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    posted a message on Trading Mod (Android only due to UI)
    Cool, I checked it out! Nice Work dude! Now Villages became useful. Cheers for you! :D
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    posted a message on ThrillWorld ( Massive Minecraft PE Theme Park) COMING 2014
    Quote from lemon123456789

    Who me pls add me

    Well, Could you PM me with your Creations? Don't take from Sites though. I am really good at Surfing! Well Not Really, I Drown most of the Time! :P
    Quote from Mineplay91

    Hi Can I be op?
    Age 23
    Why I have experince because I have 3 of my own servers
    Mineplay Survival
    Mineplay City-Griefed In Construction
    Mineplay Hide N Seek-Griefed In Construction

    Could you PM me the IP and Port of the servers Please? I want to see your Talents! ;)
    Quote from MR_BAKSHI

    ;) JoelBro!

    BakshiBro! :D
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    Quote from Crafter_Lim

    Sorry guys economy will be back on tomorrow

    Why! :-(
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    Hey Guys,
    Here are some suggestions which I hope you guys Agree with and don't forget, this is a LONGGGGG..... list. ;-D

    Creative Mode Suggestions:

    1. Chests: You guys know that we can place chests but cannot place anything INSIDE it. That is a problem, right? So why don't we just allow chest editing in creative mode? I have seen many people wasting a LOT of time adding items into chests after changing into survival mode for their maps.
    2. Mob Eggs: We have Animal Mob Eggs like pig, sheep etc. But we don't have a Evil Mob Egg like Creeper, Zombie etc. If we get that it would be easy to make MVP Maps (Mob vs. Player Maps) and it would be AWESOME!

    Survival Mode Suggestions:

    1. Portals: We need portals like the Nether and The End. It would be extraordinary to find ourselves in a New World. Nether Reactor is not much fun, we need to see the real World. No Hurry, but it would be Joyful to get it in a near Update.
    2. Enchanted Books: We need awesome power-ups like Enchanted Books to apply Spells on our tools like Flame, Aspiration etc.
    3. Natural Caves: We need Natural Caves because when we find a small cave and just Mine in that place, we feel bored but Natural Caves has a lot to Explore!
    4. Generated Structures: We need PC Generated Structures like A Village, A Stronghold, A Ravine, A Jungle, Desert Temple and a Jungle Temple. It would be Awesome!
    5. Villagers: Yep, You heard.....or read it right! Villagers! We need someone to trade with. And when we are playing we will never again feel Lonely!
    6: End's: We need the End's Items, mobs and all, like the Endermen, Ender Eye, Ender Portal and The Legendary Ender Dragon! Then it would really be a Challenge!
    7. Lilly Pads: We need Lilly Pads to make our way from one island to another Island!

    Both Modes:

    1. Gamemode: We need the Gamemode Commands to change the Gamemodes, it will be quite fun, you know?

    Yep, That's the end of the List! I know, I know it is not very long but to be Truthful I used that Topic Title to attract more players, Forgive Me. And If a Moderator or Minecraft Developer is reading this, no hurry and no need of adding everything in one update! Take your own Time! ;-D

    Thank You!
    ~Joel Roxx
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    posted a message on Youtube Channel Intro Maker WILL MAKE INTRO'S ON REQUEST
    Thank you very MUCH!! But now I have a problem like I made a logo, and I want the 'TheJoelRoxx', 'Club Penguin' and 'Minecraft' to be in that style. It is a epic one but it will be awesome if you add that. I will give you the logo if you reply me with a positive comment. ;-D
    And Oh I subscribed your channel
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