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    posted a message on What are the terms that I'm hearing such as "bedrock" and "vanilla"?

    "Bedrock" refers to the Minecraft editions capable of crossplay. The game is indeed the continuation of MC:PE, but simply now available on Windows 10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and more. "Vanilla" refers to any version of Minecraft with no mods (or resource packs/data packs/plugins, depending on context). Someone can say "Vanilla Bedrock" or "Vanilla Java", depending on the situation. Java of course refers to the OG, Java version of the game, available on Windows, mac-OS, and Linux.

    Hopefully that clears things up for you. :)

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    posted a message on Open Minecraft Note Block Studio

    Thanks very much for the update with the new sounds. :)

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    posted a message on T.I. Bedrock Server [Creative] [World Edit]

    JoePCool14 for Pirate rank please. This server looks pretty good so far. ^_^

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    posted a message on Is Mending Too OP?

    Just a simple question for you guys. What do you think about Mending? Because I'm personally thinking it's much too over-powered. I found this out by watching the beginning of this video (Jevin starts talking about it at around a minute in):

    Anyways, I'm thinking this is way too easy for those who find it. Answer the poll and let me know what you think.

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    posted a message on 0.9.2: Your Thoughts about the Bug Fixes
    This thread is discussion about 0.9.2 only! Do not discuss 0.9.0 or 0.9.1 in this thread.

    Changes for 0.9.2 (From MC Wiki)

    This version is primarily a bug fix update for all iOS and Android devices

    All Fixes and Tweaks for 0.9.1 on iOS is on this version due to 0.9.1 wasn't released on the Appstore


    • Increased the health of all mobs to PC values
    • The game spawns way less mobs, and despawns older hostile mobs
    • Added villager sounds to iOS.
    • Mycelium spreads correctly
    • Updated Mojang Logo
    • Creepers now have a correct explosion range
    • Spiders now can not draw a line of sight
    • Makes Strongholds a little more common
    • Reduced lag and RAM consumption
    • Older Devices get a warning when trying to create an infinite world
    • Monsters Spawners now works better and if less lag

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed generating chunks when a stronghold has been found
    • Fixed rainbow grass
    • Bugs in mobs and textures
    • Crashes in chunks renderization


    • Peaceful mode is bugged (Monsters will still spawn and can be also spawned without disappearing).

    My Thoughts:
    As I usually play on a very old iPhone 4, I lost Infinite Worlds in this update. This actually saddens me because they worked decently well on my phone. Are you guys experiencing that also? Comment your thoughts.
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    posted a message on What do you like best? Original Minecraft forum or New Minecraft forum
    Old forum sucks IMHO
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    posted a message on [Feedback] This Looks AMAZING!
    This new forum has a much better design than the old one! Colors, and buttons look much better. Everything is better, nice work! :D
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    posted a message on Biomes and Seasons
    I'm going to take a good guess this has already been suggested... Lemmie search it up...

    Edit.. Ok, yeah there are already plenty of Season suggestions out there. C'mon people use the search bar!
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    posted a message on The end of Minecraft.
    Yeah, no.
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    posted a message on Fence Gates Combine When Placed By Each Other
    Full support no buts about it.

    Also, to clarify, no triple gates right?
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