additionally, I've added a junk armory for all bow/armor drops attained from the skeleton farm:

    And with that, the Mob Processing Hub was complete!

    And for the grand opening, I present to you a video tour of the hub, made and uploaded specifically for this journal! In it, I've made sure to demonstrate all the features!

    Hopefully any questions you had about the different things have been answered, but if not, feel free to ask! There were still some things I wanted to do with this build yet, and that mostly included completing the lighting. But alas, that could be done another day. Overall I was immensely satisfied with the result of this project, and was excited to put it to good use! :)

    I have added the Mob Processing Hub to the poll in the first post. If it is your favorite build so far, feel free to express that in the poll!

    We're inching closer and closer to session 175 dangerously fast! I can't wait to show you guys what I have going on right now. :)

    As always, any comments/questions are welcome! Stay tuned for more!

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    posted a message on Pretty much a random survival world...

    I'm saving the end exploration for reasons similar to yours, hehe. At this point it would make the most sense, unless of course you wanted the best of both worlds.

    Regarding how you feel about your world, well, you have a lot of great ideas. But something I've found is that planning too much can get in the way of your creativity. In other words, making a plan is okay as long as you're open to changing or even abandoning it - I've done that several times over the past year alone. Sometimes what we feel like making counteracts what we planned to make, and that makes it better.

    And like anything else, ambitious projects take time to come to fruition. There are some things I've wanted to do since before I started my world, in 2013, that I still haven't done. It's not because I decided against it; it's because I lacked the sufficient resources to go about it, and still do. This sounds like the type of problem you have run into. All I can say there is that part of survival mode is doing the mundane things you may not want to do, to survive, per se. For me, I have a system where I gather resources (mining, farming, exploring, etc.) every 10-20 sessions (anywhere in-between), and in that time I gather a large amount of resources. This allows me to work on projects for the next 10-20 sessions, and still have left over resources (this is how I've built a stockpile). In this way, I never actually run out - when it comes time to work on a large project, I plan ahead and collect more resources than I would ever need for it. This way I always have sufficient amounts in case I decide to do something on the fly (which happens a lot).

    I'm not sure if I've completely identified your predicament; if not, is it more that you're just growing tired of your world (I didn't get that impression, mind you, but I suppose I'll ask)? With a list of projects as expansive as yours, given that most people I've seen don't make it past the "automatic farms" stage, I don't imagine this is much the case. And it's party why I'd be interested in seeing further developments from you.

    Creativity is most effective when you are imposed with limitations. It's why I like survival so much. Perhaps it may be worthwhile thinking about your current plans in a different light - sometimes the best things come from the most obscure viewpoints.

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    posted a message on [SSP journal] Legends of Quintropolis: Age of Ender (Season 3)

    I'll apologize in advance if I'm updating too quickly. As I've mentioned previously, I've taken a hiatus from the world to actually construct these updates, since remember I'm actually at session 175 in the world. Well, at this point I am anxious to continue working on it, and so I would like to get through the next 45 sessions quite quickly. That's not to say I won't make them thorough of course; this journal alone has been quite a project! But don't get me wrong; I do love fashionably making these updates. :)

    So having said that, I'm thinking I'll start doing one update per day, assuming I'll have the time to put them together. For those of you just joining, this world is 2.5 years old, and I've started this journal to document that progress appropriately, starting from season 2. All information from Season 1 can be found in the first post, along with a world tour that I'd recommend you watch if you haven't. So far this season we have completed a few major projects (make sure you catch up on those!), and we've just started our next big project. So, let's continue to see how it progresses!

    Session 131 - "String Sorting"

    In session 129, we built a skeleton XP farm, which was the beginning of a major project that I recently titled the "Mob Processing Hub." If you're interested in its origins (as well as where it is located), go check out that session! Today, it was time for us to move on to the cave spider spawner. There were a number of different ways I could do this. Originally, I planned to have the spiders ascend and then drop, but then I realized that there could be some inconsistencies with that. So, I ultimately went with a similar design to the skeleton trap - a crusher system. Thus, I won't bother showing/explaining the redstone, since it would pretty much be redundant. Go see session 129 to see how it works! Now let's have a look at it!

    Here, I'm showing the location. I'm positioned overtop the staircase that leads down to the skeleton collection area (which you can see in session 129). You can see the cave spider spawner room straight ahead.

    I've installed lights that can of course be triggered on/off. Ideally, you would only use one farm at a time. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that having two spawners work simultaneously can counteract the spawn rates by each. Here you'll see that some spiders like the wall:

    This is because while I was working on it, there were moments when I'd open the room, allowing the spiders to see me. That's what causes them to climb. Now, I unfortunately don't have access to the original trap, but I did go through a few changes in the layout before deciding on the final result. I originally had the kill chamber in a separate room, as you can see to the right of the above picture. That was a staircase I built, which would turn left into the kill room. However, I tore that down because you would be more than 16 blocks from the spawner in most spots, disabling the spawner. The final spot was much better:

    Much more convenient! There are a few things to look at here. Let's start with the kill chamber!

    The design is unique to this farm, but the crusher/timer system is still the same (except for the fact that the timer is shorter, since spiders have less health than most other mobs). The button on the right activates it, while the lever above toggles the lights. The water hole leads you to here:

    The spiders have an innate behavior to climb/fall as they please. I couldn't tell you technically why that is - just some spiders go up and some go down. I actually recognized this behavior in my original design, which helped lead me to this one. Basically, the spiders enter through the middle, and they reside in either the bottom or top block. This room allows you to see both, as well as throw a potion to kill them all. When the crusher is activated, all three blocks are extended:

    The drops would fall into a hopper, in which I would collect them via a small staircase to the right. Their storage units were not completed yet.

    Let's get back to the picture above these last two. You'll notice I dug out some other rooms:

    Just to the left of the spider spawner room is the enchanting room! To the left of that is a room that would be dedicated to the railway that could connect from here back to the Power Museum in Starlight HQ (not a project for today, however). The 4x3 hole in front of me would turn into a spiral staircase leading down to a second layer. I won't yet tell you where it will go, since we don't want to get too ahead of ourselves. :)

    ...But to the left of that is the potion storage section! Wow was I on a roll today! Potions of healing to the left and potions of harming to the right:

    And to be continued next time...

    Session 132 - "Transports"

    ...And it's now next time! Funny how that works, huh. Today we worked on all railways associated with the Mob Processing Hub. Wait, all - as in, more than one? Yes! But let's start with the obvious - a railway line connecting the Power Museum to the Mob Processing Hub. The hub itself is just over 200 blocks from its port in the Power Museum:

    Hey look, finally putting the other side of the powerhouse floor to some use! Now you may be thinking: Why not just use a Nether portal instead of a railway? Well let's not get too ahead of ourselves! I did think about that, but there are actually some advantages to the railway system (well mainly just one). I can utilize the chest minecart to transport large amounts of items (hint: potions!) from here to there. Speaking of this, the second railway line we installed is slightly more functional.

    Upon reaching the railway station, the chest minecart automatically unloads its contents:

    The minecart below it doesn't automatically leave, because we only want it to leave once the minecart on top has emptied. This is a system that I could possibly pull off, but I did not get that far. However, there is an automatic system at play here. In this next shot you'll see a button to the right of the leftmost chest. That button calls the minecart over to the potion storage unit, dispensing all potions into the chest (obviously this has some complications if the chest fills, but I'd only ever get new potions if the chests were near empty). See here:

    The minecart will automatically return to the station! This is possible starting here, where the minecart activates a detector rail:

    The comparator will detect that the minecart has at least one object in it (a potion, in this instance) as it approaches the powered rail. This will then trigger an RS (NOR) latch, turning off the powered rail on top of the hopper. This allows the minecart to dispense the potions into the chest:

    The repeater you see is coming straight from the comparator. It sends a signal to the right, activating the latch and turning the redstone wire off. It also simultaneously sends a signal to the left, where it activates a hopper timer:

    There are two stacks of items in the hoppers. Since this system is designed strictly for potions, that's more than enough time for it to dispense a chest full of them. After time is up, the redstone block will move to the right, activating a wire and this repeater (above the comparator):

    This will of course reactivate the redstone wire (it is active by default, as seen in this photo), turning back on the powered rail, and sending the minecart back. Upon passing over the detector rail again, the comparator will of course see that there are no items in the chest, thus neutralizing the system.

    I hope I explained that okay, specifically for those of you who are interested in learning how these things work. I do assume in my explanations that you understand the basics of redstone and what the devices do, so my apologies if you couldn't quite follow entirely!

    This system did take some trial and error (since I had to work around the railway), but it works flawlessly! In addition to both of these railways, I finished the spider storage unit:

    The six storage chests to the left are for string; the six to the right are for spider eyes.

    A lot done in the past two sessions!

    Session 133 - "Spotlight Amendments"

    I did a lot of enchanting over the past few sessions, and I obtained a lot of bow drops! Take the following screenshot as an example:

    Yes, even the bow I'm hovering over was a mob drop! With an influx of XP among me, I could create a huge arsenal of beautiful bows!

    But I needed a break from this project! With the spider spawner, and the two railways, this project was burning me out quickly! So today, we worked further on more Starlight renovations - a favorite thing of mine to do, if you haven't picked up by now.

    The Starlight Castle is particularly great because it was built with such a layout that could be indefinitely customized. This basically meant I could change or alter whatever I want. Today, I only take advantage of that loosely, but it's still a key feature for any build, if you ask me. I'll just show you some things I did:

    Carpet tables, chiseled stone brick highlights, wooden support beams, and some other minor changes on the first two floors are what comprised today's main renovations. Also, don't mind the construction in the last picture there - I had been testing some possible pathway options that may or may not be expanded upon later. :)

    Some other renovations yet:

    Originally, I had item frames to identify the chests in the wool storage room. But that was needless lag (since item frames = entities), and so I replaced them with actual wool blocks, which made much more sense. Additionally, the Lounge Floor has been newly distinguished from the redundant "oak wood rooms" that comprise much of the Starlight's third and fourth floors. In later sessions, we'll slowly work towards further diversifying the aesthetics on these two floors (since the first two floors have been receiving a lot of attention lately). This includes updating the lighting from torches.

    Sessions 134/135 - "Prismarine Voyage"

    Back in session 87 of season 1, I found my first ocean monument (directly after updating to 1.8 last October). Today, I finally explored it. In part 1 of this adventure (session 134), I spent much of my time underground. See, I like to incorporate a caving session with any adventure I go on, to help vary and refresh the experience. That being said, there isn't much to discuss from 134, since it was mostly a caving session. Interestingly, I recorded most of it, but I won't be uploading it at the moment because of time restraints (since editing would take a lot of time).

    But session 135 is when I explored the monument. I also recorded that, and may upload it at a later date. But let's just show some pictures.

    Here's me leaving the Starlight by boat via the escape hatch:

    The monument:

    Elder guardians!

    And, did you notice that it was day 2100? This was purely coincidental, but was a great day indeed!

    And as with every adventure, it's time to see the ore pyramid!

    While not nearly as impressive as the Fire Journey, this adventure did yield a hefty amount of coal - 24 stacks of it! Additionally, I ended with eight stacks of iron, almost two stacks of gold, and six stacks of redstone. Overall, for an adventure based exclusively around exploring an ocean monument, that was a pretty decent yield.

    Now it's time to use the prismarine!

    I think this was a decent assortment of sessions, and I look forward to showing you guys the continuing development of the Mob Processing Hub. Hope you're liking it so far, since you'll likely see the rest of it... tomorrow. :P As previously stated, I'm going to start doing updates faster than I probably should, at least until we pass session 150. From there, we'll slow down a bit as we approach 175. :)

    Would love your feedback so far!

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    posted a message on Worst thing ever done in Minecraft

    A ghast fireball once struck some zombie pigmen within my vicinity. And you can imagine how the rest of that went.

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    posted a message on What do you think is the best thing about 1.9?
    Quote from rodabon»

    Besides the added end content, I think my favorite change is the removal of the water flowing animation to glass underwater.

    I quite like this change as well. In an old world I built an underwater structure, and would love to do it again in my current world. Now, the view will be a lot better!

    But I'm a big fan of the End now; I haven't yet gone to the End in my world, which makes this update much more exciting for me.
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    posted a message on [SSP journal] Legends of Quintropolis: Age of Ender (Season 3)

    Some fun new developments today...

    Session 128 - "Starlight Elevations"

    Every time I would look at the Starlight since the Redstone Observatory was built, I felt that it needed something more to further complete the "fullness" of it. By that, I of course meant more stuff on the Pillar of Life! There's no need to waste time talking about it - let me just show you!

    You should notice two things right off the bat here. First one would be the new green observatory just atop my bedroom, following the pattern of the bedroom and Redstone Observatory in that its radius is four blocks shorter than the one below it (making each side two blocks shorter). The second thing you'll notice is the three purple rings surrounding the Pillar of Life between the Great Balcony and the glass dome. Let's start with the green thing.

    The green observatory is titled the "Wind Point", because the floor of it is actually at y:128, the layer in which clouds reside (the Wiki states they are at 127, but I imagine that has to do with the fact that in this screenshot I'm standing on layer 127, in which the bottom of the cloud is at 127.3 from the looks of it).

    The purple rings were added after an additional change, which you can't as easily see from the screenshot above:

    The drop tower has been raised to the very top of the castle! Before, it stopped at the 360 bedroom since the Pillar of Life was not thick enough to accommodate it. However, today I thickened the entire pillar all the way around, thus allowing me to fit in the drop tower all the way up.



    You'll notice some other changes as well; the wood from the top of the pillar has been removed, and the roof of the Great Balcony has been expanded. These are all changes to fit with the thickening of the pillar, of course.

    With my recent finding of a mushroom biome in the Fire Journey, I decided that I could use mycelium to help spice up some aesthetics. I started with the potion storage unit, which I finished today:

    I added a nice clay border, lights in the ceiling, grass, and now mycelium to add to the color palette, in addition to some flowers. Overall I think it looks okay! Is it in the most convenient of places? Nah, you saw in session 124 that it takes a vertical water elevator to access. But it still looked cool nonetheless, I think.

    I think that's the last thing I'll add to the Pillar of Life. But you never really know. :)

    Session 129 - "Fractured Memories"

    Our next major build started in this session (which was just this past June!). Way back in session 6 (yes, session 006; you can even see this session recorded on YouTube back in 2013), I made a discovery in the very first mineshaft I'd explored. I found a skeleton dungeon right next to a cave spider spawner. Upon this discovery, I immediately knew that I wanted to build a farm out of both of these. Top that off with a darkroom spawner, and we could have a nice mob processing system going on here. And if by this point you guessed that's how this would go, you'd be correct!

    NOTE: This build is one of the few that isn't at Starlight HQ. If you want to know where exactly this is, watch the end of episode 4 in the original LP, episode 5, and the beginning of episode 6 (which is when we find it), here.

    I started with the skeleton spawner, closing the spawner in and placing the water currents:

    I installed lights that could be toggled on/off. This staircase leads down to where the skeletons would collect:

    They would collect here:

    This system would be a crusher system, in that the skeletons could be crushed down to one-hit kills. Here are some pictures of the redstone:

    It's nearly identical to the redstone used in Etho's blaze farm tutorial, so I won't bother explaining it too much. Basically, the picture above shows the timer for how long the block would crush the skeletons. The following picture shows the RS (NOR) latch, which turns on upon receiving input from the button (from the left), and turns off after the timer has finished. You'll notice that as the input comes in from the left, the timer also starts.

    The wire coming down from the left is the input, coming directly from the button. In the next picture, I've redone some of the redstone so you can see it better:

    When the button is pressed, the wire is activated, which deactivates that torch you see powering the other repeaters. This of course activates the torch underneath the piston, which causes the piston to extend, crushing the skeletons. The RS (NOR) latch functions to deactivate the input signal after a certain amount of time has passed (as set by the timer). This is because the input signal remains powered until the timer goes off, thanks to the latch.

    That's how it works in a nutshell. If you don't know quite how it works still and you'd like to, just search on YouTube for Etho's blaze farm - it's basically the same idea.

    So I got that whole system set up today. Here is the storage unit I dug out beneath the spawner:

    The idea was that every three chests (every column), I'd alternate between bones and arrows. For now, I kept armor and bow drops in the section to the right; although, I did plan to create a separate room for those later.

    I did some test runs, and it worked great - much better than my original zombie XP farm! This was a great start to a fun new project!

    Session 130 - "Farmlands 2.0"

    The more I looked at Starlight HQ as it was starting to sprout into something aesthetically improved, the more I realized that the Farmlands were really dragging it down! I mean, look at these!

    A little history on these guys - they were the first part of this world fully completed. In fact, you'll even see half of them completed in the original LP from 2013! Once they were finished, I hadn't touched them again. Well, I did add a mushroom farm in session 49, but it's hidden underground and didn't really affect the look of the Farmlands. I used them a lot, and still did up to this point because of pumpkins and sugar cane mostly (since now I had the automatic farm hub for wheat, carrot, potato, and cocoa bean). Going into this season, I had a big project planned that would completely replace the Farmlands, but I still felt these guys needed some love.

    So I gave them a small... update...

    The old pumpkin farm was replaced with an extended melon farm. And then I made a pumpkin patch next to it:

    All wood was replaced with Nether brick! This was a fun relaxed project for me, and it looks a lot better too! There isn't much else to say about them though, since I still didn't intend to use them all that often. But now they looked better, and that was important. Also, this was the easter egg I was referring to two updates ago. One of the pictures in session 124 showcases the updated Farmlands - it was the only one I had from before I changed the Farmlands in which I could show the floor of the Alchemy Dome.

    Well, that was all for this session. But now it was time to get serious with our new construction, now titled the Mob Processing Hub!


    Session 129 takes place through June 12, 2015. This was of course the two-year anniversary of Techtropolis. To celebrate that, I uploaded a video of Starlight HQ 1.0, which you can see here:

    This was Starlight HQ at session 50, on December 1, 2013.

    The skeleton XP farm is the beginning of our next major build, which will continue in the next update! As another note, in the next update we will return to a five-session update - from 131 to 135! Stay tuned!

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    posted a message on [SSP journal] Legends of Quintropolis: Age of Ender (Season 3)

    As a note, I have added a poll to the first post. This is just to give me an idea of what types of builds you guys like the most. Obviously it will be updated as we complete more builds.

    I will go ahead and say that I don't have many pictures from this adventure. But it's still the largest adventure I've gone on to date. Even as there aren't many pictures, I have kept a tab of everything I had found, and will document that here. There is, however, a small video (and perhaps this may be the foreshadowing of more video inclusions for the future)! This adventure was the first thing I did upon moving (I moved three states away), and so it does have some personal meaning as it signifies the beginning of a new era for the season.

    Session 125 - "Fire Journey (part 1)"

    Why is it called the "Fire Journey?" It was the first adventure in which I utilized the Nether for transportation. I intended to find a mesa biome. And, I founded "Fire Island", which was a beautiful island that I would come back to develop in the future. So yeah, quite a few new things already!

    Hello burned out glowstone! Well, the coordinates you're looking at here are about right in terms of where I built a portal. With Tigris (one of my horses), I traveled north past the first fortress I found back in session 111, to a second fortress. I climbed to the top of this second fortress so that I could travel further north, and in doing so I found the fortress pictured - a third one (but it was the fourth fortress I found overall - I did find another one in session 111 in the eastern direction, but that's obviously irrelevant for this journey). I know exactly where I built a portal - it was right behind a blaze spawner with coordinates closer to z: -500.

    Upon building this portal, I spawned over 4,000 blocks north in a ravine. I went ahead and explored this cave system for a long time, collecting anything and everything I could find. I found a few dungeons as well; I had to make two double chests in the ravine because I found so much stuff. It was great!

    The ravine led right into a mineshaft, which was great for exploration purposes. Upon completing a satisfactory caving adventure, I set out to dig a staircase to the surface. I knew that I was under the ocean where the portal spawned, but I was actually not far from land (since the mineshaft was on a beach). I made a staircase to the surface; upon arriving at the surface, I started exploring south in hopes of finding a mesa, but to little avail. I did find this, though:

    So, it was time to head in the opposite direction.

    Session 126 - "Fire Journey (part 2)"

    Venturing in the opposite direction (which would be north) meant making a boat and sailing across the high seas! This also meant I had to leave Tigris behind - I left her at the bottom of the cave right beside the portal, since I figured that was the safest place for her (given I had to return to this cave eventually to transport all my loot home!). I probably traversed the ocean for at least 500 blocks, eventually arriving at the shore of what I now call "Fire Island." This name comes from the fact that it was a large desert biome (and so I had even higher hopes to find a mesa). Additionally, the name also comes from the fact that I found this island via the Nether - a "fire" world indeed! Of course, I didn't name this island before exploring it! Here is a list of all the things I found:

    • One desert temple
    • Two desert villages and one plains village
    • One spider dungeon
    • Three ocean monuments
    • More horses

    I walked for thousands of blocks before finding horses, but you'll never guess where I actually found them: at the shore I arrived at. Yes - just west in a small peninsula I didn't bother to visit before, I found a large group of horses amidst a village (this patch of land was in a plains biome, incidentally enough)! Some of them were really well fit, and so I separated those from those that weren't so great. I also knew that there was no way I was getting these guys home, so I left them here to be used anytime I visited (this peninsula, btw, was right beside one of the ocean monuments). It's also worth noting that I did not explore any ocean monuments today; I was still not well equipped nor in the right frame of mind to do so. But don't worry; that day is coming!

    You'll notice that I neglected to mention my findings of a mesa. That's because I did not find one! :( While unfortunate, I knew that I couldn't do this forever. And this is especially evident by the following photo:

    ...where you'll notice I've traveled 10,000 blocks north. That's too much for any single day, so I thought it was time to pack up and go home. I still found a lot of cool stuff, however!

    What I didn't anticipate, however, was how eventful the return trip would be...

    Session 127 - "Return Trip"

    I decided that I did want to bring just one of these horses home. But that has some complications, since the only way back to the portal was via the 500+ blocks of water just south of me. So, I knew that the only other viable option was to use the Nether. I built the first portal in a desert village, spawning inside of a fifth fortress on the other side. From here, I unknowingly traveled north only to find a sixth fortress! Upon realizing that I was going north, I went backwards and tried to find a way back to my original portal (the one behind the blaze spawner, where this all started). But the terrain prevented this from being possible by normal means. I probably could have mined a huge 2x3 hallway back to where I thought the coordinates might be. But I instead built another portal at the southern-most point I could reach by normal means. This was around x: -450, z: -450 (though not exactly those coordinates, obviously). So we were still pretty far out from home, since the portal was at x: -82 anyway (I know this because I actually have a picture of the portal with the coordinates, although it's from a different adventure we will revisit later).

    On the other side of the portal was a beautiful forest. I figured that maybe I could travel southeast in hopes of getting on the other side of the terrain blocking me in the Nether. But there was a slight problem: another ocean! I felt pretty stranded, but I saw a mountain biome not too far out! Once I got closer to it, I saw what it actually was:

    I couldn't believe it! While this was a nice find, it still didn't help solve the problem of getting home, since this didn't go much for further southeast. I returned back to the Nether through the same portal I had just built. While in one of the fortresses, I obtained my first two wither skeleton skulls! This was great because I could start stockpiling for a giant Wither battle! It's hard for me to remember exactly how I got back home, but I do know without a doubt that it was through the Nether. I believe I found my way back through the eastern direction first, before worrying about heading south. This allowed me to find an alternative route that got me back to the first portal I built behind that blaze spawner. From here, I named my new horse "Thor," brought him home along with everything in my inventory, and returned for the rest. I got Tigris back, as well as the two double chests full of loot I found earlier. It took a few trips, but I'd say this was an amazing adventure.

    Here is the ore pyramid for this adventure:

    Using Fortune, and accounting for the iron/gold I got, here are the full statistics for what I obtained:

    • 32 stacks of coal
    • 8.5 stacks of iron
    • 2.5 stacks of gold
    • 7 stacks of redstone
    • 8.5 stacks of lapis lazuli
    • 36 diamonds
    • 9 emeralds
    • Lots of cool stuff I found in chests

    A little light in the diamonds and redstone (I didn't spend too much time at those lower levels), but otherwise this was a massive overhaul in resources! To recap our discoveries, we had Fire Island; the mushroom island; multiple ocean monuments; multiple villages; a desert temple; two wither skulls; a new horse; lots of loot found in fortress chests, village chests, dungeon and temple chests; and a ridiculous amount of resources (not to mention an exciting return trip!). That's pretty good for one adventure, I'd say. But there is one more cool little fact about this adventure. It ended at...

    ...day 2,000!

    Well that about wraps up this adventure! I hope you guys enjoyed reading about it; I realize it's a different narrative from the other sessions, but hopefully this change in pace is a good thing every once in a while! It helps to keep things interesting, I think.

    Our next major build is upon us!

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    posted a message on [SSP journal] Legends of Quintropolis: Age of Ender (Season 3)

    Wow, thanks everyone for your responses! Happy to see some comments. :)

    Quote from MrWigglies»

    I don't know if I'm right but I think the easter egg is the face of the creeper right next to the dome.

    Nope! That face was actually added during the original construction of the Power Museum, in session 65 (Between April-May 2014 I believe). The "Easter Egg" is more or less something that is added/changed in a later session, but was prematurely included since the picture containing it was the only viable one I had, if that makes sense.

    Next update will be very relaxed, since it will be solely the three-session adventure I mentioned. There aren't many pictures from it, but there are some - additionally there are a lot of cool facts/discoveries involved! I'll post it tonight or tomorrow. :)

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    posted a message on [SSP journal] Legends of Quintropolis: Age of Ender (Season 3)

    With the Nether Temple complete, it was time to take a breather and work on some aesthetically different types of projects. Today we will only be covering the next four sessions, because after these, a massive three-session adventure takes place. :)

    Session 121 - "Fruit Baskets"

    I mentioned in the world tour that I wanted to do an orchard of sorts. Well, that sort of happened. I basically wanted to create a "zen garden", in which you could relax and enjoy the scenery, not worrying too much about anything, ever. I took a small patch of land directly adjacent to the now-complete Nether Temple and reformed it into a beautiful orchard, hiding the lighting within the ground and the trees. Some pictures:

    I do like scenic subtlety when it comes to functions/mechanisms, and so I threw in two different things within the orchard. The first would be a hidden chest with bonemeal, which would be used to farm the flowers:

    And the second was an automatic watermelon farm sitting inside the mountain:

    Overall, this was a very relaxed session, which I think was a fitting way to come off of an intensive build. And, thanks to its location, it's possible that the orchard could be expanded in the future!

    Session 122 - "Starlight Security!"

    Fact: Mobs could just easily walk up to the front entrance of the Starlight, step on the pressure plates, and walk right in! Well that changes today! It was time to install a lock to the front entrance. I had two options: on one hand, I could add the lock somewhere in the lobby, which makes the most sense. But, I also wanted to put the control room in the Power Museum to some use! So, ultimately, I actually installed the lock to be toggled in there. It may not make much sense, but hey; the control room was meant to be a room with which I could install random functions.

    But how does it work, you ask? The idea is quite simple actually - toggling the lever simply activates a piston, which pushes a block to "block" the redstone circuit coming from the pressure plates on the outside. I've demonstrated this below (the white glass would be replaced with a solid block to obstruct the circuit):

    And that's all there is to it! The doors can still be activated as normal from the inside; it's just the outside pressure plates that are restricted, which was the whole idea. Now, the logical next step would be to create a system that would override the lock temporarily, via using an item as a "key" of sorts (which would be dropped into a hopper minecart and, well, you can guess the rest). But I'm afraid that is for another day.

    There were some other tasks to be completed today. I additionally wanted to add a doorbell to the front entrance. This was my first time working with note blocks ever, and so it was a fun project for me! It didn't sound great, but it did work! Here is a photo of what it looked like:

    I had a drum and sound playing simultaneously through each note. And, as you can see, it is in fact located just underneath the sitting room. From the outside, here was the button to activate it:

    This was the closest I could get it to the door without interfering with the door redstone. But I may attempt to revise this entire setup someday.

    One final project for today was installing a security door to the warehouse floor entrance we added in session 105. I mean, I think it was pretty irresponsible of me to just leave a gaping hole in the Starlight like that (which was essentially what it was). Nevertheless, we finished off this session by installing a proper piston door to keep the mobs out. Yet, it looks like this enderman found its way inside!

    You can note how I used the redstone lamp to visually indicate that the door was active. This is particularly helpful, given that the door's strange design can render it difficult to tell whether or not it is open.

    Session 123 - "Alchemy to Stage Two (part 1)"

    If you've been following, you'll note that I recently mentioned my interest in building something around the mob drop chamber, located in the Power Museum. Well, today we commence that build! This project would be titled the "Alchemy Dome", and it would be our potion crafting (ingredients), potion brewing, and potion storing facility. It would connect seamlessly to the Power Museum on both the cathedral floor and powerhouse floor. Without any more ado, let's unravel the first part of this construction!

    On top, you can see how I've torn down half of the Power Museum wall to help mold the Alchemy Dome into the Power Museum (since the Alchemy Dome would act as an addendum to it). Underneath that entrance is a second entrance from within the lobby downstairs, which you can more clearly see here:

    What was originally an exit only is now another part of the Power Museum, housing the potion ingredients of course:

    The unorthodox structure of this storage unit comes from the fact that it was built as an afterthought - in other words, when I originally built both the Starlight Castle and Power Museum, I never planned the Alchemy Dome. But, I think it did fit tightly and appropriately. You can see that I'm sticking with the quartz theme within this build.

    So, today we got things started with the foundations, the potion ingredients room, and the entrances. In the next session, we'll do everything else!

    Session 124 - "Alchemy to Stage Two (part 2)"

    Following the construction of the previous session, today was much more exciting because we get to see the completed dome from all angles! Let's take a closer look:

    You can see that I've adapted the quartz look to the floor of the Alchemy Dome as well, in addition to giving the carpet colors that resemble potions. I also started adding brewing stands around the circumference of the dome. Yes, while the system was completely manual, I think it was a lot better than keeping everything locked up inside a single tower. And you can only improve, so who's to say that maybe "stage three" won't be something automatic? :)

    A couple more pictures, showcasing the entrance to the potion storage unit:

    I've neglected to show you pictures of the potion storage unit itself, because its aesthetics were not fully completed this session, and the only pictures I have/can obtain from it are the completed ones. Therefore, I will show you the unit once we arrive at the session in which it was finished.

    Finally, let's get one last picture of Starlight HQ as it is at this point, with the newly-completed Nether Temple to the left side, the newly-completed Alchemy Dome to the right, and all the other big/little things that have been added so far this season:

    Alternatively, visit the link here (to zoom in).

    The next post will predominately feature our next major adventure (which is still among my largest to date!). This adventure would then lead us into the next part of this season. Stay tuned!

    There is an Easter Egg change in one of the pictures posted in today's update! Can you find it?

    Hope you guys like the way I'm going about this journal. It's hard to tell at the moment since there hasn't been much discussion. That's alright though; I'll keep updating as normal! :)

    With that, and having completed some miscellaneous builds that I was eager to finish, it was time for another major adventure! Until next time...

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    posted a message on [SSP journal] Legends of Quintropolis: Age of Ender (Season 3)

    It's been a few days; I think it's time for another update! Things have gotten packed the last few days for me, and so I haven't had the ample time required to thoroughly construct an update. But alas, it is time to progress forward! The next five sessions may involve the completion of a major build... The only way to know is to find out!

    So here we go:

    Session 116 - "Nether Spires!"

    When we last left off with the Nether Temple construction in session 113, we had just finished the door and entrance. Now it was time to start working on the rest! Today, we engaged in a fairly simple part of the build: the spires! You may remember from the outline in session 107 that there was going to be one spire on each side of the entrance, on the interior. Well, have a look at the result!

    While that was all I did on the Nether Temple this session, I also worked further towards our goal of removing all torches from the Starlight. Today, we did the entire second floor!

    You'll also notice some other aesthetic changes, including the carpet added to the lift spires and furnace room. Another notable change you'll see is that the transport spire's floor has been changed to leaves. This was because I wanted to keep it dimly lit. Additionally, you can see how I've stored the eggs from the egg generator from the inside - a perspective I did not previously provide!

    Session 117 - "Whitehouse"

    Today, we took a bit of a break from the Nether Temple. See, I didn't want to constantly be working on the same project all the time, and thus I tried to mix it up a bit. You'll note in the world tour that I mentioned I would change all stone brick within the Power Museum into quartz. Well, after a few additional trips to the Nether, I was able to do just that! Take a look:

    My oh my does it look tons better! You'll noticed that lighting has also been installed. This, however, was only in the Powerhouse floor - the cathedral floor (top floor) hasn't yet been worked on. And, the following section of the Power Museum still has yet to be tampered with. I had some ideas for it, as mentioned in the world tour, but today was not the day to play with those:

    In this session, I also commenced planning for a new construction to take place following the Nether Temple's construction. See this patch of land here (picture is from an older version of the world)?

    The mob fall chamber is just asking to be surrounded by something. :( This whole area looks incomplete in fact - as though it needs to be developed! So, my initial thought was to build a dome right here. However, because I didn't want to get caught up in a cycle of unfinished projects, I got back to finishing the Nether Temple before engaging in this new project!

    Session 118 - "Walking on Hot Coals"

    I think one of my favorite parts of this build was working on and designing the floor. While building the Nether Temple, I knew going in that I didn't want any torches (since I knew I would just have to come and remove them later). So, I utilized the floor to create light - lava light, that is! Take a look at the construction:

    This took a little bit of time, but overall I was quite satisfied with the result! However, it wasn't yet complete. The lava needed to come from somewhere, right? Well, not necessarily, but I wanted there to be a bit of a system. So, in the Nether spires, I built these lava reactors (that's just what I called them). The idea was that they produced the lava, and that lava flowed into the ground and filled the pathway. See here:

    I think it's really neat how even the smallest details, like the lava dripping from the top of the spires, help to influence the setting! One final thing I did was build a premature staircase in Starlight Plaza:

    I won't yet disclose what this staircase will lead into. :) Just remember it when it shows up again later.

    Session 119 - "Braziers!"

    This was another Nether Temple-centric session, but progression was moving quickly! The entire middle section was completed today. There wasn't really much of a point to this middle section, aside from aesthetic purposes of course. But then, I suppose this entire construction is a bit extravagant, given its singular purpose. Regardless, another source of lighting I wanted to incorporate was the emulation of braziers. A brazier is a container for fire, used in many different cultural rituals, with the primary purpose of burning fuel. They are quite archaic, and thus I thought it would be cool to implement them in this build. Here is a picture of a typical brazier:

    Now, I didn't incorporate this aesthetic exactly, but I made a few different variations of them. Let's start the screenshot cycle:

    Hopefully the integration looks alright. One gripe I had was how dark the Nether brick is - that it is indeed quite difficult to pick apart the detailed structure of the build. But, there really was no better material to construct the Nether Temple with, and so this would have to do (I took some of the pictures on "Bright" brightness to help bring out the details). With this, the lighting for the temple was done, aside from the dome to be constructed next. But the dome would be no trouble at all - the hard part of this build was incorporating a lot of different aesthetic amenities into a small space. And I think it's turning out to look quite nice!

    Session 120 - "Lava Bowl"

    I knew that we would get further on the progress of the Nether Temple today, but I didn't initially anticipate that we would complete it! Yes, today we finish the dome as well as an additional feature, completing the temple! There are a lot of screenshots ending this construction off, so let's dive right in! Starting off with the construction of the dome:

    The lighting was going to be very simple. I wanted lava falls all around the interior of the dome! Have a look:

    ...Which is why I added these holes (also lol at the silly zombies):

    The rest of the dome was straightforward, and didn't cause too much trouble.

    However, I didn't just want a dome. I wanted the Nether Temple to be a natural beacon, similarly to the Starlight Castle. You can see the Starlight Castle from extraordinary distances - I wanted a similar effect for the Nether Temple. Having multiple natural beacons in Starlight HQ is part of what helps it to expand in a mature manner. And even though the Nether Temple isn't nearly as tall as the Starlight Castle, its beacon would have an endearing quality that the castle's did not...

    It would illuminate the night sky! I thought it was the most beautiful thing - having a lava bowl sit on top of a dome like that. And it was quite large! The top of the dome was taller than most of the roof of the Starlight, being just 6 blocks shorter than the very tip of the lift spires.

    Overall I was immensely satisfied with the result. Here are the final screenshots, from different parts of Starlight HQ:

    I've not embedded the pictures; instead, click each location so that you can get the full size!

    From Starlight Plaza

    From Starlight Observatory

    From Grand Observatory

    From Redstone Observatory

    From The Great Balcony

    From the Glass Dome

    From the Alchemy Tower

    From Sunset Balcony

    Immediately following this construction, I enchanted a sword and got this (right out of the enchanting table!):

    I'd say this was an okay day! :)

    Alright, so the Nether Temple was officially completed (which is true once the sign for it has been added to the Lapis Hall of Fame, which it was). This build was completed on May 30, 2015. Onwards and upwards to the next part of the season!

    I hope you all enjoyed today's update. If you're just joining and you happen to like what you see, I recommend catching up on previous sessions and watching the world tour (in the first post) to get fully in tune with where we're at (of course, I understand you may not have ample time to watch the hour-long world tour; feel free to use it as a reference). Everything listed under 'Season 1' in the first post may also be helpful.

    With that, the first phase of the plaza faction was complete! :)

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