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    Quote from TEKsterful

    Well if you don't like it, you can always join a server and have your stuff stolen and your creations griefed.

    >players get no commands
    >players do not receive free items
    >server is a build server
    >griefing is good

    Since you support griefers, you should join another server.

    I never said griefing was good or that I supported it, YOU JUST DID. I just wanted to build like everyone else. My only point is that your server isn't vanilla like you say it is, it doesn't follow the conventional qualities of a vanilla server by the general definition. Also, how did you manage to say 4 outrageous things?

    >Players can get the commands /home and /spawn
    >Players DO receive free items, because all money the server gets are donations and not a purchase of goods
    >You said so yourself, that this server is a SURVIVAL server.
    >Since when is griefing good?

    Clearly I'm not going to be whitelisted, but seriously, advertising the server as vanilla when it clearly isn't is a spiteful bait-and-switch. Anybody who joins the server will be at a disadvantage to those with cash to donate, and vanilla implies everyone has even footing. If you have bedrock in your inventory, you're not really playing vanilla.

    Just because I was trying to point out that the server isn't really vanilla, didn't mean you had to be a jerkass about it. I even explained further when I was prompted. I wasn't trying to diss the server. But fine, whatever.
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    Quote from ChaosGuardian


    The word "vanilla" implies "plain", that you are running the server as it was originally programmed without the interference of hacks, mods, or plugins. On this server, you run quite a few plugins (that there is no list of, despite the topic post acknowledging one).

    You can't call this a vanilla server because of all the protection. It's precisely 0% vanilla, and the title is misleading. You're much more accurate calling it a CONSTRUCTIVE server because the plugins imply there is much emphasis on building and little patience for griefing.
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    Account name: Joe_Young
    How long have you been playing Minecraft: Since Alpha
    Age: 20
    How much multiplayer experience do you have: I almost never play single player. Too cheesy.

    Also, I suggest you remove "Vanilla" from the topic title, since you do not understand what vanilla is and this server is CLEARLY not vanilla.

    EDIT: The account name is Joe_Young, not JoeYoung
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    posted a message on Server! 24/7 No whitelist, no rules, also has MobArena! Server! 24/7 No whitelist, no rules, also has MobArena!

    Have fun with it! :biggrin.gif:
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    I can confirm that the plugin still works as of bukkit build 612
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    Just because a name is popular doesn't mean it'll stick. Remember Aspergite? Everyone loved that name until Notch called it redstone.
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    Quote from bigolslabomeat »

    It's a shame for those of us wanting to be constructive that this continues.

    Suggest the OP closes the thread, there's too many people unable to read.

    To Obsidian_ and N3X15: I added your ideas as feature requests on the bug site (along with my own), we'll see if they get implemented or not.

    We're just making a point that as constructive others may try to be, Doridian is no longer a trusted coder here. They only way people might want to use his code again is if he DELETES the backdoor code and releases his source.
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    replying... will it really do that?
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    Just thought to mirror it here in case anything happens

    Sort of jacking my own thread but I couldn't really figure out where to put this so it would get seen.
    Normally I wouldn't bother investigating this any further but I'm off from school today and I did a quick google of Doridian. Most of it was harmless crap but I found this post on the hak5.org forums. To summarize:
    Basically, a couple of mingebags connected to our Garry's Mod servers and used some clientside memory editing to gain RCON access to the server. They then demoted Feha (a super admin who was present) to the restricted group, promoted themselves to super admin, and proceeded to harass every available player. They screwed all our servers thoroughly, and cracked all our passwords save the FTP, Web, SSH and MySQL servers.
    Before I make myself seem like a creeper (in the non-minecraftian sense) with the stuff I pulled together I want to explain that I looked so far into this because people are potentially putting their minecraft servers (at the very least) at risk if this is indeed the same Doridian. The guy just flat out can't be trusted and installing anything he has written is a bad idea. On with the reasons why I'm fairly sure this is the same guy.
    Normally I'd be skeptical that this is the same guy, however, there are definitely links between the two potentially separate Doridians:
    We can see from the conversation between FullDisclosure/PhonicUK that Doridian did some hacky stuff, here is the direct quote:
    03:28 Doridian thats mainly due to i love coding hax/hacky stuff
    Doridian is an active GMod/Wiremod user. Here is his Wiremod forum profile. The avatar is the same, no doubt about the connection there.
    Here is Doridian's Twitter account talking about SRCDS (source dedicated server) exploits back in August 2009 (a few months before this **** from hak5). Again, he has the same avatar so the connection is pretty much guaranteed. Here is another twitter update about another GMod exploit.
    As the hak5 posting mentions, this same exploit was used by the same two users on the official Wiremod servers. Doridian was a known contributor to the Wiremod community. As you can see on this page (Ctrl+F "Doridian")
    Doridian's Steam ID from his garry's mod profile (ID: STEAM_0:0:5394890) matches these two steam logs I found on google that show this Steam ID using the alias Doridian {SA-A} that you can see in the hak5.org logs.
    Here is another file of steam logs talking about a user named Doridian uploading files to a GMod server that allowed him to **** with admin settings. Ctrl+F "Doridian" gets to a set of dialog:
    [08]The1: 2 guy's uploaded files to the server
    [08]The1: made themselves super admin's ect?
    [08]<TOFK>Tetsuoken: One of them was Doridian I believe
    [08]The1: yeah
    The FULL logs from the hak5.org post, straight from McBuilds (a garry's mod community apparently).... **** this guy in the neck.
    EDIT: Wanted to come back and tone down a little bit. Not that it really matters (IMO) because illegally gaining access to a server using an exploit is a shitty thing to do BUT, apparently Doridian didn't do any actual tampering with the server, it was his buddy, Effektiv that ****ed everything up. Doridian just provided the exploit apparently and later apologized. Still doesn't change the fact that they basically hacked their way into the server to "demonstrate an exploit". I still maintian that he's an asshole and not anyone you should trust to write software.
    Unless there is some vast conspiracy here to **** on this guy, I'd say it's damn well confirmed that this is the same dude who ****ed up the server from the hak5.org posting. Anyone still using MCAdmin at this point should stop short as there is no reason to trust Doridian further than you can throw him. I felt sorry for him a few hours ago when this first surfaced, he sounded like he has a pretty shattered view of the world. After finding this though, I really don't give a ****, he dug himself a hole like this.
    I got more and more sure as I wrote this post because I found more and more information as I wrote. I didn't find the logs with the Steam ID until near the end of my 'research' but those tied the two users together as one. The full logs were just icing on the cake.
    I hope this helps anyone on the edge, trying to decide about whether or not to use this software. It had hidden backdoor access to your servers and is programmed by a guy who is proven to have used an exploit to **** up someone else's servers...
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