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Hiya there! My name is JoelRoxx or Joel and I'm the leader of a self-made Clan (I'm such a loner!) TheRoxx.

I'm a Kid of 16! I'm addicted to Minecraft so bad and watches Minecraft Videos most of the time. I started watching Minecraft since 2011 and started playing MCPE since September 2013! I know a lot about Minecraft PC without even having it! I'm ready to accept any Responsibility given to me and will do happily do it! I love to build Maps! I love to make Friends and Hang out in servers! I know a lot of things about Admin commands and plugins! And YES, I LOVE PUTTING EVERY SINGLE FIRST LETTER IN CAPS AND PUTTING A EXCLAMATION MARK ON THE END!!!!!! Thank You! ;)


Minecraft PC, Minecraft Pocket Edition, Youtube, Twitter, Responsibilities, Maps, Mods, Buildings (To be a Builder), Updates, Finding and playing New games, Making friends and chatting to them, Surfing the net, Playing Games, etc.

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