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    posted a message on Stronghold with Air Portal seed!!! (1.9.3)
    Quote from Nat628

    on the first try, i think i found it but i deleted the world and did it again but now i cant see it.....

    you know this was for a release that came out ages ago, right?
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    Quote from woodendinosaur

    @ Sloejack

    Forgotten Nature adds more stones and trees and works along side ExtrabiomesXL for very nice aesthetics. (no volcanoes I am afraid) In addition, EBXL is absorbing FN in the future so it will be as one.

    where does it say ebxl is doing that?
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    posted a message on Wither Skelly exp farm
    how do you build a
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    posted a message on New NBTedit tags to support unique item textures (apart from packs)
    Quote from coau14

    Very good idea sir, I shall mod it for you!

    Please do!
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][SMP][Forge]Baked Goods Mod Beta - Unique Food in Minecraft!
    It says cooking ink makes chocolate syrup, I guess you meant cocoa beans?

    EDIT: also, could you please add a config to change the ids?

    EDIT 2: I don't think it should really be necessary to modify the jar if this mod is really forge compatible. also, apple trees showed up without textures for some reason
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    Quote from Xavura

    Extremely amusing theory but let's be realistic:

    If multiple people were working on RP it would be easier to reply to this thread and it wouldn't take as long to update.

    Not a theory. Ever think they actually don't want to? The development and deployment of Redpower is tightly controlled for a reason.
    Quote from Bluehorazon

    Well but if Eloraam is multiple persons they need to have some kind of hive-consciousness, since whenever one of the persons gets to know something all others are aware of that knowledge too. Really scary O.o

    that's dumb, all they need is collaboration
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    Quote from et tu brute

    I like this theory that Eloraam is multiple people. It certainly would explain how/why red power does so much. It is true she never talks in any video ever.

    She's not a real person, this was revealed before. It's a bunch of content creators working together with a persona to front their collaboration. Direwolf said as much and it was discussed much earlier in this thread
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    posted a message on Eloraam's Mods (RedPower 2 Prerelease 6)
    I feel the Eloraam could do a lot about the impatience of people on this topic if she updated her blog or at least TALKED about the new version a little more frequently. Information is really what people want.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Without griefers
    Quote from AEror2

    Implying there are no servers that allow griefing or raiding. Honestly, I think any server not advanced enough to prevent the things they don't want deserve what they get.

    actually it's so bad now I'd say the most advanced servers are the ones that DO allow camping, griefing, etc

    seriously, that's the only way to play. just pure all-out pvp and general douchebaggery. This is how you learn to REALLY play minecraft.

    Other players - the most dangerous mobs in the game.
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    posted a message on A True "Vanilla" server
    You're both correct, and I agree.

    A "Vanilla" server is the game as it is ran from the official server .jars that notch distributes.

    Ideally, but not always, this means the server has pvp enabled, and the whitelist disabled, with no particular rules concerning stealing, killing, or griefing.

    If you're running bukkit, or a server with mods, you shouldn't advertise with VANILLA in the topic like a zillion people erroneously do.

    I hate logging onto a "vanilla" server with anti-grief plugins, a bukkit economy, multiworld, etc. It's not freaking vanilla, and all those stupid jackass server admins know it.

    A bukkit server CAN be run as vanilla server lookalike, if it only utilizes anti-cheat or anti-hack plugins.
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    posted a message on COUNT TO 100,000,000 FOR A WORLD RECORD!
    Quote from ELLAMELLA

    guys, look at the replies.it is supposed to be 150195

    next person write 150196

    im just stopping random ppl messing it up fo the fun of it.this thred has been alive for a long time.dont mess it up now

    yeah I agree its been up a long time

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    posted a message on [1.7] -=YouCraft=- Mature Community -=Enhanced Vanilla=- Like Mindcrack
    This is not vanilla. Proper vanilla servers do not use Lockette
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    posted a message on Why I hate pirated minecraft and the people who use it
    Quote from aurora1979

    Notch does give a ****. And lets quote him not someone else.


    "Please don’t interpret this text as me being fine with people pirating Minecraft. I’d MUCH rather have people pay for it so I can reinvest in hiring people and developing more cool games in the future."

    I link this thread every time this debate comes up. Don't say "Notch is fine with it" like the poster I responded to. He specifically says he is NOT fine with it.

    The whole point from all the pirates is that they were able to play minecraft on THEIR terms. The number of people who pirated minecraft and have never paid for it till this day is notoriously low. by setting up the system so that only legitimate owners could play online (the only REAL way to play minecraft) was the perfect incentive for people to buy it.
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    posted a message on LOOKING FOR CODERS OR TEXTURERS




    This topic is stupid. There's no incentive for anyone to work for you on this project.
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    posted a message on [1.4.x][Game] Cake Defense
    this server doesn't not appear to work for single player in the latest snapshot
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